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December 2019

Our mission is to reach out to those who seek a spiritual home.  

Our ongoing work is to build and sustain an open, caring, and accepting community for all ages
... so together we may explore and experience diverse beliefs, grow spiritually, and promote a society that affirms these aspirations.
CUUC's phone number is:

(386) 308-8080
The Semi Annual Congregational Meeting will be held Sunday,
January 19th, 2020,  following the morning service.  Please plan
to attend.  Only members of the church will be allowed to vote on
church business. An agenda will be sent out in early January.
A Month of Sundays
December 1st

Don Musser
"The Malice of Desire"
Envy emerges from desire:  You want what you don't possess.  
Typically, you desire what others have.  "They" have; you have-not.
 You ask, "Why her (or him), and not me?  Why them, and not us?"Out of control,
envy leads to hatred, violence, and even the destruction of the social order.
 Envy becomes modeled in Aaron Burr, the protagonist in "Hamilton."
Service Leader: Nancy McCormick
Special Offering:  Building Fund Sunday

December 8th

Donald Musser
" Hope or Fear:  Which Will It Be?"
Hopes and fears vie with each other in our orientation
toward the future.  Fear resides in the pessimist's mantra,
"It's all going to Hell in a hand-basket."  Hope, on the other hand,
envisions an optimistic future that end wells the promise
"I have a dream."  In a world of terrorist threats
and bloody massacres, does hope have a hope?
 Or are we doomed to despair?  Let us think on these questions.
Service Leader: Nancy McCormick
Special Offering: Scholarship Sunday

December 15th 

Audrey Barcelo
"Liberalism and Conservatism"

A Historical Perspective

Special Offering: HUM Sunday

December 22nd
Joe Wolfarth
"A Service of Carols and How Unitarians Made
Christmas What It Is Today"

Special Offering: Special Projects

December 29th


Service Leader:
New Members Ceremony

Services Sundays @ 10:30
Community Unitarian Universalist Church
403 West Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL  32168


Looking Ahead to January 2020

January 5th

Bill & Eli Perras
A Musical Program
January 12th

Dr. Ann Lewis
  "How Does Spirituality Complement our Humanity"

January 19th

Dana Jacobsen
Topic: To Be Announced
Semi Annual Congregational Meeting to follow service
January 26th

Michelle Sullivan
Topic: Suicide


Upcoming Events
December 3rd
Dream Circle

Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 4th
Book Club
"In Piece" by Sally Fields
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 6th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

December 8th
Drum Circle 

7 p.m.
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB
Bring a chair, a drum and some bug spray.  We have
some percussion instruments to share.

December 9th
CUUC Board Meeting
All are welcome
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 13th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

December 15th
Chess Club
All are welcome
3:00-when finished
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 16th
Worship Committee
All are welcome
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 17th
Dream Circle

Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

December 20th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

December 27th
Fridays for the Future

Volusia Climate Action
Meet at the corner of 44 & Wallace 
(affectionately known as Walt's corner)
New Smyrna Beach

***For the most up to date information on events, please check the calendar on
our webpage- or

Upcoming Birthdays

December 1st- Kermit Hunnicutt
December 6th- Victor Brisebois
December 7th- Shawn Capers
December 21st-  Mark Moehring
December 29th-  Rosa Lake

 January 8th- Nicholai Zakrewsky 
January 11th- Carmen Rivera 
January 17th- Loretta Clemente 
January 18th- Joe Wolfarth 
President's Message

Greetings to All! 

Does it FEEL Like the Winter Holiday Season to You? It Does To Me!

More than 2 years after moving into our lovely building on West Street
in New Smyrna, Community Unitarian Universalist Church seems to be
Growing Organically - just as we had Hoped!

When I arrive at a monthly Board of Trustees Meeting knowing we'll be
talking about meeting our Parking Needs (instead of finding enough
people to fill the pews) on Sunday mornings, I am Excited to say,
"What a Wonderful PROBLEM This is!" [On MY PART, I have decided
to try CarPooling with friends whose home is "on the way" to CUUC
- to Increase Fellowship AND Reduce my 'Carbon Footprint!']... 

