Simon's Says - Issue #23 - October 2016
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What to do with an irate caller

An Honest Message: The Holidays are No Time to Skip Payments on Your Bills

“Don’t be a Scrooge!” Sure, the message can make you feel that way. But everyone can relate to the crunch of the holiday season – debtors and collectors alike. Three months of back-to-back-to-back spends… mostly for our children; oftentimes for our friends and families as well.  We warm up with costumed crusaders and ghoulish traditions, sustained by sugar highs then slowly stewed and simmered through all-day extravaganzas of food and football consumption only to be amped right back up by the blitz of Black Friday and the three following shades of Monday – Cyber, Manic and Green – shot-gunned through a capitalized time warp of purchases and parties and delivered on Christmas Day for a weeklong bookend with New Years.

Phew! It’s a great time of year, filled with love if you’re lucky, but it’s also a time when we all feel stress infringing on our time and tugging on our finances. It’s important to remember this from both sides of the collection call...

14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

Update to Placement Confirmation Report

Starting this month your next Placement Confirmation Reports will feature a new column called "Account Age (days)" which will display the number of days that have passed since the "Date of Service" for each account placed with Simon's Agency. This new column in effect shows the age of each and every account you place with us.
One of the major factors contributing to the likelihood of collecting an overdue bill is the age of the account in what is called the “Law of Diminishing Returns” which refers to a point at which the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy spent in obtaining it.  In other words, there is an age at which collecting on an account is no longer profitable considering the effort spent in collecting in.  
14th Annual NAVAC Golf Tournament Sponsored By Simon's Agency, Inc.

REMINDER: Simon's Agency Launches Client Resources Web Page with Links and Help Files

Simon's Agency strives to provide the very best customer service possible to our clients. Sometimes all that is needed is a helping hand to clear an obstacle and that's why Simon's Agency offers a dedicated Client Services team and has launched a new web page that consolidates all links, files, reporting, placements, instructions and sign-ups that our clients may need. This was designed in order to give our clients a central location where they may find all of this information. 
Sunday November 6th, 2017

Somebody is testing methods for taking down the internet

Third-party breaches in the healthcare sector are nothing to sneeze at

Life cycle of a data breach

Hospital industry is getting slammed by drug costs too

And one just for fun:

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