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Marley Facelift Grille Compatibility Chart

Since launching the updated Facelift Wall Heaters, there have been some questions about the updated part numbers, compatibility issues of the old and new grilles, what accessory part numbers should be used for each product and more. Dennis Krob from Marley put together a spreadsheet to help provide some answers.
This spreadsheet will help you: 
  • Cross-reference the old part number with the updated Facelift part number 
  • Provide color details of the grille
  • Inform whether the new grille is compatible with the old unit 
  • Inform whether the old grille is compatible with the new unit 
  • Provide part numbers for Tamper Proof Grille or Security Grille (where applicable) 
  • Provide part numbers for accessories (surface mounting frames)
Compatibility Charts:

Price Increase & Small Order Fee

A price adjustment on Honeywell Products will be effective August 29th, 2015. To view your updated pricing, login to your account on Honeywell's website. PDF and Excel versions are available. 

The minimum net billing amount is now $250 per order. Orders that do not meet the $250 minimum billing requirement will be subject to a $50 handling fee unless the order is placed by your company on the Honeywell B2B ordering network.  

Some service class numbers will change for several Honeywell products. Service class is similar to lead time as it indicates how many days it will take for the product to ship. The service class on the majority of high volume products will not change.  

As always, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Newer, advanced infrared technology introduced to Marley product line

Marley Engineered Products® is excited to announce the latest additions to their infrared heating line: the HRA11, HRA66, VRC Single, VRC Double Tall and the VRC Double Wide shortwave infrared heaters.  These heaters were specifically designed to bridge the gap between their legacy infrared heaters and the latest in shortwave infrared heating technology. 
Shortwave infrared heaters: 

  • Heat objects and not air, providing heat exactly where you need it
  • Provide instant heat
  • Require no warm up
  • Save up to 60% vs. Fan Forced and 34% vs propane*
  • Can be used in multiple applications:
    • Patios, Garages and Outside Work Areas
    • Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs
    • Factories
    • Bus Stops

For more information on their infrared product breadth, click here.
*Based on average cost of propane per pound in the US for BTUH propane infrared heaters

Application Questionnaires

In an effort to better serve our distributors, we have redesigned the following questionnaires. They ask most of the preliminary questions we need answered to provide quotes.

Case Study: Mars Air Curtains at Campbell's Soup Company

The manufacturing environment at Campbell's Soup Company demands stringent controls for safety, air quality, temperature and cleanliness so that the work is performed within the parameters that guarantee top performance.By installing a few of their Standard 2 models and air diffusers along their heavily trafficked forklift entrance, Mars was able to eliminate condensation build up and avoid any slippery paths.  Read more here. 

Marley: ANSI/UL 1042 and 2021 Safety Standards Revisions – Disconnect Switch

Recent changes to UL safety standards for heaters require that an internal “Disconnect Switch”, provided as a “Disconnecting Means," be rated for 125% of the current (Amp) load. This is consistent with the National Electrical Code (NEC) where a disconnecting means is provided. Over the years, we have used the term “disconnect switch” for a variety of product switches.
Most of these devices are actually a “POWER ON-OFF SWITCH” as they do not fully meet all the requirements for a true disconnecting means as defined by the NEC.
To clarify the documentation and terminology for these devices, most internal switches (such as the ON-OFF rocker switches provided on many products) will now be described as a “Power ON-OFF Switch”, even though the model number shown in our literature and nameplate may still show “D” or “DS”. 
Click below to learn more about the affected products

New Qmark and Berko Catalogs Have Arrived!

Please contact us to request your copy. Digital versions are also available.

Case Study: XLERATOR Hand Dryer's at Long Meadow High School

The Excel Hand Dryer Company focuses on the difference their high speed XLERATORs can make in schools. 

Stay cool, 

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