Another question our Board of Trustees has tackled over the years,
"Can we Find a Way to attract any people with Children on Sunday
mornings?!" is now beginning to give way to a Different Question:
"What Kind of Programs could we put in place to Offer Better
Experiences to Children?!" [I need to pause here to say, "WOW!
Isn't this  Phenomenal!"] 😊 HURRAY!!!

Our Church Runs On Volunteer Power, since ALL that Happens
at CUUC is Directly Due to Volunteer Labors... Will you Join Me
in Saying to the Volunteers who Make CUUC Happen: "THANK

In the past 14 years (since I first began Serving CUUC Myself,
when initially elected as a Trustee in 2005) I have witnessed
thousands of acts of Loving Service and "Good Stewardship" by
folks who put their beliefs into action as Committed Volunteers in
So Many Ways. I see this as 'living proof' of the Power of our Faith:
Human Kindness indeed Reshapes the World.

If you have never served on the Board of Trustees for a church, it
may seem as though things "just happen" at the churches we come
to call "home" - Believe Me, however, Nothing "Just Happens!" Everything
that occurs at our church is connected to the work of Fabulous Volunteers!

When I read the email that Connie Baker (herself a Trustee, currently
charged with Advertising, and a past President of the CUUC Board of
Trustees) recently sent stating that 15 people had signed up to Volunteer
to help "Make Thanksgiving Happen" for folks in Southeast Volusia this
year, my heart surged with Joy! I vividly recall the times that I shared the
act of preparing and serving a meal with others from CUUC at the
Homeless Assistance Center (on North Avenue in Daytona Beach)
over the years, and how much warmth and caring our team brought to
that space!
[If You have Volunteered in this way, BLESS YOU for Doing This!]

Members of our CUUC Board of Trustees met recently to discuss ways
to Grow a new generation of Leaders Within our Church, as Key Positions
will need to be filled when our NEXT Annual Meeting occurs in Spring of
2020: Rosa Jeanne Lake, formerly a Trustee, until graciously accepting
the Treasurer's position, will be vacating that office [and NO CHURCH
Can Survive without a Treasurer!]; Debbi Zill will be vacating the office of BOT Vice-President and departing from our Excellent Worship Committee (which makes Sunday
Morning Services HAPPEN!)... BOTH of these Amazing "Church Ladies"
have given Vast amounts of Time, Energy and Loving Care to our church
through what may feel to them (at this point!) like "Centuries" of Service!!
[Will you Help me say to them, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!?!"]

Audrey Barcelo must be Recognized - for taking on the position of "Bookie"
for our Worship Committee [the person who schedules Guest Speakers
for CUUC's Pulpit - a Critically important job, since we are a "Lay-Led"
Congregation with No Bespoke Minister!) - after Laura Chilkott recently
relinquished the post - BOTH of THESE LADIES too Deserve HUGE
THANKS and Much Praise... Audrey, Also a Past President of our CUUC
BOT, has devoted 22 YEARS of Loving Stewardship to our church!
[Such An INSPIRATION!!! Will you Join me in saying to her: 

Audrey has always voiced her desire to make CUUC a place where
"people of All Ages - Yes! Children Too! - feel Welcome and Appreciated!"
[Seeing Young Shining Faces Again on Sunday mornings Adds Light
and Life to our Church like Nothing Else Can!] We welcome suggestions
from members who would like to help make CUUC a very warm and
safe place for kids!

Audrey, Rosa Jeanne, CUUC member Michele Moen and Kathi Smith
(herself a Trustee, a past Co-President, and prior to that, Secretary for
our BOT) have contributed vital energy and focus to the CUUC Book Club
- a "new" and Brilliant Addition to our CHURCH!!!

David Herr, who, together with his wife Sharon, has Volunteered in Many
Ways over the years - helping us FIND our "Home" on West Street,
Coordinating the Mistletoe Drum Circle our church hosted in recent years,
and "pitching in" in 100 different ways, also deserves Credit for helping
CUUC get where it is Today. David, as a Trustee (and another Past
President of the BOT), has worked tirelessly "behind the scenes" to
keep our church 'on track' ever since he stepped through its doors!
Kudos, David! We Love You!

