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MARCH 31, 2015

The Duty of Self Care

We often talk about duty of care. It's a legal term but it extends so much beyond that, don't you think? A duty of care to our friends, neighbours, our fellow man. A duty of care to the earth and to mother nature. And of course, the duty of care we have to the children of the world which is the very foundations Moeloco is built upon. 

But what about the duty of care to ourselves? How often does that get lost in the mix or pushed down the priority list? 

It's been a busy start to the year and I myself have completely ignored the responsibility I have to keep my mind, body and spirit healthy. So today it changes! I will focus on nurturing myself, my emotional and physical health. I will carry out the duty of self care (see what I did there?) I have so I can thrive and keep moving along this heart-focused entrepreneurial pathway. 

Who's with me? 


Meet Xiaoli and Amanda...

I have been brought to tears by the energy, enthusiasm and belief our wonderful new ambassadors, Xiaoli Berroeta and Amanda Yeo have brought to the Moeloco vision. Both Year 11 students at Ravenswood Girls High School, I feel energised by the focus the younger generation have on giving to the world and living a life of kindness and empathy.

The wonderfully youthful voice of hope and change. We are in good hands.

Click here to read about Xiaolo and Amanda and our other wonderful Moeloco Ambassadors. 


Children of Hope Say Thank You

The children of Hope Foundation say thanks. We need another 40 or so pairs of Moeloco thongs sold peeps! Then we can send another 400 shoes across to these beautiful children. 

Let's make some more happy faces. 

Click here to order your pair of Moeloco's online right now. 

The Beauty of Harmony and Happiness

These are two of my favourite words. Ever! And last week we had the International Day of Happiness and Harmony Day too! Here's some tips on how to live happily and harmoniously. 

  • Practice kindness and compassion every day

  • Take your shoes off and squish your toes into the sand or earth

  • Give someone a compliment

  • Knock on your neighbour's door and say hi

  • Make a list of all you are grateful for in your life



Shine on

l am excited to say I am presenting at Shine ONE! Held on the 9th May at The Actor's Studio in Leichhardt, Sydney, Shine welcomes you to a day of dialogue, discussion, audience involvement, music, meditation, engagement and collaboration. Click here for more information and to reserve your ticket! Would love to see you there. 

Now as we wrap up this month's Moeloco Moments, remember to look after yourself as the days get shorter, the mornings crisper and the leaves fall. Taking time out and being kind to yourself will have you all the more prepared to practice gratitude and dole out compassion to those who truly need you. 

Dream crazy,

Kathy Wong
Chief Energy Officer and Founder


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