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Our mission is to reach out to those who seek a spiritual home.  

Our ongoing work is to build and sustain an open, caring, and accepting community for all ages
... so together we may explore and experience diverse beliefs, grow spiritually, and promote a society that affirms these aspirations.
CUUC's phone number is:

(386) 308-8080
A Month of Sundays
March 1st

Kalen Fristad
"Reincarnation Means Never Having To Say You're Dead"
Beyond believing in the existence of God and in life after death,
what is one spiritual belief that has historically had more
adherents than any of the major religious faiths, and which has
permeated virtually all cultures and religions throughout
recorded history, and does so yet today? Surprise!! It is
Service Leader: Debbi Zill
Special Offering:  Building Fund Sunday

March 8th

Cliff Jackson
Mind’s Eye Blind - Aphantasia
Aphantasia is a condition where one does
not possess a functioning mind's eye and
cannot voluntarily visualize imagery.  The
phenomenon was first described by Francis
Galton in 1880 but has since remained largely unstudied.  Cliff Jackson will
explore the history, status of investigation,
new findings, and associations that have
been revealed by this window into the
mystery of the human mind.  We may not
have a choice in what comes our way, but
we do have a choice in how we live with it. 
Service Leader: Kathi Smith
Special Offering: Scholarship Sunday

March 15th

Rabbi Merrell Shapiro
"Separation of Church and State"

Service Leader: Shawn Capers
Special Offering: HUM Sunday

March 22nd
Rev. Richard (Bud) Murphy

Service Leader:Joe Wolfarth
Special Offering: Special Projects

March 29th

Carmen Rivera
How real are you in your conversations? Are you
comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings
with others? Often in our lives we talk and act the
way we think we need or should be.  Carmen will
share how to break away from old patterns of
behavior that prevent us from being ourselves, and
explore six ways to discover the authentic self.
 Carmen Rivera, founder and President of
NewInSights, Inc., is a human performance
development specialist, a certified professional
coach, and a trained conflict resolution mediator.

Service Leader: Kathi Smith
New Member Sunday 

Services Sundays @ 10:30
Community Unitarian Universalist Church
403 West Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL  32168



An ongoing monthly Bhagavad Gita study group
begin at CUUC, NSB. as soon as 5 or more people are
interested and willing to purchase the text: The Holy Geeta
with commentary
by Swami ChinmayanandaThe day and
time will be determined by the majority.  Contact Kathryn
Girija Quick, Interfaith Minister for specific details
at: or call/text: 845-649-1394.
Looking Ahead to April 2020

April 5th

Michael Blauberg
3rd Generation Beekeeper
April 12th

Rev. Marion Visel
"The Promise of Life"

April 19th

Susan Garrison
April 26th

Laurel Moehring


Upcoming Events
March 4th
Book Club
"Becoming" by Michelle Obama
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

March 6th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

March 8th
Drum Circle

Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

(Percussion Instruments available to borrow)

March 9th
CUUC Board Meeting
All are welcome
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

March 10th
Dream Circle

7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

March 13th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

March 14th
Pledge Drive "Spread the Word, Share the Love"
3:00-as long as party lasts
By Invitation. R.S.V. P. please
Location: Clubhouse at Lighthouse Pointe
155 Spring Drive, Port Orange

March 15th
Chess Club
All are welcome
3:00-when finished
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

March 18th
Chalice Circle 1


Closed Group
New Group will be starting in September

March 20th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

March 24th
Dream Circle

7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

March 27th 
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

***For the most up to date information on events, please check the calendar on
our webpage- or

Upcoming Birthdays
March 1st- Sue Westerlund
March 3rd- Sharon Herr
March 6th-  Amber Smith
March 8th-  Pat Gadbaw
March 9th-  Kathy Dolan-Baker
March 11th-  Dana Jacobsen
March 13th- Donna Frank
March 19th- Laurel Moehring
March 26th- Ginny Fregin

April 5th- Connie Baker
April 6th- Jack Koppelman
April 7th- Lu Giammatteo
April 7th-  Marcia Buckingham
April 13th-  Lloyd Dunham
April 21st-  Martha Swanson




It's that time of year again, when we reach into our pockets
and pledge what we can to help our beloved CUUC operate
and expand in the next fiscal year.  We have seen what can
only be called miracles since we moved into our building in
2017.  We paid off the mortgage, converted one bathroom to
fully accessible, remodeled the second bathroom and
painted and installed new flooring in the vestibule and office.  Wow!

