Jungle Bay and surrounding villages were struck by Hurricane Erika. Please help Jungle Bay staff from Petite Savanne who are suffering greatly from the devastation!
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Hurricane Erika Devastated Dominica!

Dear Jungle Bay friends and family, 
Jungle Bay in Dominica sustained catastrophic damage as a result of mudslides, and flooding from Hurricane Erika. All guests and staff are alive. However, the surrounding villages were significantly affected by this natural disaster.

Jungle Bay cottages destroyed!Petite Savanne suffered the greatest loss of life. While the official death toll is still unknown, loss of life is believed to be around 20 persons including relatives of Jungle Bay staff.  The remaining population of Petite Savanne was evacuated by helicopter and sea, as the area was deemed unstable.  They will be permanently relocated. 

(Image: Jungle Bay cottages destroyed)

Other villages were impacted as well. The village of Delices suffered 1 death from a landslide and significant damage. The villages of Boetica and LaPlaine, where staff members live also, are in desperate need of emergency resources.
This unfortunate disaster has shattered the lives of all our employees, but especially those from Petite Savanne. They now must restart their lives. In addition to having lost homes, all possessions, and family, they also have lost their livelihood. Jungle Bay too was destroyed and will be unable to re-open due to the instability of the land.

A walk down memory lane
Baby being evacuated from Petite Savanne

10 years ago this year, Jungle Bay opened as a noble concept. At its core was a group of passionate hard working individuals who believed in the power of community. These individuals represented former banana farmers and construction workers, housewives, and inexperienced youth from nearby villages. With training and dedication, they have evolved to become a family of compassionate, professional individuals, united in the purpose to exceed international visitors expectations as evident in Jungle Bay’s numerous accolades. 
(Image: Being evacuated from Petite Savanne village and now without homes)

Around 100 families have dedicated themselves to making Jungle Bay the leading Caribbean sustainable tourism model. “We call ourselves the Jungle Bay family” and live by the simple motto that “our job is to make every guest happy”.
These people that you and I have all come to know and love need your help urgently. 

Jungle Bay, its staff, and past guests have greatly contributed to those less fortunate in our community through a series of initiatives. These initiatives include support of the House of Hope home for disabled individuals, libraries through Open Books Open Minds, mentorship of young entrepreneurs, general care, wellbeing and health initiatives, and overall contributing to the social development of the community. 

How YOU can HELP our displaced staff.

We are appealing for financial contribution to you, our past guests and friends of Jungle Bay. Many of you have experienced the hospitality, love, affection and warmth of Joanne, Jannet, Justinian, Ritchie, Brother, Carlos, Keith, and the dozens of others including those who worked behind the scenes to make the Jungle Bay experience amazing and memorable.

Please find it in your hearts to assist this family in their time of crisis. 

(Image: Staff in happier times - June 2015 - before Hurricane Erika)

Options include: 

1) Donate funds to the Jungle Bay Community Fund.

Pay by credit card 
Pay by bank wire transfer 
Click here for details. Please ensure the funds reach those in need by carefully selecting the details for your corresponding country.

2) Forward and share this message with others who may be able to help.
Although this greatly affects us, many do not know about the devastation that has occurred or how special the place and people are.
3) Ship emergency relief items.
Money is the preferred means of support in disaster relief as it allows the community the fluidity of purchasing items of greatest need. If you wish to ship, please select items from our emergency needs list: These supplies are appreciated.
You, the donors, will pay shipping to the US Virgin Islands. I, Samuel Raphael will then pay to fly the cargo via Hummingbird Airlines to Dominica and will ensure it reaches the victims. For mailing instructions CLICK HERE.
Thank you for your generosity! 

Watch for updates in the coming weeks and months as to the impact of your funds have to rebuild the Southeast of Dominica.
It is with a heavy heart that I sit here writing you from our disaster center headquarters in Roseau Dominica. Please, do your part to help us bring some hope to the staff, who have lost loved ones, homes and their livelihoods.
SamPavilion Restaurant and Pool after the Hurricane
Samuel Raphael
Managing Director
Jungle Bay Dominica


(Image: Pavilion Restaurant and Pool area after Hurricane Erika)

Jungle Bay is no more. Petite Savanne is no more. Victoria Falls and several other sites nearby are no more or significantly damaged. It is a desperate time for the southeast of Dominica.

Jungle Bay Dominica
Please HELP the Jungle Bay Staff!
Youth entrepreneurs program when they were safe before the storm
(Image: Dominica youth entrepreneurship program - safe before the storm)

(Image: Village of Petite Savanne completely destroyed by Hurricane Erika floods and mudslides. View from rescue helicopter)
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