CUUC Members Ginny and Al Fregin and Bud and Pat Cullison have
been two "Power Couples" who have also been serving our church in
countless roles and positions over the years - as BOT Members [Bud
was our Treasurer prior to Rosa's tenure] and greeters, ushers, hospitality
volunteers, members of our 'Nominating Committee' tasked with Asking
Folks to Volunteer for our church - whew! - And SO MUCH MORE!
ALL 4 of these people are Amazing,  Kind and Generous human beings
who inspire me to no end... BLESS YOU ALL!!!

OTHERS who have contributed to our BOT and our Sunday Morning
Services over the years include those who have served as Trustees
and/or Committee Chairs, like Pat Gadbaw, Victor Brisebois, Anna Grainger,
Lloyd and Laurie Dunham, Mark and Laurel Moehring, Martha Swanson,
Suzanne Ronneau, Shirley Beleff, and so many more... some of these folks
have "moved on" or away, and their physical presence in our space is rare,
but the Spirit and Energy they brought to CUUC Lives On in the
after-effects of the Thousands of Acts of support that were done for our church.

CUUC member Steve Baker deserves credit for enabling our church to keep
a stock of Green Supplies! Coordinating our efforts to get CUUC certification
as a "Green Sanctuary" - and NOW - Stepping Up to Lead the Fight for
Environmental Justice in a world where Mother Nature is Constantly being
Threatened!] Acting as a Volunteer Handy-Man and Coordinating our Building
& Grounds Projects! And initiating the CUUC Chess Club! [Will you join me
in Thanking Steve?!

I want to 'shout out' to DJ Chris Kaplan - Again, for 100 Reasons!
Like being Absolutely Instrumental in handling our church's Social Media
Accounts [on FaceBook, particularly!] - and initiating the EARTH BEATS
DRUM CIRCLE we have been Hosting at CUUC (on the Sunday evening
Nearest to the Waxing Full Moon)...  "Earth Beats" is Just One More
Proof that DJ Chris Kaplan ROCKS!!!

Dana Jacobsen is CUUC's "NEWSLETTER QUEEN!" We have been
Truly Blessed as well by her own MANY MANY YEARS of Dedication
to CUUC! [as BOT member, for which she is currently serving as
Secretary, and a member of the Worship Committee, and in innumerable
other ways, like hosting various events at her house in the years before
we owned a building to call "home!"] Dana has been a greeter/usher,
counted the Collection on Sunday mornings - she's probably done
Everything a Volunteer can DO for CUUC at one time or another!

Other members our church have served in countless ways as well,
such as on the Worship Committee... Nancy McCormick, Shawn Capers,
Kathi Smith and others have stepped forward to Lead Sunday Morning
Services... others unnamed here have given their time and energy as
well; the amazing Lu Giammatteo is just one of the people who have
offered their service as greeters and ushers, taking the Collection and
making folks who are "new faces" in our space feel that our "Sanctuary"
lives up to its name! Please Join me in saying, "Thank You for your
Service!" to these 'veteran' volunteers as well as any "new kids" who
wish to serve!!!

Thanks also to folks who have served our church by volunteering to
represent our congregation in gatherings of all kinds, such as at the
Daytona Tortugas Baseball Field (on Faith Night), in Public Demonstrations
for Social and Climate Justice, at local community events, and at UU
gatherings such as General Assembly [like Sharon Herr and Marcia
Kallenberger, who attended GA 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana as
representative Delegates of CUUC]...

Please - if Your Own Volunteer Efforts have gone unremarked in this
column... Please Accept my Apology - I am Overwhelmed by the
Beauty of So Much Giving, So Much Caring, when I try to List all the
Blessings that people have bestowed upon our church over the years...

As an All-Volunteer Organization, I Believe our church is a shining
example of what "Community" really MEANS.


Joe Wolfarth
President, CUUC Board

Dealing with Anger 

by Carmen Rivera

How do you deal with anger?
Do you become aggressive? Do you suppress it?
Do you calm down the anger?

Anger is a natural adaptive emotional response to a perceived
threat. Yet it is often misunderstood.

Why do I get Angry?

We feel anger when 1) we experience events, situations, or
people are out of our control -- a canceled flight, a traffic jam,
unfair treatment, economic hardship; 2) we experience loss --
divorce, death, illness.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion varying in intensity from irritation to rage. Like
all emotions, it creates physiological and biological changes in the
body -- increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased
levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Anger is one of the hardest emotions to manage because it feels
negative and invigorating at the same time.  It is more energizing
to feel angry than sad, to feel in control than fearful.

