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Who is murdering female college students and can they be stopped?

The only link between the victims is their participation in an unusual psychology experiment. Leading the investigation is Detective Dana Gates. She has a past no one talks about and a husband and daughters she hardly ever sees. She’s a dedicated, by-the-book investigator. And now a serial killer is ripping through the local college campus, and everything she knows is going to change. 

Robert Hamill, her police partner, is a wild card. Unmarried, no kids, Hamill is Dana’s polar opposite. As the case progresses, their differing methods threaten to tear them apart. Hamill breaks with procedure to uncover a list naming potential victims, but the two detectives must work together to stop any more girls from turning up dead.

Suspects range from a college professor to an award-wining author, a handyman pot dealer to a student seemingly possessing strange mental gifts, and yet the real culprit could be right under their noses. 

In the final showdown of this heart-stopping detective thriller, Dana is left with nothing but her instinct, her will to live – and maybe a special gift of her own.

Dark Kills is FREE from December 8-12!
Also Available from TJ Brearton:

Who killed a teenager and left the body in the snow?

Mike and Callie Simpkins moved north to restart their lives and get their finances back on track. But their son Braxton withdraws into a dark online world. When he decides to meet some of the players in real life, tragedy strikes, and the family is torn apart. 

Detective John Swift must untangle a web of virtual and real crimes in order to solve this complex mystery. And as the family copes with unimaginable grief, even Braxton’s stepfather Mike comes under suspicion. 
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Dark Kills and Dark Web are crime novels set in the North Country, a region of New York State that includes the Adirondack Park and the Champlain Valley. Remote, rugged, naturally beautiful, the North Country features copious lakes, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is home to some of the richest - and poorest - people in the state. Seasoned individualists make their woodland homes, hard-working families struggle through brutally cold winters in dependent counties, the affluent build their second homes along the pristine lakes. Having spent much of my life living and working in the North Country, it is a place which I know intimately. Some of the villages and cities in the "Dark" books have been fictionalized, others, like Plattsburgh, are real.
Praise for Dark Kills:
"Surprising and Engrossing" "I was hooked on the book from page 1"

Praise for Dark Web:
"Breathtaking" "I felt as if I was in a movie theatre watching the events unfold"

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