The Observation Car - December Extra 2016
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The Observation Car...

Don't forget the Holiday Dinner - 

Pizza Ranch
72nd St. South of Giles Rd.
January 7th, 6pm

Rusty made reservations, but he still needs an approximate Head count. If you haven't already done so, please email him at and let him know how many will be in your party. Let's hope it's warmer than last time.

Next Regular Meeting -
February 6th at the
Sump Library in Papillion
9am to Noon.

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Please Help Run Trains in December and January

From Henry Nipper:

We continue to move from “Don’t Touch!” to “How would you like to run the trains?” You should see the looks on the kids' and parents’ faces when the trains start to move!!!!!

The UP Museum in Council Bluffs. We will have N-scale, DC, trains running on the T-Trak modules and N-scale, DCC, running on Bill Dodge's Layout. We need help supervising the kids running on the T-Track layout.    To help with either of these layouts contact Henry Nipper at

ALSO: At the UP museum, if we have enough volunteers we would also like to run the HO switching layout. The kids also need supervision for this. To volunteer for this contact Ryan Moats at or Bob Finkenbiner at

Schedule at the museum:
Setup - Thursday, Dec. 15 starting at 10am, through the Family night activities, ending about 8PM.
Layout operations: 10am-4pm each of the following days:
Friday, Dec. 16 and Saturday, Dec. 17
Thursday, Dec. 22 and Friday, Dec. 23
Thursday, Dec. 29,  Friday, Dec. 30, and Saturday, Dec. 31
Teardown is yet to be determined.

The Great Train Show in Council Bluffs
Mid America Center
January 7-8, 9am-4pm
Setup - January 6, late afternoon.

The T-Trak and HO switching layout were big hits last year. If we can get enough volunteers we'd like to do it again.

The show is 9am-4pm both days, and if you help with the exhibits and run the trains, your admission will be covered by getting an exibitor’s name tag from Henry on Friday at setup or before you enter the MAC. 

More volunteers are needed for operating, teardown, and transportation. The T-trak is a definite go, the switching layout will depend on the help of more volunteers.

Again, to help with either or both layouts contact  Henry Nipper at

Thanks to Bill Dodge and Richard Ralston who have steadily advocated for returning operating model trains to the UP museum at Christmas. Bill has been doing this for two years, now, and he has garnered great publicity for the museum and for the hobby. Let’s help build on their work and promote the hobby and the museum! 

We were able to have over a hundred kids per day operated trains at the Great Train Show with our help. Dave Mrsny has provided discount coupons for each operator to the House of Trains, and the museum will provide stickers for the engineers.

Thanks again, Henry


One more thing - Regular Division meetings resume on Saturday, January 7, 9am till Noon at the Sump Library in Papillion.

See you at the meeting, GS


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