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This is the first Newsletter of the European Network of Agricultural Journalists (ENAJ). It is meant for all the journalists and other members of the 20 national member associations and guilds of ENAJ.

In it, we'll inform you about our activities and our plans. We intend to publish three times a year - you can sign-up to receive your own copy here. In the meantime we're sending it to your association/guild, as well as e-mails and invitations about special journalistic activities.

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Jef Verhaeren
Chairman, European Network of Agricultural Journalists

So, Now What?

What’s in it?
  • We won’t forget you! by Jef Verhaeren, chairman of ENAJ
  • Regional press tours are great!
  • ‘We are rapidly running out of time solving the hunger problem’
  • Young journalists:  ‘a great experience’ in Brussels
  • New commissioner Phil Hogan at ENAJ/Ag Press event
  • Croatian guild already in the Champions League
  • Associated members
  • Program 2015
We won't forget you!
I’ll never forget that early morning of January 2011 when we left Berlin’s Green Week for a visit to Poland, initiated by Roger Waite, the spokesman of EU Agricultural Commissioner Dacian Ciolos. Roger wanted, with the support of his Commissioner, to set up a network and a platform to promote the communication between CAP and the agricultural journalists working in their own country and region. This fulfilled an old dream for some of us – we had wanted to create such a European umbrella organisation inside the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ). It was obvious that facilitating networking between national associations, and the European Commission and DG AGRI, would benefit the agricultural journalist working in his or her own country or region. Read more...

Regional press tours are great!
New ones in Ireland, Denmark, Italy and Austria in 2015
‘I joined the Pig Tour in NL in May 2014 which was great!’ This comment was given in a survey of the IFAJ. In the same survey the highest score for valuable activities was for regional press tours and exchange visits to learn more about agriculture in another country. 60 percent would appreciate these and 28 percent agreed somewhat.
ENAJ all ready organizes these regional press tours around a special theme. The first one in May was about pig production. ENAJ organized it together with the Dutch and Belgian associations. It was a big success, so in 2015 regional press tours will be arranged in Ireland in February (about food), in Denmark in April/May  (about organic farming), in Italy in May (World Expo) and in Austria (about farming in the Alp mountains) around September.  The exact dates are not known yet - keep signed up to the newsletters so you can find out as soon as we've confirmed them.

The regional press tours are of a high journalistic level, cheap (in The Netherlands the fee was 175 euro for 4 days) and about a special theme. They are open for members of the national associations/guilds.

The journalistic output of the first press tour (25 journalists from 12 different countries) in The Netherlands was great. 

'Solving the hunger problem'
‘How could we ensure equal wellbeing to 9 billion people in 2050 or 12 billion of 2100, if we are unable to do the same for 7 billion people today?’ Andrea Masullo, president of the Greenaccord Scientific Committee, put up this question at the end of an international media forum, held in Naples from 8 -11 October.

This forum  about feeding the world, food, agriculture and environment was organized by Greenaccord*. About 100 journalists from all over the world joined four four days of lectures, presentation, debate - and of course mozzarella. Read more...

Young Journalists: a great experience in Brussels
ENAJ and DG Agri invited 22 young ag journalists from 16 EU countries for a workshop between September 24 and 27. The participants learned about CAP and the press work of the EU Commission, discussed with experts and went to West Flanders, where farmers still find bombs and other remnants of the Great War. Read more...

New Commissioner Phil Hogan at ENAJ/AG PRESS event
Phil Hogan, the new European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development, will be present at the ENAJ / Ag Press meeting at the end of January in Brussels.  About 110 journalists will attend this annual CAP Communication Networking Event. 
During this event ENAJ will have their general assembly on Wednesday the 28th of January. Two representatives of each national association/guild will attend this meeting. In the evening the winner of the European Young Agri Journalist Award will be announced.
The next day there is a ‘CAP seminar’ with two prominent speakers from DG Agri, as well as a meeting session with the new commissioner, Phil Hogan. In the afternoon the winners of the CAP Communications Award will be announced. There are twelve nominees in three categories (communications to stakeholders, communication to the public and innovative communications). Look to see who the nominees are.

Croatian Guild already in the Champions' League
Only since December 2013 has the Croatian guild of agricultural journalists DANH been recognised as a member guild by ENAJ and today the guild is as active as if it had been there for 50 years. On November 15th the guild held its national general assembly in Orahovica in Slavonia and it was a perfect event. Tatjana Cop and Jef Verhaeren were invited to represent ENAJ, and as president Markus Rediger of IFAJ couldn’t be present we also presented IFAJ. Some 40 members participated at the general assembly where Martin Vukovic was reelected as president and Goran Beinrauch was elected as secretary. Read more...
Associated members
Besides 21 national associations and guilds of agricultural journalists ENAJ has associated members. The members support ENAJ in their work. For example journalists of the member associations/guilds can get access to events of the associated members.

ENAJ welcomes European professional umbrella organizations in the agricultural sector as COPA-COGECA, FEFAC, Fertilizers Europe, CEMA, EuropaBIO, FEFANA, EURASCO and others as associated members. The associated members network with ENAJ in activities, communication and information.

Program for 2015
There is a lot to do in 2015.

January 28 – 29
ENAJ General Assembly and Ag Press Meeting in Brussels

Press Tour Irish Food Board in Ireland

Press Tour Organic Farming Denmark
May 1 – October 31st  
World Expo in Milan

ENAJ meeting and the Informal meeting of agricultural ministers in Latvia

Press Tour Alp Mountains Farming Austria

ENAJ General Assembly and Ag Press Meeting in Brussels

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About ENAJ

ENAJ comprises the national organisations of journalists and communicators of 19 EU member states. It offers networking opportunities, professional contacts and regular access to the politicians and institutions directing and overseeing the Common Agricultural Policy within the EU.

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