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This week we had a customer that needed to dynamically track command usage. The audit journal can be configured to monitor this. The customer was able to use the AUDLOG tool to capture that information and analyze it across multiple systems.
-- David Dykstal, Chief Architect, TAA Tools

7.3 Brings A New Refresh Of The Tools

When you’re ready to migrate to 7.3, TAA Tools is ready with you!

On April 12 IBM announced the availability of the IBM i 7.3. Our April 15, 2016 refresh (our 64th, but who's counting) has been released for IBM i 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. It contains over 25 fixes and enhancements and a new tool for inspecting and setting the preferred disk unit for files -- WRKDBFUNIT.

The new WRKDBFUNIT command provides a display  with options to change the suggested location of  data base files to either *ANY or *SSD. Database and system administrators will love the flexibility and ease of use this tool provides.

The refresh also contains many install improvements. These changes will create a smoother, simpler experience when installing a new release.

As usual, details on the refresh content are on our web site. Order your refresh today! Drop a note to Ellen or Wilson at

Catch Us At A Conference

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Spring COMMON in New Orleans and stop by our booth. The TAA crew was glad to see you all. We always get great feedback from our current customers and our demo CDs disappeared quickly to (hopefully) new customers. We plan on being at the Fall Conference in Columbus OH. See us there!

We've also attended our second RPG & DB2 Summit. Thanks to Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, Paul Tuohy, and others for putting on another great summit. We did get a chance at one of the vendor sessions to introduce new customers to the tools. We'll be at the next one in Chicago this fall. We highly recommend this conference for all developers for the IBM i platform.

Featured Tool - RGZLIB

RGZLIB is a favorite among our customers. It reorganizes one, a generic set, all physical files in a library, or all user libraries. A user can select whether to reorganize on the basis of deleted record percentage, or deleted record space. 

Additional selection criteria can be specified such as:
  1. omit a file(s) or library(s)
  2. always reorganize a certain file
  3. use a different percentage or space requirement for a certain file
A test feature allows a user to run RGZLIB and view a listing of what files would be selected for reorganization without actually performing the work.

Other supporting commands in the RGZLIB tool suite are: CRTRGZLIB, EDTRGZLIB, and DLTRGZLIB.

RGZLIB is used by system administrators seeking to optimize memory in a reliable, specified manner. If it isn’t one of your favorite tools yet, it soon will be.

For more details you can check out the full command description at
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