A seventeen year-old girl is missing in Honduras.

Free-spirited Rene Sterling vanished ten days ago. Her father fears she’s been sold into sex slavery. Investigators William Chase and Hanna Beckett are his last hope to find her.

The island paradise she was exploring conceals dark crimes, corruption and real danger.

Hanna and William’s mission is to disrupt human-trafficking gangs across the world. Hanna is by the book, but William has become frustrated. His brazen attempt to rescue a previous victim in Russia jeopardized their mission. This new investigation in Honduras will push their relationship to breaking point and put their lives at risk.

In a thrilling conclusion, they face a choice between real justice and obeying the law.

Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbo, or Dennis Lehane novels.

This is the fourth book in the best-selling Titan Series, though it can be read as a standalone.

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The Complete Titan Series

William and Hanna were once a cop and a prosecutor combating human trafficking and corruption in the United States.  To view the complete series, CLICK HERE !

Over the past four years I've sent newsletters only featuring my own books. Thank you so much for reading and for your support. In this newsletter I'm highlighting a book by another author as well:

In the wasteland following catastrophic ruin, Nista must make her way to the last known city.

She is accompanied by her one-armed husband, her unborn child, and a stranger. They have almost no food or water. The desert is unforgiving. Can they escape lawless killers and survive the monstrous predators in order to reach salvation?

Geoff and I are long-time friends and collaborators, and together we built the world that is the backdrop of Manna City. Geoff took the post-apocalyptic-setting-with-a-twist and ran with it, producing this beautifully haunting novel.
I hope you give it a look.

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