Simon's Says - Issue #27 - February 2017
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What to do with an irate caller

Negotiating with a Debtor Part 2:
Achieving a Satisfactory Payment Arrangement

Plus four things to remember when working with a willing payer.

What happens when you receive a call from your patient but they are insisting they cannot afford to pay the balance in full? At this point, the very first thing you should consider is that you have a willing payer on the phone. Don’t get thrown off balance by the negative implication of the patient being unable to pay the whole bill.  Instead, embrace the fact that they are calling to give you money.  It might not be the full amount or even close, but until you know, you cannot and should not begin to negotiate.  If you do, you may very well end up bidding against yourself...

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Simon's Agency has released a new set of placement forms that will replace the Original Simon's Placement form that many of our current clients are using. Please do not worry! If you are currently using the original Simon's Placement form, you may continue to use it for as long as you like. However, if you would rather use one of the new forms, they come in three versions depending on the type of organization you are: If you are a current client and would like to begin using one of these new forms, please contact our Client Services department at 315-454-8700 x200 or so that we may update your profile to ensure proper placements moving forward. For additional, detailed instructions, please click: How to Send Placements to Simon's
14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

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One Third of Tax Return Recipients Will Use It To Pay Down Their Debt

It's not too late, but getting your accounts in now is imperative to timing up with the last federal tax refunds! We are in the peak time for tax returns right now, so delaying any further will jeopardize our ability to take advantage of the 2017 return season on your behalf!

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