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September 2019

CUUC's phone number is:

(386) 308-8080
A Month of Sundays
September 1st

Mark Spivey
"Death as a Way of Life"
 (exploring the nature of death "as it really is"
in order to develop a fearless passion for living your best life).
Service Leader: Shawn Capers
Special Offering:  Building Fund Sunday

September 8th

Joe Wolfarth
"Homecoming Water Ceremony" 
A CUUC Tradition
Special Offering: Scholarship Sunday

September 15th

Laura Chilkott
"Fannie Farmer: 19th Century Unitarian Kitchen Revolutionary"

Special Offering: HUM Sunday

September 22nd 
Nancy McCormick
"The History of Our Hymns"

Special Offering- Accessible Bathroom Project

September 29th

Ann Lewis
"Attainment of Personal Peace"
Service Leader: Audrey Barcelo

Services Sundays @ 10:30
Community Unitarian Universalist Church
403 West Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL  32168


Looking Ahead to October 2019

October 6th 

Michael Blauberg
3rd Generation Beekeeper
"Save the Bees"
October 13th

October 20th

Joe Wolfarth 
"Wabi Sabi"
October 27th

Tom Cook 
"Dementia and Death with Dignity"

Upcoming Events
September 4th
Book Club
"The Art of Racing in the Rain"
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

September 9th
CUUC Board Meeting
All are welcome
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

September 16th
Worship Committee Meeting 

6 p.m.
Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

September 29th
Membership Sunday

This is the next opportunity for individuals
to join our church and become a member.
The ceremony will take place during the service.
Contact Ginny Fregin or Pat Cullison if you wish to officially join.

Location: Church Sanctuary
403 West Street NSB

***For the most up to date information on events, please check the calendar on
our webpage- or

Membership Sundays

Hi All
Thanks to the CUUC  Board and their ruling that will make the 5th Sunday
of any month the Membership Sunday.  Anyone wishing to join at that
time will be recognized by the attending members on that day.   Please
tell Ginny Fregin or Pat Cullison of your intentions to join on that Sunday.  

Thanks again for all the new members that have joined and are already
volunteering their  services.

Pat Cullison and Ginny Fregin

Upcoming Birthdays
September 14th Laurie Dunham

October 2nd Daniel Herr
October 4th Charlotte St. John
October 6th David Herr
October 13th Terry Butts

President's Message

"Free Will" - What does the term mean to you? In our nation we are used to having
conversations about our free will in terms of the Bill of Rights in the U.S.
Constitution- we expect to live out our lives with the freedom to worship as we
please, to speak and write freely, to decide for ourselves how to conduct our
lives... until recent challenges by lawmakers in numerous states, we
expected the right to free assembly was unassailable... 

I have done starchart analysis as an astrologer for some decades, and I also
read Tarot cards. Before you say, "Don't quit your day job!" Let me inform you
that I do these things IN MY WORKPLACE (at my "day job") all the time. As a
tarot reader I often find myself repeating a phrase I learned from a
Pagan friend: "Make Good Choices." Three simple words to live by,
this phrase may be followed by a simple analogy: just because you put a
sticker on your bumper that reads, "God Is My Co-Pilot" does not mean
that you can decide, while driving on a busy freeway, to say,
"Hey, Co-Pilot, take the wheel, would ya? I wanna take a Nap Now!"

Because we have Free Will, and if, like me, you believe we Co-Create
our existence, we have the Opportunity to "make good choices" every day...
and also to look back over the choices we have made in the past and
reconsider them. Sometimes we need to accept that the choices we made
did NOT lead to the results we wished for. When this happens we can
Choose Differently and Move Forward!

This Summer I heard a story on NPR which deeply affected me.
A radio show host interviewed longtime NPR London
Correspondent Frank Langfitt, who has written a book about
his experiences operating a Free Taxi service in the Chinese city
of Shanghai. Entitled, "The Shanghai Free Taxi," the book is a
collection of stories told by everyday people who were willing to take a
chance by hopping into the cab for a free ride somewhere. Mr. Langfitt
stated that he put the word "Love" (in Chinese, of course) on the side
of the vehicle as well as "Free Taxi" because in the Chinese language
this would indicate a Donated Service (not "free love" as Westerners
might think!)... when people saw a middle aged Caucasian man in the
driver's seat they were often intrigued and would ask if he was doing this
to improve his Chinese language skills. He answered (in Chinese) that
he merely wanted to get to know the people of Shanghai and hear their
stories and opinions about life. 

