A brief history of time and space, and a new record from All Get Out. A five-year wait is over.
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Listen -- not messing around -- All Get Out's Nobody Likes A Quitter is my favorite album released in 2016. I have been listening to All Get Out for a pretty long time. In a previous life, when I was an album reviewer at AbsolutePunk, I wrote about their first album, The Season, on November 15, 2011. Two weeks short of five years ago. I gave it an 8.5/10, for whatever that's worth. I wrote, "For a debut full-length, The Season bleeds with the attitude of a time-proven veteran band. It’s this feel, and it’s where the group’s fresh newness manages to peek out, that makes the album such a special listen." is dead now, and I don't really review albums anymore either, but that review still exists (courtesy of the Wayback Machine). You'll have to deal with some not-so-great writing, but I had just turned 21 years old two weeks prior, so whatever.

Back then, I didn't know Nathan Hussey and I didn't think I'd ever meet him. I hadn't done a lot of music-related things I'd do later on. I didn't anticipate that it would take All Get Out five years to release another full-length album, because I figured they would become an enormous band and release music every 18-24 months like enormous bands do. I didn't think I'd ever run a record label with my best friend and get to not only put out the next All Get Out album, but effectively re-introduce them to the music world. I was too busy showing The Season to every girl I had a crush on in college and @ing the band too often on Twitter. That album dominated my music listening for 2-3 years following its release.

When we released the Movement EP in conjunction with Favorite Gentlemen last year, it felt like we broke the ice that had enveloped this small group of people who had frozen over in wait of new music from this band. All Get Out never really got enormous, so The Season developed a cult following. They toured and didn't tour for a while. We wondered if they were finished as a group. But now, with the positive praise that Movement got, there are a few more people paying attention for the release of their long-awaited second album, Nobody Likes A Quitter.

I'm one of the people who has been waiting patiently (or not-so-patiently) for this album for the last five years. My relationship with my record label, or with Favorite Gentlemen, or with All Get Out, does not make me any less of fan of this band. I got shivers the first time we heard demos and mixes for Nobody Likes A Quitter. We have an instrumental-only version of the master that I play endlessly while I'm at work. I've listened to this LP every day since we announced its release date. It feels, to me, like the follow-up we had all been waiting for since hearing the promise and the dynamism on The Season.

A big reason for that is the way the album was written. Nathan Hussey writes almost everything you hear on any given All Get Out song, and for this album, he spent months flying back and forth between South Carolina, Texas and Atlanta to work on songs, then show them to Andy and Robert from Manchester Orchestra, who produced the work. They would hash them out, make them better, Nathan would learn, grow, go back home, improve them more, refine, refine, refine. Then they all recorded the album together and wound up with a sprawling yet dense 10-track album that runs the gamut between sadness and hope, life and death, past, present and future. It's a good album. Can you tell I like it?

This all leads to today. Helping release this album is a surreal thing to me, and not too many things actually make me feel that way anymore. It was a five-year wait and it's over now. I hope that you're one of the people who was waiting for this -- one of the people who pre-ordered a copy of the LP from our webstore, who eagerly streamed the album when we premiered it on Impose a couple weeks ago, who already has tickets to see Nathan and All Get Out support this record on tour with Gates and Microwave. 

If you're not one of those people, I hope this short novel encourages you to listen to the album. I hope you love it and share it with people you love. I think this band deserves to be shared, but as you can tell, I'm fairly biased. We and the band appreciate any sharings of their work.

All Get Out's second full-length album, Nobody Likes A Quitter, is available today. That makes me really happy to type. Here are some useful links:
What some other people think of this thing:
"Introspective, beautiful, fun work."

"As each song goes by, it’s hard to know what to expect next, and that just might be what makes this album so interesting to listen to. It’s a beautifully crafted record and it deserves a listen."

"Five years is a long time to wait for an album, but I can safely say that Nobody Likes A Quitter was worth it."

"A stunning listen from start to finish ... With Nobody Likes A Quitter, All Get Out have created an absolute masterpiece of an album. ... With a lean, taut, ten track frame the album takes you on a beautiful journey. The production is fantastic and the songwriting is stellar, Nobody Likes A Quitter shows All Get Out firing on all cylinders and fully realizing the potential that was sensed in The Season. Do yourself a favor and listen to this albums by any means necessary. You wont regret it."

"Nobody Likes A Quitter is 100% the best record released this year (so far, though I doubt it will be topped). This is a must listen to for 2016, no questions asked. After waiting a long five years for a second full-length record, Nobody Likes A Quitter has given a die-hard All Get Out fan everything I wanted and more."

"The lyrics are so well thought-out and carefully chosen it's as if Nathan has spent every minute since the release of The Season preparing for this release. It’s full of hope and wisdom. It’s a time machine. It’s a portal to a familiar place you’ve never been. It’s finding contentment and peace."

Have a fun weekend.

-- Thomas, Zack and Bad Timing Records

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