Electing a Sergeant at Arms, Passing a budget, Committee reports, Presentations.

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday September 28, 2016

Call to order: 7:00 PM

1. Announcement of Secretary’s Minutes – Edith Gravely
a. Minutes from June 2016 General Meeting are available at the sign-in table for attendee review.
***Motion to Adopt Minutes***

2. Swear in the Executive Board for 2016/17 session
3. Executive Board Announcements
a. President’s Report – Alexandra Bocian
i. Fire Station 8 update
ii. Snow Blower Loaner Program
iii. Need for Volunteers in the Following: 
1. Membership Committee Chair
2. Budget Committee Volunteers
3. Welcoming Committee volunteers
4. Help Address Speeding in HHHVP neighborhood
5. Government to Inventory African-American Resources
6. Jefferson Davis Hwy
b. Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Jones  
i. Report from 2015/16 distributed at sign in table
ii. Present proposed 2016/17 budget
***Motion to Adopt Proposed Budget***
c. Delegate Report – Ayanna Brown
i. Calloway 150th – seeking donations
ii. Halloween party details
4. Committee Reports
a. Membership Updates – Stephanie Derrig
b. Neighborhood Conservation – Jon Glassman
c. Communications Committee – Chris Glenn / Suzanne Brach
d. Nominating Committee – Tia Alfred
1. Announce Election for Sergeant at Arms
5. (7:30 PM) Parks and Rec (HVP project)
a. Thomas Boyd and Robin Leonard presenting

6. Voter Registration Office
a. Don Hodgen presenting


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