The story that moved me: a Chinese rider informed Mr. Langfitt
that he had been a lawyer for many years and in fact he had once
been a foreign student who came to the United States to become familiar
with our country's laws. He said that ever since then he had felt a deep
fondness for the United States and knew that we are a great nation for
many reasons. In particular he was impressed by his study of the U.S.
Constitution - "a template for building a more just society" - which he
said he feels many Americans fail to understand or appreciate (unlike
most of the rest of the world, perhaps.) He said that U.S. Citizens should
study our constitution and learn more about it, because it is a tool for solving
problems that we may encounter as a society. Mr. Langfitt quietly said that
many Americans are not happy with their government or the President at this
time. The Chinese lawyer replied (essentially): "OK. But soon you will have
the chance to elect someone else who you prefer. You get that opportunity
every four years. In many [most] parts of the world, we don't get the same
opportunity. We have to put up with a leader we may greatly dislike for forty
years or longer." There was a pause. The host revealed that Mr. Langfitt had
been able to record the conversation with the permission of his rider. I heard
the voice of this Chinese lawyer say, "You have a great country, America. You
will make it. I believe in you!"

I heard that broadcast the week before Independence Day. On the holiday
I met our dear friend Laura Chilkott for a meal at our favorite Chinese
restaurant (whose owners, like our own ancestors, are immigrants who
followed their own "American Dream")... 

Every day we make choices. We can Choose to be a part of any problem,
or any solution. We can Choose to be Kind, or we can Choose to be cruel.

If we follow our U.U. Principles and Traditions, we are sure to select the
former and eschew the latter.

Funny how seeing my life from the perspective of someone on "the other side
of the world" made me appreciate it MORE

Joe Wolfarth
President, CUUC Board
Special Note
 Your CUUC Board has arranged for the replacement of a leaky toilet
(in the North Bathroom) as well as new flooring. The South bathroom has been
designated as the recipient of new fixtures and a new wider door which should make it
accessible for a person using a wheelchair or a scooter.  Look for those changes soon. 
Our church home keeps getting better and better!
What's Your Story?
by Carmen Rivera

We are storytellers. We talk about our problems, our joys, our concerns, the experiences
in our lives and the meanings these experiences have for us. We like to think that in these stories we are telling the truth as it really is. But, what if the story we tell ourselves and
others is our interpretation of the event? What if there is another story that can be told
about the same event? What if we could change the story, and in doing so, change our

Consider this example. A couple of years ago I went on a Canopy Zip-line course
in Costa Rica. It was one of the biggest courses in the world; 18 zips covering 3
miles high over the mountain tops of Costa Rica. I’m not a particularly athletic
person so while I had some trepidation about doing this, I was also very excited
about this new adventure. Another woman in my group, was dreading going
at all. She continuously expressed her fear days before the event. She did not
want to go but felt obliged because her son had dared her.

I loved the experience; she was terrified and never let go of her guide
throughout the course. Two different stories, same event. Our stories determine
how we experience the event, how we feel about it, how we will act.The story
we tell ourselves becomes our experience of the event.

Holding on to our story as the “reality” of the event hampers us from learning
and growing. We become inflexible, rigid in our thinking and unable to see other
possibilities in our lives. If we want to change our lives and our destiny, we need
to consciously change our story. When we change the way we feel and think, we
change the way we behave. What would happen if instead of seeing an
insurmountable problem ahead, you saw a challenge? Instead of getting angry
over a perceived slight you feel indifferent? Instead of seeing the end,
you saw a new beginning?

Knowing we are the source of our own story allows us to create a more
powerful story. We can change our lives to have more peaceful and joyful
experiences in living.

Change your story, change your life.
✴        Notice the feeling you are experiencing at the moment. What is another
              possible feeling?
✴        What words are you using to describe the event? How are those words
              making you feel? What other words can you use?
✴        Does the event seem familiar? Are you reacting to a memory 
              of a past event not the event that is happening now?
✴        Who else is in your story? What role have you given them? 
              What role have you given yourself? Victim, hero, rescuer?
✴        Where is the event taking place? Where are you? Can you see
              the event as an observer? What other possibilities can you observe?