Anger is something we all experience and rather than denying it
or avoiding it, a healthier solution is to find ways to change how
we look at anger and our relationship with anger.

Misconceptions about anger

1)    Anger is a behavior

Anger is not a behavior, it is an emotion. Confusing angry feelings
with aggressive behavior has made it difficult to effectively
manage this natural and useful emotion. You can learn to deal
with anger in nondestructive ways making aggressive actions

 2)    Buried anger is to be feared

People who don’t express their anger are fearful that if they ever
“let it out” there would be negative consequences. The reality is
that many of the pain in relationships stem from anger that is
unresolved. The answer is to find ways to resolve the issue that
triggered the anger in the first place.

3)    Human emotions are a “steam kettle”

For years people believed the Freudian myth that human
emotions are like a “steam kettle.” If not vented, they would
explode. This concept is false. What happens is that a memory
triggers our feeling of anger and we experience the anger again.
A more helpful path is to discover what triggers your anger and
develop strategies for managing it.

 What can I do about my anger?

1)    Change the way you think

To deal effectively with your anger it is important to reduce the
emotional and physiological arousal that anger creates. You may
not be able to get rid of, or avoid, the things or people that anger
you, but you can learn to think differently about the situation.
Replace irrational thoughts with rational ones.  Instead of “It’s
awful,” tell yourself, “I’m upset and I can handle it.”

2)    Minimize anger in your life

Remember that anger is not a solution to life’s ups and downs
. Getting angry doesn’t fix things. Controlling your impulses and
managing your responsive behavior goes a long way in improving
your relationships. Increase your empathy, listen to others, be
tolerant, forgive, adopt positive attitudes, and laugh at yourself.

3)    Develop coping strategies

Despite our best efforts to minimize its influence in our lives, we
will experience anger, whether we express it or not. Be prepared
before the anger comes. Remember that you are responsible for
your own feelings and that anger and aggression are not the
same thing. Learn to relax with some simple tools, such as deep
breathing, meditation, relaxing imagery, and non-strenuous

You can’t eliminate anger, life happens. But you can change the
way you let life’s events affect you. Dealing with anger by
managing your thoughts and behavior allows you to have a more
fulfilling life.

Scenes from CUUC

 "The Hunt Children" are Left to Right
Silas Alexander, age 4 , Colton James, age 6, Sadie Jean, age 2
Annalise Ruth, age 7, Chloe Lynn, age 9

Dinner for Eight at Rosa Jean Lake's House  Good Food! Good Company!

Drum Circle in October
Spotlight on a Member
Al Fregin

Volunteer Behind the Scenes

 Al was born Alfred Gustave Fregin in Brooklyn NY.
He graduated from Queens Vocational HS.
After a hitch in the Army, Al moved to Long Island NY,
where he met his wife, Ginny.He bought them a fix-er upper house.
and re-did it including building a two car garage.
He is the father of 4 children and is a granddad to
8 grandchildren and  a great grand dad to 2 great children.
Al worked as a machinist for many years and decided
to go into construction, installing bathroom doors and
fixtures for various business, including hospitals and schools,
and other new construction in New York City. 

His most memorable job was working at the World Trade Center.
When not working on those projects, he installed roofs
and built decks for local residents. As Al wanted to get out
of the winters in NY, he  moved to North Miami
Beach and continued working in construction in the Miami Area.

After retiring, he moved to Port Orange, Fl. where he
continues to stay active. He loves his garage, in which he has
many machines and tools with which to tinker.   But Al's greatest love
(after his wife) is his cars, especially his 1963 Corvair
Convertible.At any time, someone will pull into his driveway
and ask for advice on cars etc..  

While looking for a spiritual home, Al and his wife found
our church.  Al is the quiet, behind the scenes guy who gets
many jobs done for the church. He currently serves on the Nominating
Committee.  We believe this is so he can never be nominated to the Board
Thanks Al for all you do!
Famous Unitarians

Charles Dickens

Author, Literary Genius

Charles Dickens (February 7, 1812-June 9, 1870) is often considered
the finest English novelist of the 19th century. His enduring comic
characters are part of the culture. He is known as well for exposing
the wretchedness of the downtrodden, for his anger at their heartless
oppression and for his contribution to the celebration of Christmas.
An enormously successful author and performer of his own work,
he was the conscience of Victorian England.   He turned to Unitarianism
in the 1840s. One of his more widely read works is
"A Christmas Carol" with  Ebeneezer Scrooge.

