Simon's Says - Issue #4 - March 2015
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An Important Note from Simon's Business Manager

Good morning, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our new Collections Manager, Jim Fanizzi.  Jim will be responsible for supervising the Recovery Staff, keeping tabs on your placements, reviewing recovery processes and in general, helping us to provide the quick response(s) you have come to expect of the Simon’s Agency. Should you have any questions regarding the status or handling of your placements, please do not hesitate to ask for Jim at extension 101.
Our admin team has also continued to grow.  Kari Piquet, our Administrative Supervisor (extension 201) can assist with payments being reported, placement errors, updated address or phone numbers and many other questions you may have related to the “accounting” of your placements.  She is being ably assisted by Shari Blowers in Reception, Courtney Kline in Payments Processing, and Danielle Smith, who as you may know inputs the new placements and provides you with the confirmation reports.
Additionally, for those of you still waiting, we have successfully implemented our CAW (Client Access Website).  This website will allow you to check on individual placements, payments and statuses or to create your own reports for reviewing your accounts whenever you wish.  The data is uploaded daily and is, therefore, no more than 24 hours old when you are checking activity.  Should you require credentials to access the CAW, please email me when you have a moment, and I will set you up and return your password with instructions as quickly as possible.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me, as usual, with any questions or needs you may have in the handling of your accounts.  I will continue to handle Emails, phone calls, etc. as always, but we would like you to know who else is available to assist you.  Over the next few months, these ladies will be receiving additional training and may be sending Email requests for information on your accounts (payments, insurance, Medicaid, etc.); the Email will have a “cc” to me – if you would be so kind as to reply all, I will be able to jump in with additional training so that we can continue to improve our processes and provide timely responses to any questions you may have.
Please continue to use PO Box 5026, Syracuse NY 13220 for anything that needs to be mailed to us.  Our physical location is now 4963 Wintersweet Drive, Liverpool, NY 13088 (Across from Wegmas on Taft Rd.).  And our Fax # has changed to 888-336-8030.
And lastly, should your question be related to a remittance statement or invoice, please ask for Phil at extension 203.
Thank you for choosing Simon’s Agency, Inc.  We appreciate your business and your assistance.  We look forward to working with you for many years to come!
Nancy Cheevers
Business Manager

The Tipping Point

We've been in the collections business for a very long time here at Simon's - fifty years to be exact! - and we've picked up a few things along the way. Periodically we're going to share some of these tips with you as they may help with your overall collection success!

For our first Tipping Point we wanted to share a quick story. Thirty years ago before the age of the internet and indoor smoking laws, collection agencies indexed accounts on cards that would often be stored in file cabinets or on a Rolodex.  Accounts would be physically pulled from their locations and notes would be handwritten on the cards.  Oftentimes the only information collected would be a name, phone number and debt amount owed to a specific client.  Shortly thereafter when computers began to be the primary choice to store information it became clear that the ability now existed to store even more information about individual accounts.  Additional information such as mailing addresses and Social Security numbers allowed agencies to connect the dots between debts owed by one individual to several different clients.  Having this information allowed agencies to do a much better job in managing and linking their accounts.

Collection Rolodex Circa 1985
Collection Rolodex Circa 1985

Later, down the line, this information became even more relevant as it could then be used in Internet searches to find the most up-to-date contact information for that person. Social Security numbers could be used to verify the identity of an individual for credit reporting purposes. Work information could be used to verify employment.  Banking information could be used to verify assets.  It turned out that clients who started collecting this information ahead of the curve were enjoying greater levels of successful collections.  Much more than clients who did not collect that information.

Flash forward to present day and we are faced with even greater possibilities for the future than we did thirty years ago.  The Computer Age has progressed into the Information Age and the possibilities that await in the near future are quite simply mind boggling.  So the more information you can gather when your patients are filling out your information requests or a consumer is filling out your credit application the better your overall collection numbers will be (not to mention your own billing numbers before they even get to collections)! 

You may consider asking for additional pieces of information like Email addresses, cell phone numbers, employment history, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) (if appropriate for your industry), or whether they own their home.  Most of this information is already relevant but could mean the difference between settling a debt and losing the ability to collect on it entirely.  No one can tell us exactly what the future will bring but, with over 50 years of operating data we can be reasonably certain that the more information you collect from your clients and patients the better we can all do in collecting their current and future debts.

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Employment Opportunities Available!

Simon's Agency is currently hiring for a variety of positions.  If you or someone you know is a motivated person who values a supportive work environment and an employer who values your time and efforts, please download our Employee Application Form and deliver it to the Simon's Agency, Inc. office or email it to  For more information please click this link. 
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