Warm from within this winter with a compassonate soul


June 4, 2015

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer." Albert Camus

How fabulous is that quote? While the rhetoric alludes to the weather, he is talking about so much more. How people who face challenges in life, rising above by reaching within and finding an invincible strength they never knew they had. Like so many of the street children and orphans the HOPE Foundation in Kolkata help. All they need is a helping hand, a starting point, a stepping stone.......

Which is where we come in. Here at Moeloco we love hearing the stories of change and triumph that come from India and we want to share the inspiration and hope even further with the launch of the Moeloco Club. Read more about it in this month's edition of Moeloco Moments by scrolling down. 

I'm also excited to share details of two focused young adults, Nicholas and James who have kicked off a fundraiser at the ripe old age of 10 and 11! 

This month's issue of Moeloco Moments will keep you warm from the inside out and get you dreaming crazy. Rug up, grab a cuppa and have a read. 



Moeloco Club Launch

It's all action stations as we put the finishing touches on this event happening on Tuesday 16 June. We are so excited to hear JP O'Sullivan, the Director of HOPE Foundation UK, present at the launch. Here is what he had to say about it. 

"It is an honour to be with a foundation which has a global focus. Geography does not affect our work, borders do not prevent us reaching out, we are HOPE for so many and so many bring HOPE back to us, daily, live from Kolkata.

I am very excited to be visiting Australia for the first time with Rosie Stroud, Chair of Hope UK to meet, Kathy Wong and the incredible Moeloco community supporting Kathy and Hope.” 

For more information and to buy your tickets click on the graphic below. 


Moeloco Kids! The future is in good hands (and feet) 

I was blown away when Nicholas and James, students at Knox Grammar School approached me to raise funds for HOPE Foundation with their Moeloco Walk for Kids fundraiser.  

As part of the school's Social Justice Program, students in Year 5 are asked to complete a 'Compassion in Action' Project. The students identify a specific benevolent organisation which they would like to assist by either raising money, awareness or giving their time to serve. 

Nicholas and James have chosen to do a 6km walk from Collaroy Beach to Dee Why Beach on Saturday 20th June at 2:00pm. You can sponsor their walk by purchasing a pair of Moeloco flip flops which of course also buys an orphan or street child in India a pair of school shoes through the HOPE Foundation. 

You can support Nicholas and James by clicking here to buy a pair of Moeloco flip flops. Please put in KNOX as your code so the boys can track their fundraising progress. 

Thanks Nicholas and James! What amazing young men you are. 


Stories of HOPE...

Don't forget the Moeloco blog is our online home of all things inspirational and ways to live a life of soul. Our blog is where all the crazy dreamers go to read about all the other crazy dreamers who are making a difference.....


Moeloco Unplugged

I unplugged on the weekend. A mini break with friends and family in Melbourne gave me an opportunity to nourish my soul, focus on self-care and step away from the challenges founding a social enterprise can bring. 

I love what I do. I am so bloomin' passionate about it that I find it can be all-encompassing sometimes. it's so hard to switch off. 

So I thought I would figuratively and literally switch off by unplugging from emails, social media (mostly ;-) and my work for a few days. The result? A newly re-invigorated soul entrepreneur ready to keep going and changing the pair of shoes at a time. 

Here's how unplugging benefited me:
  • Connection: I actually listened and spoke to people more intensely without one hand on my phone and one eye on my screen
  • Space: Suddenly there was space in my life to breathe, observe and chill out
  • Experience: food tasted better because we ate slow, laughter sounded louder because we laughed from our bellies and the world looked brighter because well....I was actually looking up and drinking it all in. 

May your winter be warmed from within by your soul and compassion. 

Dream crazy. 

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