VM2-D2 Drives 10" Display
Visual Designer Preview
Venom IDE: New Release
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October 2014
The latest news from Micro-Robotics:
  • Introducing the new VM2-D2
  • An update for VenomIDE
  • A preview of our forthcoming Visual Designer

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VM2-D2 Drives 10" Displays

We have produced the first production batch of the new VM2-D2, (product code 5920). This can drive displays up to SVGA resolution (800x600), typically 10" across. The SRAM size is now 2 MBytes, twice that of the original VM2D, which also increases its versatility in other areas.

Visual Designer Preview

A preview of our new Visual Designer is available.  This is used to design Graphical User Interfaces on your PC monitor, with reatime interactive feedback on the target TFT display.  Contact us if you would like to try this out.
The Designer allows you to place buttons, etc, on a virtual display, edit their properties and adjust the overall layout.
Target TFT
Your target TFT is updated in real time to give you instant feedback on the real hardware.

VenomIDE: New Release

The latest update to the VenomIDE development system (Version includes improvements to Venom projects and some minor bug fixes.

Custom Design and Build Service

Custom Board
We have many years experience in designing control systems for widely varying applications, including medical devices, automatic test equipment, building security and offshore. Take a look at our:
Design Service
Production Facility