Urgent need to change food systems in 2020
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How many more reports do we need to face reality? We must change our food systems to save the environment, and ourselves

The year 2019 has had its share of reports published about the state of the biodiversity crisis, the undeniable causes and devastating impacts of climate change, the worsening state of food security and nutrition worldwide, and the compounding catastrophic consequences that these issues will have on present and future generations to come. Dozens upon dozens of studies, reports, and accompanying campaigns this year alone have cited evidence that a shift in food production and consumption patterns, and their enabling factors, are urgently needed in order to halt and reverse the climate crisis, save entire ecosystems, and deliver healthy and nutritious diets to billions of people worldwide. Read more...

Final theme selected for the 2021 United Nations Environment Assembly

The fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5) is scheduled to take place during the last week of February 2021, in Nairobi, Kenya. After a series of consultations with Member States, civil society organizations and other stakeholders, the theme selected for UNEA 5 is “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.” It will be important for animal protection organizations to collaborate and begin their advocacy in the lead up to UNEA 2021, and in setting its agenda, as soon as possible in order to ensure that animal protection and welfare issues are represented within UNEA’s sphere of activities. Read more...

Accelerated action and transformative pathways: High time to integrate animal welfare into the decade of action for sustainable development

The theme for the 2020 High Level Political Forum (HLPF) taking place in July of this year has been set as “Accelerated action and transformative pathways: realizing the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development.” The choice of theme for the 2020 HLPF bodes well for animal protection organizations as it opens up a tangible avenue to advocate for pathways that embed animal welfare considerations within their planning and implementation processes. Now more than ever, this messaging is likely to carry weight since the 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report - which provided the impetus for the theme - identified animal welfare as an issue that is missing from the Sustainable Development Agenda.

From the WAN Blog

- African Ministers Conference on the Environment - Very little space for civil society engagement.
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- Food loss and waste: implications for human, environmental and animal well-being. Read more....

Get your copy of the Model Animal Welfare Act!

The Model Animal Welfare Act is available for purchase from our website and on Amazon! However, if you would like to order copies in bulk, contact us as we are happy to provide special pricing on bulk orders. 

Upcoming Events

16-18 January: The 12th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (Germany)
20-21 January: International Conference on Health and Welfare of Animals (UK)
30-31 January: International Conference on Animal Welfare in International Trade (Netherlands)
February 2020: Pet Dental Health Month (USA)
21-23 February: Vegetarian Food Asia Expo 2020 (Hong Kong)

International News

- Wildlife wins: 7 good-news stories from 2019.
- Happy New Year! 10 Monumental Animal Welfare Victories and Milestones of 2019. Read more...
- EU Council concludes better legislation for animals is needed. Read more...
Extreme animal cruelty cases can now be prosecuted as federal crimes. Read more...
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- Extinction: A million species at risk, so what is saved? Read more...
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