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Dear Participant,
Thank you for your involvement in the 7th edition of the Vibram Hong Kong 100.  We hope that you enjoyed being part of the race as much as we enjoyed organising it, and that you have now been able to rest up a little.

Event statistics
Here are some statistics from the race:
Started: 1866
Finished: 1575 (84.4%)
DNF: 291 (15.6%)
Gold Awards (sub-16 hours):  315 (15.8%)
Silver Awards (sub 20 hours): 456 (22.9%)
Bronze Awards (sub 24 hours): 494 (24.8%)
Medals (sub 30 hours) 306 (15.4%)
Male to Female participants ratio: 79:21
Volunteers: 900
Countries represented: 51

Credit: Koichi Iwasa
Global race
The event is once again the first stop in the 2017 Ultra-Trail World Tour, a series of classic ultra-marathons from around the globe in which the world’s best endurance athletes compete.

From far and wide
The field comprised 1800 runners from 51 countries - about 37% runners from Hong Kong, 27.5% from Mainland China and 35.5% runners from everywhere else, including a sizeable presence from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia.  We are also delighted to see a sharp rise in the number of runners from Taiwan and Indonesia.
Elites came from far and wide, including an extremely strong field from the United States.  The event has been popular with European runners from Spain, France and Italy in particular.  And closer to home, elites from Japan and Mainland China are also many. The field was arguably the deepest of any trail race in Asia and a highly competitive race unfolded to the excitement of the ten of thousands of followers of the event on social media.
Credit : Race Visuals

The Hong Kong trail running community loves playing host to runners from all over the world and we are all very grateful that so many of you made such an effort to join us.


Local favourite, Stone Tsang Siu Keung, withdrew from the race this year to focus on the mad-cap challenge of running all 4 trails in Hong Kong (Wilson, Hong Kong, Maclehose and Lantau) back-to-back, totaling around 300 km during Chinese New Year in a week’s time.  In a typically sporting gesture, instead of running this year’s race, Tsang, who is a paramedic, volunteered as a core member of the HK100 command centre set up to ensure the safety of the runners.  And in the middle of his “shift”, he was asked to present the awards to the top 10 athletes in the men’s category.

Here's what the superheroes did at the pointy end.

In cool conditions with patches of rain and air quality that was perfect, a peloton of 13 runners cruised together for the first 28km.  In that leading pack were Nepal’s Sange Sherpa, France’s Julien Chorier, Britain’s Harry Jones, Thailand’s Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaihana, America’s Seth Swanson, Tim Tollefson and Sage Canaday, Norway’s Didrik Hermansen, Italy’s Daniel Jung and China’s Yan Hui Yu, Erenjia Jia, Jiagen Yang and Yun Yanqiao.    Shortly before Hoi Ha village at the 35km mark, Daniel Jung made a break.  Jung maintained his lead through the halfway checkpoint at Kei Ling Ha, but Yun Yanqiao, who won the race in 2013 and was 5th in 2012, used his course knowledge to pace the race perfectly.  Yunqiao moved from 5th position at the halfway point (Kei Ling Ha, 52km) up to 2nd by Gilwell Camp (65km), overtaking Sage Canaday, Tim Tollefson, and Didrik Hermanson over the hills and contour trails around Ma On Shan.   Yun Yanqiao sustained his attack over Beacon Hill, opening up a gap which Daniel Jung and the chasing pack could not close.  Yanqiao crossed the finish line in 9 hours 34 minutes, missing out on Francois d'Haene's course record by just 2 minutes.  His winning margin was 26 minutes from Daniel Jung (10 hours 1 minute) and Sage Canaday claimed the third place on the podium in 10 hours 3 minutes. 

