Young folks, old folks, everybody come! Come to Camp Kenan and have lots of fun on September 11th through the 13th!  Come for one night, one day, two nights, two days or the WHOLE weekend! Whatever works for your family!  We’d love to have you join in the fun!

We’ll begin the alumni FUNdraising weekend with a pizza party with pizza from T-Putt Pizza, Wings & Things.   Saturday meals will consist of classic CK favorites like pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for lunch, with spaghetti and meatballs for dinner! We’ll wrap up the weekend with a CK brunch!

Saturday’s activities will consist of things like climbing the rock wall, crafts at the craft lodge with a craft director, swimming (weather permitting), kickball, hockey, and of course the annual alumni NBA game before dinner at 4pm.

Again this year, we are having a cash raffle.  Tickets are available now, and will be sold all weekend at Goosestock, with the drawing taking place during brunch on Sunday.  Tickets are $10 each and you could win $500!  100% of this purchase goes into our campership fund and is used to send kids to camp.  You DO NOT need to be present to win this drawing!  Even if you can’t come for the weekend, you can still participate in some of the fun.  Contact any board member, or email us at by clicking the link below.

Registration will be open online later this summer.  We will send an update in August with more detailed information all about GS2015!


Devotional Book Dedicated to The Old Gray Goose
By Bruce Boyer

The seeds were planted back in the 1950’s.  Camp Kenan has always done an excellent job of highlighting all three sides of the YMCA triangle:  Spirit, Mind and Body.  When The Old Gray Goose came to Kenan, the Spirit side of the triangle came into even more importance.  I was a camper at Camp Kenan from 1954-1960 before becoming a Counselor-in-Training in 1961, and then I was on staff through 1966.  Goose was my CIT director and became my mentor, spending hours talking with me about leadership and growing as a person.  There were many nights when he would miss counselor snack time in the mess hall while we sat on the field between cabin #1 and the pool.  Goose was an unselfish mentor.  People were more important to him than food.  The result of those conversations was my decision on a YMCA career, one that would span 34 years, and as a YMCA volunteer for the past 12 years.

Camp Kenan has a tradition of morning thought and evening cabin devotions.  I took that role seriously because it is critical to the Christian mission of the YMCA.  I continued telling devotional stories as a Y professional, with every meeting of my YMCA beginning with a devotion and a prayer.  When I became Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in my community I even continued devotions in a secular community organization.  The foundation for giving devotions goes directly back to my experience at Camp Kenan and The Old Gray Goose.  

Now that I am retired in North Carolina, I was encouraged to publish a devotional book of stories that show God at work in our daily lives. Writing the book is a personal ministry, following the example of Jesus Christ who taught faith lessons by telling stories.  When people understand the context of the story they can identify with God’s word.  My devotional book was published in mid-January.  Because of Goose’s impact on me spiritually, as well as personally, I dedicated the book to Goose.  I arranged a trip north to present it to him in person, as a surprise.

My brother, Brad Boyer (camper 1961-1967; staff 1970-1977) and I came to Goose’s Lockport home on February 6 to present him the book.  We also gave him a framed certificate, telling him why I dedicated the book in his honor.  We had a wonderful two-hour visit, with most of the afternoon spent recalling memorable Camp Kenan experiences and talking fondly of legendary camp people from our time at Kenan.  Goose has such a great memory and affection for the people who made Camp Kenan the special place it is. It was an exhilarating conversation of old friends.  Goose really looked great and his sense of humor was just as good as ever.  Not bad for a man who, by his count, is 156 years old.  Goose also talked with great enthusiasm about still going to the Lockport YMCA to play games such as snaps.  I get the impression he doesn’t lose many of those games.  He really relishes his many friendships through the YMCA.  Goose returned the favor by giving Brad and me a personally signed book called Devotions, Morning Thoughts, & Other Camp Stories.  The book gave us the printed words to many of his most famous stories and camp songs from our youth.  I will treasure it as Kenan was the foundation of my YMCA career and passion for Christian ministry in my community.

Brad and I are only two of thousands of campers and staff whose lives was influenced by The Old Gray Goose.  He may be a legend in storytelling and song leading, but his influence on people’s lives is even more significant and remarkable.  One of the best things about being a mentor is when efforts are multiplied because the person being mentored goes on to help others, and they, in turn, help the people God puts in their paths.

I worked for the YMCA for 34 years in five different associations and have never met a man more genuinely devoted to the YMCA throughout his whole life.  He lives for the YMCA.  I know he is very gratified that camp and Y people look in on him, bring him meals and just stop to talk about YMCA memories.  I thank you all for giving such a treasure of a man the continued appreciation and friendship he so richly deserves.  God made him a special man and he lives in the community of Lockport, New York.

My book is secondary to the man named The Old Gray Goose.  I was proud to dedicate it to him.  I think God was telling me to do this, and I take my cues from Him. The book is not Camp Kenan stories, although my experiences at Camp Kenan was the original inspiration.  I could never compare to Goose in telling stories.  Instead, my book takes everyday life situations and develops a faith lesson from the story.  Then the lesson is backed up with easy to understand scripture references that confirm God’s guidance.  The book takes a soft entrance to each story but has a firm lesson at the end.  Most stories are designed more on adult issues, although some could be understood by children.  We live in a complex world where people need to know God has promises for them personally.  People of today need to live in today’s world, so the stories are written for today’s audience.  It is my hope and prayer people will include a spiritual part of their lives.  That is why I put together the book.

If you are interested in reading the book it is available directly from me ($18 with postage), from and as a Kindle download.  Here are the details:

The book is entitled 24/7: Stories of Faith from Everyday Life.  It is available as a Kindle download, from ( or from the author, Bruce Boyer, at

Goose and Bruce during Bruce's visit.
Members of the board met at Camp Kenan on May 22nd for the annual clean up of the Michael Tobin Memorial Chapel.  It is looking great and all ready for Sundays this summer! 

We are pleased to announce that two new volunteers were welcomed to the Board of Directors this year.  Thank you Kari and Emily for giving us your time and energy to help us reach our goals!
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