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January, 2017

What is the most interesting room of the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich?
Answer: “The room with the eleven National Socialist paintings...”
Who dares to speak out such words? A barbarian, Teuton, Neo Nazi?

No, it’s the opinion of William Cook in the Spectator.

Are Cooks words indicating the end of a 70-years paradigm?

William Cook writes: “The conventional wisdom is that everything Hitler approved was rubbish, and everything he vetoed was superb. It’s convenient and comforting to believe that tyrants have no taste, but the truth is a bit more complicated -and a lot more interesting -than that…”

It’s for the first time since 1945 that someone official dares to say that The Four Elements by Ziegler are -from a pure esthetic point of view-
Not Bad.
Cook: “It would be so much easier if bad men and bad politics made bad art. If only life were that simple. But when you look at this picture (The Four Elements) with fresh eyes, you’re forced to acknowledge an awkward truth. Despite the repugnant morals of the man who made it, it’s actually not that bad.”


The discrepancy in valuation in Germany and in foreign countries is striking.
Within Germany the discussions are still mainly focused on the question whether one could exhibit überhaupt Third Reich Art: a rearguard battle. In foreign countries people are much further, they have now reached the phase in which they assess Third Reich Art works in terms of ‘good quality’, or not.

With pleasure I herewith sent you the recent article of the Spectator:


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