Credit : Race Visuals

In the women's race, Spanish ace Nuria Picas smashed Claire Price's course record by 40 minutes, finishing in 11 hours 18 minutes, and looking like she could go round again.  China's Linming Chen was second in 11 hours 53 minutes.  Linming also broke the existing course record and led for the first half of the race, despite this being her first attempt at the 100km distance.  With a background in road running and a marathon best of 2 hours 48 minutes, Linming’s crossover from road- to trail-running is very exciting, and we can hope and expect to see much more of her on the trails and on podiums in future.   Hong Kong resident New Zealander, Marie McNaughton, was third in 12 hours 26.  Only 4 women had ever finished under 12 hours 30 minutes in the race's 6-year history, so for the top 3 to achieve that feat this year is testament to the strength of the field and the day's fast conditions.  Congratulations!
Credit : Race Visuals

The top 10 male and female finishers are set out below.  It was a privilege to host such a talented field of endurance athletes and the race will live long in the memories of those of us who were lucky enough to watch it unfold.
Men's results
1   Yun Yanqiao (China) 09:35:11 Epson
2   Daniel Jung (Italy) 10:01:35 Gore Running Wear/Sportler
3   Sage Canaday (USA) 10:03:50 HOKA ONE ONE
4   Didrik Hermansen (Norway) 10:12:28 ASICS
5   Tim Tollefson (USA) 10:13:40 HOKA ONE ONE
6   Seth Swanson (USA) 10:16:40 The North Face
7   Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana (Thailand) 10:23:24 The North Face Adventure Team
8   Harry Jones (United Kingdom) 10:26:55 Runivore Thailand
9   Jiagen Yang (China)10:30:13
10  Julien Chorier (France) 10:43:03 HOKA ONE ONE
Credit: Ryan Blair

 Women’s results
1   Núria Picas (Spain) 11:18:57 BUFF PRO TEAM
2   Chen Linming (China) 11:53:47
3   Marie McNaughton (New Zealand) 12:26:19 Gone Running
4   Xiang Fuzhao 13:01:14 (China) Team Toread
5   Rachael Campbell (United Kingdom) 13:23:31
6   Leung Ying Suet (Hong Kong) 13:26:45
7   Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (Spain) 13:31:21 Race Land
8   Ma Yanxing (China) 13:49:20 Vibram
9   Nicole Lau (Hong Kong) 13:51:54
10   Wing Yan Nicole Leung (Hong Kong) 13:56:49 吹水同盟X青軍

Credit : Jeri Chua

Other Heroics


This year, visually impaired runner Lee Chun Fai, completed the event in 23 hours 20 minutes.  Having DNFed in 2014, Chun Fai returned and met his target time of sub 24 hours and received the bronze dude.  His mission was to inspire other visually impaired participants to meet life’s challenges positively by setting an example.  And in his own words - “to strive, to yearn and to fight for my own life and of other visually impaired people”.

Hong Kong 100 is as much about the runners who do battle with the cut-off times as it’s about the elites' superhuman feats and we have loved hearing stories from those of you who were doing your first 100km or were in an uncertain quest for a personal best.  And for the racers whose race did not work out as planned, please go easy on yourself.  It's supposed to be hard, anything can happen and all that really matters is that you stayed safe, had some fun at some stage and gained experience you can draw on next time.

Double Happiness
Early on Sunday morning, 20 hours and 8 minutes after starting on the HK100 journey, Man Lam of Hong Kong crossed the finish line and embarked on an even longer journey by proposing to his girlfriend.  We wish Man Lam and his fiancée a very happy life together!
Racemaker Heroics
We're delighted to have been inundated with messages praising the volunteers for their kindness and enthusiasm.  We've heard numerous examples of volunteers going way beyond the call of duty to care for the runners.  And we witnessed first hand how hard the volunteers worked, in many cases overnight, to ensure that the runners were well looked after and had an experience to treasure.  We cannot thank the volunteers enough and are proud of what you have done.  You make the race.  Thank you.
Whilst we hesitate to single anyone out given how many of you contributed so much, we would like to mention the following specifically:
  • All our sponsors
  • Blind Sports Hong Kong
  • Free to Run
  • All the Scout groups
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • Anky Chau, Stephen Tang, Dr Albert Tsui, Anthony Fung, Jonathan Ng, Michael Yau, Clement Dumont, Lloyd Belcher and Demin Ma
  • Andrew Patrick and his Race Timing Solutions team
  • Shui Gor and his team
  • Hong Kong Police Force, Fire Services Department and the AFCD
You will be able to download your e-cert from next week onwards by clicking on this link.
Thousands of race images of runners were captured by the Race Visuals photography team and are now available for viewing and purchase from

Credit : Race Visuals
There were also many volunteer photographers out on the trails taking photos.  We’ll post the links to their albums on our website soon.  Please credit them if you are using those photos.