It's through your generosity that we have been able to do
this, and we have great plans going forward to continue to
upgrade our physical space, to bring in new interesting
speakers, provide children a way to participate in our
services and expand our personal growth opportunities and
social justice work.  We­ have a lot of enthusiasm going, and
that has resulted in folks stepping up to set up the Book
Club, a Drum Circle, a Dream Circle, a Chalice Circle, an
expansive Library, a Chess Club, a certified Butterfly
Garden­ and weekly demonstrations (as we used to
do) for climate awareness.  Who would have thought this
could happen in less than three years?  Our growth as a
congregation is nothing less than amazing, and there
is no doubt it will continue.

You should have received by now an invitation to our official
kickoff to the Pledge Drive.  It's an afternoon social in Port
Orange, where you'll have fun getting to know others, with
DJ music and refreshments.  Please look into your heart
and be prepared to fill out a pledge form that day, or soon
thereafter, with the amount you can manage to help us
continue to grow.  Please try to increase last year's pledge,
if that is possible.

And, as always, if you have ideas for activities or programs,
speak to a Board member.  This is how we expand our growth, too!

See you March 14!

Connie Baker, Chair

Pledge Drive Committee

Scenes from CUUC

Joe Wolfarth welcoming everyone to the
Andrew McKnight concert.

Andrew McKnight
Enjoying the concert

Jim Scott

Jim Scott performing his "Words for All Ages"

February Book Club discusses Stephen King's "Cell"
The Church Library Committee, composed of Audrey Barcelo,
Terry Butts, Carla Collins, and Kathi Smith, met on Saturday,
February 1 to “iron out” the final details to get the library “up and
running”.  All the books in the glass front cabinets in the office
are now categorized and recorded and should remain in that order.  

Here are our church library rules:

1.    The library is only for the use of those people identified on
the CUUC Members and Friends List.  (To be added to that list,
please talk to Ginny Fregin, Membership.)

2.    To borrow a book, first fill in all the requested information on
the sign-out sheet.

3.    Books are due for return one month from check-out date.

4.    Sign-in when returning a book.  

5.    Put the book back on the shelf in the appropriate category.

6.    We maintain no book wait list.

7.    Donated books should be placed in the basket on the table.
 Do not put them on the bookshelves they must first be
categorized and recorded.

8.    Only books deemed appropriate will be accepted for the
church library.  All others will be donated to a charity.
Our thanks to those who serve on the Library Committee.  Terry
Butts, for all her good ideas; and Carla Collins for all her hard
work in building and maintaining our library inventory in Excel
and, especially for volunteering to be our Head Librarian.  And
of course to Audrey Barcelo, for her guidance and kindness to
donate Charlie’s book collection for the enjoyment of the

Thanks, Kathi 
Spotlight on a Member
Rosa Jean Lake

     When asked to give a bio, I decided not
to go back to the beginning of time except
to say;  I am a woman, am a mother and
grandmother.  I am a friend and a partner.  I
worked in corporate accounting.   I’ve
been a wife (more than once).   I am a
Unitarian. I have had a rich full life that is
evident by all the roles I’ve filled.   I moved
to Florida about 5 years ago, and the
current phase of my life began.  Now I am
also a senior and retiree.  

     When I arrived in Florida, I was intent
on finding “like-minded” people to fill my
life.  It was through that quest that I
discovered Community Unitarian
Universalist Church, a small congregation
that met in a local funeral home.  It was at
the first service that I knew I had come to
the right place.  I mentioned that I was
interested in volunteering and was quickly
recruited by “Hospitality” where I was
responsible for goodies.  It was great, I felt
welcomed and accepted almost
immediately.  Now I am the Treasurer, on
the Board of Trustees and truly feel that I
am part of a community.
     Besides joining a church, my partner
George and I joined a gym and began
taking classes.  I joined the League of
Women Voters and a library book group.
 We were welcomed into the groups and
made some close friends.    For both
George and I, it became apparent that
developing a new social network was
indeed possible.  And I must say, we have
met and interact with the most interesting
folks.  That’s what makes my life rich

    So, my bio continues, one day at a time.
 I try to live mindfully so that I can
appreciate each part of life, each day.   I
miss my children and granddaughter.  But
I am content to know they are creating
their own bio’s, one day at a time.