“A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change its story.”
  Sebastyne Young

Pssssstttt!!! Hey, YOU! (Inner Child!!! YES, we can See You There! This
one is for YOU! Leave all the OTHER Reading and Discussing of
IMPORTANT THINGS to the Adult Selves! THIS article is JUST FOR

- Have you had any FUN Lately?! Have you come out to PLAY?!
Here's Your Chance ! 
You can Dress Up (it's Perfectly Fine if it's BORROWED! We'll Play
Gently!) in Finery - wear Baubles and Pearls - a Wig or a Hat - even a
COSTUME! You can Practice using Fun Voices - or Singing Along in one -
even Bust Out a Dance Move! 
Just Tell Your Adult Self that You Saw THIS AD and had an Irresistible
Urge - to Frolic like Little Orphan Annie!
Here's Your Chance, Kid! The CUUC Worship Committee (everubody say,
"Ooooohhhh!") is putting a call out for "service leaders" (that's like Peter
Pan after TinkerBell sprinkles him with Faerie Dust and he teaches the
Darling Children to FLY! It's called "Following the Leader" - funny walks
Optional!) Here's the BEST PART: you don't have to be a Writer (like J.M.
Barrie or A.A. Milne) At All! You just Slap a bit of Faerie Dust on and Read
From the Script that Joe and Debbi give you (They Won't make you Cry
like that mean old Director did Shirley Temple! Debbi has been working
with the Little Theater in New Smyrna Beach for decades and she
Promises NOT to break your Toys to "motivate" you like a Bad Old
Hollywood Director!!) So... - Come On, Kid! "Whatdya Say???!" You can
even Yell like Tarzan (if Johnny Weismuller and Carol Burnett can DO IT,
then BABY, So Can YOU!) Here's Lookin' At YOU, Kid!!! 
So How 'Bout It???
- The Worship Faeries
Spotlight on a  Member

Ginny Fregin

Ginny Fregin is one of our "Volunteer Extraordinaires" who can be found most
Sundays greeting people or helping with hospitality.  She is one of our
Membership Co-chairs, who welcomes new members to our congregation. 
She wears many hats for our church but it is her kindness and positive energy
that most people remark on.   Here are a few tidbits about Ginny that you may
not know.

Ginny has been married to Al Fregin for close to 58 years as they celebrate
a wedding anniversary in September.   She is the mother of four children,
and has eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  She lived in
Long Island, NY for most  of her years. 

 Before retiring in 2000 She worked for an electronic company
in their Purchasing Dept.  She quit   to have (4) children.  After her children
were all in school, she went back to work as unit clerk in Psychiatric Hospital. 
She took many classes and ended up in Ed and Training Human Resources as a
Compensation Clerk.  Al and her moved to Miami and Ginny worked in Dialysis
Center  as a Unit Clerk in a Hospital which later moved that department
to a Correctional Center.  Who Knew.  Ginny was only going to stay for
Xmas Money but her boss was great and  the hours were good.  She learned
a lot about the Correction System.

Other things about Ginny:
She likes cats and stories about cats.  She loves the computer, particularly
Facebook, as her family does not live close by and she can keep in touch via
Facebook.  Her days are spent:volunteering with "her lady" in an assisted
living center; nights out with neighbors;  Bingo;  and of course date night with
Al (the secret to her marriage's longevity).  When I asked Ginny if I could
spotlight her for this section she wanted to be sure that I include that she
"loves the church."  Her dedication to the church shows that.  Thanks Ginny.


Some of the Barcelo clan following an informative lecture on Climate Change by Mark Barcelo. 
Famous Unitarian Universalists



 John Bardeen was an American physicist and electrical engineer. He is the only
person to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics twice: first in 1956 with William
Shockley and Walter Brattain for the invention of the transistor; and again in 1972
with Leon N Cooper and John Robert Schrieffer for a fundamental theory of
conventional superconductivity known as the BCS theory.

