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LEDS GP news - August 2016

Dear colleagues,

Our Regional Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean has been particularly busy this month, preparing for their regional workshop on 'Moving towards a resilient and low emission development: implementing the Paris Agreement'. Find out more or register here. They also launched the first session of a four-part Community of Practice series with the Energy Working Group on 'Bioelectricity resource potentials in member countries’. Check out the session write up or read more about the benefits of biomass resources for electricity generation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We're also in the process of finalizing the fellows for our 2016 Fellowship Program, which supports the placement of practitioners within leading institutions to learn practical lessons that will be applied to low emission development strategies or NDCs in their home country. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

Warm regards,
the LEDS GP Secretariat
REAL request of the month:

An expert from LEDS GP spent a week with high-level representatives of the Government of Macedonia and international donor institutions to discuss how a planned LEDS program can help meet national economic development and sustainability goals. LEDS GP offers technical assistance to government leaders to develop comprehensive LEDS action planning and related activities, to accelerate national economic development that result in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Macedonia's Deputy Prime Minister and the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs are actively supporting Macedonia's LEDS process.
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