Clement Dumont has prepared a great short video which can be viewed through these links (Youtube) (Youku).  A longer video will come out soon.
The potted summary above doesn't do the race justice, but fortunately Koichi Iwasa of DogsorCaravan (Japan), Daniel Perez Fernandez of carrerasdemontana (Spain), Leonardo Soresi of Spirito Trail (Italy), Jamil Coury of the Javelina Jundred race (“the party in the desert”) (US) and Johnny Weng and Minwei Song of iranshao (China) were here to capture the experience.
Likewise, Jeri Chua, Rico Lee and our social media team have whipped up a social media storm on our FaceBook page during the race.  We'll continue to post photos, blogs and race-related titbits, so please keep an eye out and have a browse when the boss isn't looking.
Irunfar calls for comment on the race. Please feel free to add your thoughts and find out a bit about the race's back story from here
Credit : Race Visuals

Thanks again to all of you for making the 2017 edition so memorable.  Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Year of the Rooster full of unforgettable trail adventures!
Best wishes,
Janet and Steve
Race Directors
Vibram® Hong Kong 100




感謝您參加第七屆Vibram 香港100越野賽。我們相信您一定十分享受比賽的過程,這種感覺應該與我們享受組織這場比賽是一樣。現在,您可以稍微休息一下,參閱我們為您總結的賽事報道。





通過起點的人數    1866人

通過終點的人數    1575人(完賽率84.4%)

未完賽人數    291人(未完賽率15.6%)

獲金獎人數(完賽時間少於16小時)      315人(佔總參賽人數15.8%)

獲銀獎人數(完賽時間16-20小時) 456人(佔總參賽人數22.9%)

獲銅獎人數(完賽時間20-24小時) 494人(佔總參賽人數24.8%)

獲完賽獎牌人數(完賽時間24-30小時) 306人(佔總參賽人數15.8%)

男女運動員比例    79:21

義工人數    900名

參賽國別        51個國家和地區 

相片由Koichi Iwasa提供
本次比賽再次成為2017年世界超級越野跑巡迴賽(Ultra-Trail World Tour)的第一站。Ultra-Trail World Tour包含了一系列堪稱經典的超級越野跑賽事,吸引了全球最好的耐力運動員展開激烈角逐。
相片由Race Visuals提供





涼爽的天氣,再加上微雨和清新的空氣,完美的外界條件讓13位選手組成了第一梯隊領跑前28公里。他們是尼泊爾的Sange Sherpa,法國的Julien Chorier,英國的Harry Jones,泰國的Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaihana,美國的Seth SwansonTim TollefsonSage Canaday,挪威的Didrik Hermansen,意大利的Daniel Jung和中國的於雲輝、賈俄仁加、運艷橋。在到達35公里處海下村之前,Daniel Jung打破僵局開始提速,之后Jung保持領先通過位於企嶺下的半程檢查站。但是2013年賽事冠軍和2012年第五名得主——運艷橋充分利用他對賽道熟悉的優勢以及豐富的比賽經驗,從半程點(52公里企嶺下)的第五位上升到基爾維營(65公里)的第二位,並在馬鞍山附近成功超越了Sage CanadayTim TollefsonDidrik Hermanson。在筆架山,運艷橋一鼓作氣超越了Daniel Jung,並逐步拉開了與追趕者的距離。最終,運艷橋以9小時34分的成績越過終點,距離Francois d'Haene創造的賽事記錄僅差2分鐘。他領先亞軍Daniel Jung(成績為10小時1分鐘)26分鐘。美國選手Sage Canaday則以10小時3分的成績獲得季軍。

相片由Race Visuals 提供

在女子組的比賽中,西班牙選手 Núria Picas打破Claire Price所保持的賽事記錄多達40分鐘,最終成績是11小時18分。她的狀態好到看上去似乎還能再跑一次。中國選手陳林明以11小時53分獲得亞軍,同樣打破了原有的賽道記錄。盡管這是她第一次嘗試100公里的比賽,林明曾一度在前半程保持領先。林明之前都以公路跑比賽為主,她的馬拉松最好成績是2小時48分。此次林明從路跑到越野跑的成功過渡讓人非常高興。我們祝願並期待能在將來的越野比賽及領獎台上,看到更多她的身影。旅居香港的新西蘭人Marie McNaughton12小時26分位列第三。根據過去6年的賽事資料,僅4名女選手將完賽時間定格在12小時30分鐘以內。因此,今年前3名女選手所創造的這個壯舉,正是力量與天時完美結合的產物。祝賀她們!