The transistor revolutionized the electronics industry, making possible the
development of almost every modern electronic device, from telephones to
computers, and ushering in the Information Age. Bardeen's developments in
superconductivity—for which he was awarded his second Nobel Prize—are
used in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and medical magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI).

This information was taken directly from Wikipedia. To learn more about the
career and achievements ofJohn Bardeen  please use this link to the Wikipedia site.


Different Observances for the Month of September

September 1- Ecclesiastical year begins - Orthodox Christian- Based on the Gregorian calendar 

September -2 LABOR DAY Celebrated the first Monday in September in recognition of U.S. workers.

September 2- GANESH CHATURTHI • Hindu Celebrates the birthday of Ganesha, the elephant-deity.

September 3-  Paryushana Parva - Jain- Ends the 8-10 day holy events

September 5- INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CHARITY Recognizes the role of charity in alleviating human suffering, as well as of the efforts of charitable organizations and individuals, including the work of Mother Teresa.

September 8 -INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY Call to action for universal literacy.

September 8-Nativity of Virgin Mary - Christian- Feast day celebrating birth of Blessed Virgin Mary

September 10 -ASHURA • Islamic A day of fasting observed on the 10th day of the month of Muharram to celebrate Moses’ exodus from Egypt. For Shi’a Muslims, it also marks the climax of the ten-day Remembrance of Muharram, which mourns the martyrdom of Hussein at the Battle of Kerbala.

September 14-    Elevation of the Life Giving Cross (Holy Cross) - Christian -Feast day of fast that celebrates the finding of the Holy Cross  

September 15– October 15 Full Month NATIONAL HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH Celebrates the contributions, heritage and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

September 17- CONSTITUTION DAY AND CITIZENSHIP DAY Commemorates the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787. Also honors all who have become U.S. citizens.

September 23- AUTUMNAL EQUINOX The date when night and day are nearly of the same length. It marks the first day of fall.

September 23- MABON (Northern Hemisphere) OSTARA (Southern Hemisphere) Wiccan -

September 23- BI VISIBILITY DAY Seeks to draw attention to public policy concerns and foster respect for bi+ individuals and communities.

September 29– October 7- NAVARATRI • Hindu Nine-day festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil. It worships God in the form of the universal mother commonly referred to as Durga, Devi or Shakti, and marks the start of fall.

September 30– October 1- ROSH HASHANAH • Jewish Beginning of the Jewish New Year and first of the High Holy Days, which marks the beginning of a ten-day period of penitence and spiritual renewal.

This list of observances was taken from "The Calendar of Observances" from the Anti Defamation League.
as well as Religious Holidays from Religious Life Princeton University

Book Club books for the next five months are:
September- Art of Racing in the Rain- Garth Stein
October- The Dollhouse- Ibsen
November-Beneath the Ruthless Sun-Gilbert King
December- In Pieces- Sally Field
January-Shortest Way Home- Pete Buttigieg

This way you can plan ahead as some of the books are very popular.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (fiction) 2008, 

Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul


A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen(classic) 1879, 

Depicting one woman's struggle to be treated as a rational human being, and not merely
a wife, mother or fragile doll, the play changed the course of theatrical history and
sparked debates worldwide about the roles of men and women in society.


Beneath a Ruthless Sun: A True Story by Gilbert King (historical fiction) 2018,  NAMED

Beneath a Ruthless Sun tells a powerful, page-turning story rooted in the fears that
rippled through the South as integration began to take hold, sparking a surge of virulent
racism that savaged the vulnerable, debased the powerful, and roils our own times still


In Pieces by Sally Field (autobiography) 2018

In this intimate, haunting literary memoir and New York Times Notable Book of the year,
an American icon tells her own story for the first time -- about a challenging and lonely
childhood, the craft that helped her find her voice, and a powerful emotional legacy that
shaped her journey as a daughter and a mother.


Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for America's Future
by Pete Buttigieg

Once described by the Washington Post as “the most interesting mayor you’ve never
heard of,” Pete Buttigieg, the thirty-seven-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has
now emerged as one of the nation’s most visionary politicians. With soaring prose that
celebrates a resurgent American Midwest, Shortest Way Home narrates the heroic
transformation of a “dying city” (Newsweek) into nothing less than a shining model of
urban reinvention.
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