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It's almost February. Much of the world is frozen. We're locked in for the long haul now. 
Want to escape?

Then check out of the cold for a while and visit Florida, where the alligators roll in the dark swamps beyond flimsy fences. Or head to California, where an ultra-modern home is being visited by deadly thieves. Or leave this time and place altogether and take a helicopter ride into a haunting near-future...

What readers are already saying:

"Good characters and inventive plotting. I was really sucked in."

"T J Brearton never disappoints me...gripping short stories."

"A cracking read, filled with suspense and keeps you on your tippy toes."

"Intense and extremely well-crafted and written."

"Distinct and strong."
All this for ninety-nine cents. It's a crime.
Next, how to make a good thing even better?
Make it deluxe.

Set in an alternate-reality Adirondacks, HIGH WATER tells the "atmospheric" and "visionary" tale of an aging detective who chases a stranger into a surreal world filled with darkly angelic beings and a savior child. Together these fantastic young men and gifted boy must help the detective stop an ancient evil bent on catastrophic destruction.
What readers are saying:

Mysterious, beautiful... great for Stephen King/Dean Koontz fans.”

“It’s like moving through a dream.”

“Fantastic theater of the mind!”

“This is the first novel I ever read like this.”

“Exceptional.” “Brilliant.”

Thought-provoking on another level.”

“I have never read anything so different…a definite hair-raising thriller. I loved it and give this book a ten rating!

This special, deluxe edition includes a new short story, SUGARING SEASON.
And don't miss...COMING SOON
DARK WEB (March, 2015)... In today’s ultra-connected, digital world, online gaming is a global past time. What happens when someone takes the game outside of the virtual world and into the real one? What if it’s a vicious war game with a take-no-prisoners mentality?  What if your teenager is one of the kids playing the game?

REVOLUTION (June, 2015)...The final installment of the Titan trilogy. We last left Brendan Healy going to jail for the murder of Alexander Heilshorn, and Jennifer Aiken repairing from a harrowing kidnapping. Find out what happens when these two come together at last to stand against the powerful organization, Titan, and what lies behind it...
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