Don't forget to wear Green!
Famous Unitarian Universalists


Sophia Lyons Fahs (1876-1978)

Editor, Author, Teacher, Unitarian Minister and Religious Activist

The following blurb was taken from:

Without Sophia Lyon Fahs, UU religious education would
not be what it is today. Fahs revolutionized the way
traditional religious education was taught, making complex
theological concepts and history more accessible and
exciting for a younger audience through storytelling,
painting, and other forms of creativity and self-expression.
Fahs wrote 40 books and served as editor of Children’s
Materials for the American Unitarian Association. Living to
the age of 102, Fahs never ceased in her quest for
knowledge and innovation.

For more information on Sophia's interesting life go to: and



Happy Ostara!
Different Observances for the Month of March

March-Full Month- NATIONAL WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH-Honors women as significant agents of historical change.'s_History_Month

March 1–19- NINETEEN-DAY FAST • Bahá’í- Baha'is between 15 and 70 years of age do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and set aside time for prayer and meditation.

March 2- CLEAN MONDAY • Eastern Christian-The beginning of Great Lent for Eastern Christian churches, which starts 40 days before Orthodox Easter (Pascha), counting Sundays.

March 8- INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY-Celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women worldwide.'s_Day

March 9- MAGHA PUJA • Buddhist-Also known as Sangha Day, it commemorates the spontaneous assembly of 1,250 disciples, completely enlightened monks, in the historical Buddha's presence.

March 10 -PURIM • Jewish-The “Feast of Lots” marks the salvation of the Jews of ancient Persia from extermination.

March 10 HOLI • Hindu-A spring festival in India and Nepal dedicated to the god of pleasure, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love.

March 10 HOLA MOHALLA • Sikh-An annual event which is a martial arts parade historically coinciding with Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. Celebrations related to Holla Mohalla may be held in various locations
over several weekends preceding the actual date of the holiday.

March 17- ST. PATRICK’S DAY • Christian-Feast day of the patron saint of Ireland. In the U.S., a secular version is celebrated by people of all faiths through appreciation of all things Irish.'s_Day

March 19 -VERNAL EQUINOX- Ostara - Mabon - Wicca/Pagan-Marks the first day of the season of spring. The sun shines nearly equally on both hemispheres when it’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere and simultaneously fall in the
Southern Hemisphere.

March 19-Lord's Evening Meal - Jehovah's Witness Christian- Jehovah’s Witnesses the world over gather tonight for the memorial of the Last Supper and Jesus’s death, better known as the Lord’s Evening Meal. Jehovah’s Witnesses observe the Memorial at the beginning of the Passover period each year.

-Call to action to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination worldwide.

March 28- KHORDAD SAL • Zoroastrian-The Zoroastrian celebration of the birth of Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrianism religion. The holiday is specifically celebrated in India and Iran, immediately following the
Persian new year, Nowrúz.

March 31- CESAR CHAVEZ DAY-Honors Mexican American farm worker, labor leader and activist Cesar Chavez (1927–1993) who was a nationally respected voice for social justice.

This list of observances was taken from "The Calendar of Observances" from the Anti Defamation League.
as well as Religious Holidays from Religious Life Princeton University

Book Club books for the Remainder of the Year are:
(Note there were two changes-see September & October)

March 4th

by Michelle Obama

Becoming is the memoir of former United States first lady Michelle Obama
published in 2018.  Described by the author as a deeply personal experience,
the book talks about her roots and how she found her voice, as well as her
time in the White House, her public health campaign, and her role as a mother

April 1st

Ali in Wonderland: and Other Tall Tales
by Ali Wentworth

Mix 1 oz. Chelsea Handler, 1.5 oz. Nora Ephron, finish with a twist of
Tina Fey, and you get Ali in Wonderland, the uproarious, revealing,
and heartfelt memoir from acclaimed actress and comedian Ali Wentworth.
Whether spilling secrets about her quintessentially WASPy upbringing
(and her delicious rebellion against it), reminiscing about her Seinfeld
“Schmoopie” days and her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show
The View, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or baring the details
of starting a family alongside husband George Stephanopoulos, one
thing is for sure—Ali has the unsurpassable humor and warmth of a born
storyteller with a story to tell: the quirky, flavorful, surprising, and sometimes
scandalous Ali in Wonderland.

