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New Refresh of TAA Tools Available!

The November 15, 2016 refresh of TAA Tools is now available for IBM i 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. This refresh contains many fixes, enhancements, and five new requested tools. The new tools are summarized below, while details of the entire refresh are on our site under What’s New.

Order the refresh by dropping a note to and begin treating yourself to increased productivity with TAA Tools!

New Tools – A Fantastic Five

We’re introducing 5 new tools to help you work faster and smarter:

DMOSUBF7 - How would you quickly write a subfile application?

Along with our other DMOSUBF tools, the Demo Subfile 7 tool provides a simple demonstration of using a subfile for the display of an API call. Where our other DMOSUBF tools were meant to be customized, the DMOSUBF7 tool is meant to provide a lean example of using subfiles. Customers can take advantage of the full source provided to create similar subfile-based applications.

DMOUIM - Need to implement a UIM display?

The DMOUIM tool provides a demonstration of using UIM for the display of an API call similar to using a subfile. The system's User Interface Manager can sometimes result in cleaner and easier to maintain code than using display files. Customers can take advantage of the full source provided to create their own uses for UIM-based applications. The IBM i itself uses the UIM to implement most of its displays.

DSPACTJOB2 - Which jobs are slowing down the system?

The Display Active Jobs 2 command provides a display similar to the system WRKACTJOB command except that the user can only perform the display action against the jobs, and jobs are sorted by CPU percentage used. System and subsystem jobs are excluded. Since it is a display-only command it is suitable for use by mere mortals.

ENDJOBWOL - Unlock my object please!

The End Jobs With Object Locks command ends all batch and interactive jobs holding locks on a specified object. Usable by wizards that have *JOBCTL authority.

RTVRELMTH - How would I calculate the last date of February 2018?

The Retrieve Relative Month command is a simple tool that will calculate and return beginning-of-month, end-of-month, and same-day-of-month date values based on a date specified, offset by the number of months in the RELMTH parameter. Takes into account leap years and varying month lengths. This can be extremely useful when calling report programs.

Architecture Directions

It's all about ILE and SQL.

For some time we've been writing new tools in ILE RPG, but we've taken steps to bring this to the next level.

With this refresh we introduce some new QATT source files. You will notice them if you issue the CRTTAASRCF command. We took this step to expand our capabilities for writing in ILE languages and to begin integrating more SQL and, eventually, web capabilities into the tools.

ILE RPG and ILE CL will remain our primary languages for writing new tools, and we plan on making full use of free-format RPG as that becomes more widely installed on our customer's systems. We hope to begin providing new tools as ILE service programs as well as the standard retrieve and convert commands that you know and love.

We are excited about exploiting the amazing capabilities of the IBM i in this fashion. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities that were difficult to use with the older style of RPG used in the original tools.
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