These links will take you to information on
Charles Dickens and a list of his many notable works.
The first paragraph is copied from the following link.

Different Observances for the Month of December

December 1–24 ADVENT • Christian-Advent is a season of spiritual
preparation in observance of the birth of Jesus. In Western Christianity,
it starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. In Eastern Christianity,
the season is longer and begins in the middle of November.

December 1 WORLD AIDS DAY-International day of action on HIV and AIDS.

Raises awareness about persons with disabilities in order to improve
their lives and provide them with equal opportunity.

December 6- Saint Nicholas Day - Christian -

December 8 BODHI DAY • Buddhist-Also known as Rohatsu, commemorates
the day that the Buddha, Siddharta Gautama, experienced enlightenment or
spiritual awakening (bodhi). Celebrated on the eighth day either of December
or the 12th month of the lunar calendar.

December 10 HUMAN RIGHTS DAY-On this day in 1948 the United
Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

December 12 OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE • Christian- Celebrates the
apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary (by her title, Our Lady of Guadalupe,
the Patroness of Mexico and the Americas) before Juan Diego, an
indigenous convert to Roman Catholicism, on the Mexican hill of Tepeyac in 1531.

December 15 BILL OF RIGHTS DAYCommemorates the signing
into law of the ten original amendments of the United States Constitution in 1791.

Deceber 18: Posadas Navidenas — Christian: This is a primarily Hispanic Christian holiday that commends Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus

December 21 WINTER SOLSTICE/Yule - Litha - Wicca/Pagan- In the northern hemisphere,
the shortest day of the year. It marks the first day of the season of winter. Solstice is the point in the year "when the earth is most inclined away from the sun. It is the most southern or northern point depending on the hemisphere," according to Interfaith Calendar. Pagans and Wicca believers will celebrate that event through Yule, in which believers also honor “the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth of the sun

December 23–30 CHANUKAH • Jewish- Eight-day “Festival of Lights”,
celebrating the rededication of the Temple to the service of God in 164 BCE.
Commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Greek King, Antiochus,
who sought to suppress freedom of worship.

December 24 CHRISTMAS EVE • ChristianCelebration of
the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus.

December 25 CHRISTMAS • Western Christian- Commemorates
the birth of Jesus.

December 26: Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathustra) — Zoroastrian: Unlike many of the other holidays in the month, Zoroastrians honor the death of their prophet, Zarathustra, who founded Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions.

December 26–January 1, 2020 KWANZAAA seven-day celebration
honoring African American heritage and its continued vitality. “Kwanzaa”
means “first fruits (of the harvest)” in Swahili.

December 29 WOUNDED KNEE DAY- On December 29, 1890
more than 200 Lakota Sioux were massacred by U.S. troops at 
Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

December 31 NEW YEAR’S EVE - In the Gregorian calendar,
New Year's Eve, the last day of the year, is on December 31.
In many countries, New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social
gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink. etc's_Eve

This list of observances was taken from "The Calendar of Observances" from the Anti Defamation League.
as well as Religious Holidays from Religious Life Princeton University

Book Club books for the next two months are:
December- In Pieces- Sally Field
January-Shortest Way Home- Pete Buttigieg

This way you can plan ahead as some of the books are very popular.


In Pieces by Sally Field (autobiography) 2018

In this intimate, haunting literary memoir and New York Times
Notable Book of the year, an American icon tells her own story
for the first time -- about a challenging and lonely childhood, the
craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy
that shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother.


Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for
America's Future by Pete Buttigieg

Once described by the Washington Post as “the most interesting
mayor you’ve never heard of,” Pete Buttigieg, the thirty-seven-year-old
mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has now emerged as one of the
nation’s most visionary politicians. With soaring prose that
celebrates a resurgent American Midwest, Shortest Way Home
 narrates the heroic transformation of a “dying city” (Newsweek)
into nothing less than a shining model of urban reinvention.
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