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Last October a customer of ours needed a tool to convert his reports that were in spool files into Excel spreadsheets. I was able to point him to our CPYSPLFDTA tool that did exactly what he needed. Check it out at!

-- David Dykstal, Chief Architect, TAA Tools

A New Refresh Is Out!

Our April 15, 2015 refresh is now out. It contains many fixes and enhancements and a new CVTTCPJOB tool. This tool can tell you who is signed on for telnet and FTP sessions. Details are on our web site. Order your refresh today!

We'll Be At COMMON

Yes, we'll be at COMMON in Disneyland from April 26-29. This is the first Spring COMMON in quite some time that we'll be in the expo area. Sue is insisting that we bring candy so stop by booth 216, say "hi" to the TAA crew, and grab a few sweet treats!

Rumor has it that our founder, Jim Sloan, will be attending as well. Those of you who go back a little bit will remember him. Jim was a speaker for many years at COMMON and is looking forward to meeting old friends.

Featured Tool - UPSMON

Take The Pain Out Of UPS Management

UPS setup and monitoring is not easy to get right. The UPSMON tool can make this a bit easier.

The system supports several UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functions. If the defaults are taken, you will generally see an abnormal system termination when a power outage occurs and thus an abnormal IPL when the system is powered up.

The UPS Monitor tool provides a solution for achieving a normal system power down after a power outage occurs and a delay time has been reached. Let's assume you have a UPS attached to the system (and you should!) and understand its capabilities.

The UPSMON tool allows for a normal system termination. While this will generally result in many abnormal job terminations after the timers expire, the tool provides a solution for allowing a normal IPL and avoids potential object damage situations.

The intent of the UPSMON tool is to:
  • 'Ride out' temporary outages.
  • Provide options to allow you to tailor your specific needs.
  • Ensure and orderly shutdown.
  • Prevent an abnormal termination which requires a significantly longer IPL.
The tool allows you to configure various timers that ensure an orderly shutdown of subsystems of the system as a whole. It allows for a delay time before beginning the power down sequence. If power is restored before this timer expires then the power down is averted. After starting this sequence the system powers down normally even if power is restored.

During the power down sequence subsystems are given a chance to shutdown in a controlled fashion. Another timer determines the length of the controlled shutdown. After the subsystems shut down a PWRDWNSYS command is issued and the system shuts down normally.

You can specify exit programs that get control at timer expiration that allow you to perform cleanup duties unique to your system.

Additionally, you can configure the tool so that it is sensitive to power fluctuations. It may be that power is going out periodically and gradually depleting the UPS. UPSMON can be configured to handle this and shut down the system if too many fluctuations of this type occur.

The UPSMON tool consists of several commands that allow you to configure the timers, start and stop the monitor, and test the UPS. Check it out at!
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