相片由Race Visuals提供

名次        姓名                         國家        完賽時間        代表隊
1              運艷橋                     中國         09:35:11        Epson
2              Daniel Jung             意大利     10:01:35        Gore Running Wear / Sportler
3              Sage Canaday        美國        10:03:50         HOKA ONE ONE
4              Didrik Hermansen   挪威        10:12:28         ASICS
5              Tim Tollefson           美國        10:13:40         HOKA ONE ONE
6              Seth Swanson         美國        10:16:40         The North Face
7              Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana 泰國        10:23:24   The North Face Adventure Team
8              Harry Jones            英國        10:26:55          Runivore Thailand
9              楊家根                     中國        10:30:13          /
10            Julien Chorier          法國        10:43:03          HOKA ONE ONE

相片由Ryan Blair提供

名次        姓名                          國家        完賽時間        代表隊
1             Núria Picas               西班牙    11:18:57          BUFF PRO TEAM
2             陳林明                       中國        11:53:47          /
3             Marie McNaughton   新西蘭     12:26:19         Gone Running
4             向付召                       中國        13:01:14         Team Toread
5             Rachael Campbell    英國        13:23:31          /
6            梁影雪                        香港        13:26:45          /
7            Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote       西班牙    13:31:21   RACE LAND
8            馬妍星                        中國        13:49:20          Vibram
9            Nicole Lau                  香港        13:51:54          /
10          梁穎恩                        香港        13:56:49         吹水同盟X青軍


相片由Jeri Chua提供





香港100同樣關注著那些與關門時間做鬥爭的選手們,因為他們與精英選手一樣,都在完成超人般的壯舉。我們很喜歡收到有關您的港百故事,無論它是關於您的第一個100公里,還是關於您追求個人最好成績的過程。對於那些未能按計劃完成比賽的選手,請讓自己放鬆下來。這畢竟是一段艱難的征程,任何事情都可能發生。所以,最重要的是,您現在平安,可以回顧一下或許過程中得到的一些樂趣, 亦為下一次的嘗試累積了經驗。




  • 所有贊助商
  • 香港失明人健體會(Blind Sports Hong Kong)
  • 自由步(Free to Run)
  • 所有童軍隊伍
  • 聖約會翰救護機構
  • Anky Chau,Stephen Tang,Dr Albert Tsui,Anthony Fung, Jonathan Ng,Michael Yau,Clement Dumont,Lloyd Belcher 和馬德民
  • Andrew Patrick和他的團隊、水哥和他的團隊
  • 香港警務處、消防局、漁護署






Race Visuals攝影團隊在比賽期間為廣大參賽選手拍攝了大量精美照片。您現在可以登錄網站進行查閱和購買。網址是

點相片由Race Visuals提供





Clement Dumont準備了一個很棒的短視頻,您可以點擊這裡欣賞(Youtube)(優酷)。更長的視頻很快就會呈現到大家面前 


上述摘要恐怕未能夠足以全面報導本賽事,但幸運的是,來自日本Dogsor Caravan的岩佐浩一,西班牙carrerasdemontana的Daniel Perez Fernandez,意大利 Spirito Trail的Leonardo Soresi,美國Javelina Jundred賽事(即“狂歡沙漠”)的Jamil Coury和中國愛燃燒(iranshao)的翁喬略和宋明蔚均來到這裡進行採訪報導和分享經驗。此外,Ultra-Trail World Tour的Arnaud Cailloux亦來港拍攝相關的視頻。
另外,在比賽期間,Jeri Chua、Rico Lee和我們的社交媒體團隊在我們FaceBook上作生動的直擊報導。 我們將繼續發佈照片、博客以及和賽事有關的花絮,所以當老闆不在您身邊時,不妨到我們FaceBook 或網站留意一下!


相片由Race Visuals提供


Janet 和 Steve

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