May 6th

A God That could be Real
by Nancy Ellen Abrams 
(Spiritual & Science)

Many people are fed up with the way traditional religion alienates them:
too easily it can perpetuate conflict, vilify science, and undermine reason.
Nancy Abrams, a philosopher of science, lawyer, and lifelong atheist, is
among them. And yet, when she turned to the recovery community to face
a personal struggle, she found that imagining a higher power gave her a new
freedom. Intellectually, this was quite surprising.
June 3rd

Clara and Mr. Tiffany
by Susan Vreeland
(Historical Fiction)

Against the unforgettable backdrop of New York near the turn of the
twentieth century, from the Gilded Age world of formal balls and opera
to the immigrant poverty of the Lower East Side, bestselling author
Susan Vreeland again breathes life into a work of art in this extraordinary
novel, which brings a woman once lost in the shadows into vivid color.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams
(Science Fiction)

Seconds before the Earth is demolished to make way for a
galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his
friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
 who, for the last fifteen years,
has been posing as an out-of-work actor.

Together this dynamic pair begin a journey through space aided
by quotes from The Hitchhiker's Guide ("A towel is about the
most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have")
and a galaxy-full of fellow travelers.

August 5th

by Isabella Tree
(Non Fiction)

For years Charlie Burrell and his wife, Isabella Tree, farmed
Knepp Castle Estate and struggled to turn a profit. By 2000, with
the farm facing bankruptcy, they decided to try something radical.
hey would restore Knepp’s 3,500 acres to the wild. Using herds of free-roaming
animals to mimic the actions of the megafauna of the past, they hoped to bring
nature back to their depleted land. But what would the neighbors say, in the
manicured countryside of modern England where a blade of grass out of place is
considered an affront?

In the face of considerable opposition the couple persisted with their
experiment and soon witnessed an extraordinary change. New life flooded
into Knepp, now a breeding hotspot for rare and threatened species like turtle
doves, peregrine falcons, and purple emperor butterflies.

The fabled English nightingale sings again.

September 2nd

The Heretic's Daughter
by Kathleen Kent
(Historical Fiction)

Martha Carrier was one of the first women to be accused, tried and hanged as a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. Like her mother, young Sarah Carrier is bright and willful, openly challenging the small, brutal world in which they live. Often at odds with one another, mother and daughter are forced to stand together against the escalating hysteria of the trials and the superstitious tyranny that led to the torture and imprisonment of more than 200 people accused of witchcraft. This is the story of Martha's courageous defiance and ultimate death, as told by the daughter who survived.

October 7th

 A Land Remembered" 
by Patrick Smith

In this best-selling novel, Patrick Smith tells the story of three generations of the MacIveys, a Florida family who battle the hardships of the frontier to rise from a dirt-poor Cracker life to the wealth and standing of real estate tycoons. 

November 4th

The Sympathizer
by Viet Thanh Nguyen
(Satirical Novel)

It is April 1975, and Saigon is in chaos. At his villa, a general of the
South Vietnamese army is drinking whiskey and, with the help of his
rusted captain, drawing up a list of those who will be given passage aboard
the last flights out of the country. The general and his compatriots start a
new life in Los Angeles, unaware that one among their number, the captain,
is secretly observing and reporting on the group to a higher-up in the Viet
Cong. The Sympathizer is the story of this captain: a man brought up by an
absent French father and a poor Vietnamese mother, a man who went to
university in America, but returned to Vietnam to fight for the Communist
cause. A gripping spy novel, an astute exploration of extreme politics, and
a moving love story, The Sympathizer explores a life between two worlds
and examines the legacy of the Vietnam War in literature, film, and the wars
we fight today. 

December 2nd

by Lauren Groff
(Florida Short Stories)

In Lauren Groff’s Florida, the hot sun shines, but a wild darkness lurks.

In her thrilling new book, Lauren Groff brings the reader into a physical
world that is at once domestic and wild—a place where the hazards of
the natural world lie waiting to pounce, yet the greatest threats and mysteries
are still of an emotional, psychological nature. A family retreat can be
derailed by a prowling panther, or by a sexual secret. Among those
navigating this place are a resourceful pair of abandoned sisters; a lonely
boy, grown up; a restless, childless couple, a searching, homeless woman;
and an unforgettable, recurring character—a steely and conflicted wife and

The stories in this collection span characters, towns, decades, even
centuries, but Florida—its landscape, climate, history, and state of mind
—becomes its gravitational center: an energy, a mood, as much as a
place of residence. Groff transports the reader, then jolts us alert with a
crackle of wit, a wave of sadness, a flash of cruelty, as she writes about
loneliness, rage, family, and the passage of time. With shocking accuracy
and effect, she pinpoints the moments and decisions and connections behind
human pleasure and pain, hope and despair, love and fury—the moments
that make us alive. Startling, precise, and affecting, Florida is a magnificent

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