Happy New Year from Moeloco!
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JANUARY 22, 2015

Happy New Year from Dee Why Beach!

This year feels like a totally new energy has emerged and my personal intention is to just be in the flow and move with the natural state of being. I am rapidly changing my old paradigm, in order to succeed one must keep pushing to make things happen. I  am now a converted believer that in stillness lies action and answers. When I have been in a complete state of overwhelm I have always just tried to push through those barriers. Sometimes its perfectly Ok to not be Ok. When I have sat in the stillness and let go, new possibilities always came through.

Anyway, apart from this more gentle attitude to life, I am also now taking back my health which has always been my top value and yet I have not given myself the nurturing I needed. In doing so, I discovered something important for myself. Yes I can still be crazy and chase my dreams while still finding "me time"!

What are you changing this year?

Ok enough about me, here is some Moeloco news.

I was in complete ecstasy when The Hope Foundation agreed to collaborate with us and work as our Charity Partner. I cannot wait for the moment we are able to donate our first batch of shoes to the Hope orphans in India and thanks to your help it is going to be a big batch!


The Moeloco Beach Walk of Hope

On January 14, over 60 pairs of Moeloco Flip Flops were sighted walking with their owners, through the golden sands of Dee Why Beach, Sydney.

These happy feet were gathered to participate in our first Moeloco Beach Walk of Hope to celebrate our community and raise the awareness of our social cause work with Hope Foundation UK. We welcomed the day with a morning stretch under the guidance of our lovely yoga teacher, Eliza Giles and we were sung to by 11 year old Holly Moore, singing Let it Be, partly in Indian.

Our positive footprints of love, happiness, peace and dreams were left along the beach as we all enjoyed our morning walk. After completing our walk we were greeted with a lovely breakfast from our good friends Katja and Ryan Girdler of Girdlers cafe at Dee Why Beach.
Take a look at our beautiful video of the event.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous support : G Brothers, Girdlers Cafe, Style Communications, Mona Vale, Lululemon Athletica Mosman, Naked Paleo, Wotnot Naturals, BiteSmart, Maskd, Metime please, Change Mate, Sinchies, Coconut Love, CoShea Skincare, Kfilms, White Owl Photography.


400 Children Soon Receiving New Shoes!

Just before Christmas we sent our first donation to our charity partner, Hope Foundation UK. We wanted part of the 400 shoes being ordered to reach the children needing shoes to start the new school year.

The shoes which you have all purchased, through Moeloco, on behalf of hundreds of the children will make a lifechanging difference. While shoes, to many of us, are everyday accessories, to the street children of Kolkata, they are live saving luxuries. The shoes will be distributed to the children in the HOPE Homes, children in HOPE’s education centres and to families in the slums whose children wade through human waste, toxic waters and cesspools on a daily basis to get from A to B.

Moeloco reminds us to always dream crazy - thanks to your support, many street children in Kolkata will now have their dreams realised. Children who live in rural Bengal often have to walk miles to attend school, if they are not engaged in child labour. Without shoes, this is quite simply very dangerous. Walking through snake infested fields, across dust tracks and around local reservoirs, the children run a high risk of picking up infections from the ground beneath them.

These children will be provided with shoes along with children who live on the indo-bangladeshi border, an area with high incidence of human trafficking. Keep watching this space and our
Facebook page for the next update on the shoes journey.


Our Charity Partner ,The Hope Foundation UK

The Hope Foundation has been working with street children since 1999 in the city of Kolkata (Calcutta). When we talk about street children there are a number of communities whom we include in this group - children who live on pavements, with or without a cover to protect them from the elements, and also children who are street-involved.

Street involved refers to children whose homes are within the vast slums of Kolkata, many of which are illegal and who live with the daily danger of their homes being demolished.

The children whom HOPE work with include children whose parents are not in a position to care for them safely on the streets. Many of the children run a high risk of being trafficked and sold into the sex trade as their parents do not have the financial means to take proper care of them. In these incidences, HOPE's mobile child protection team visit the child in their home (on the pavement) and carry out a home assessment. If their homeplace is considered not child protection friendly, the child will be supported towards a protection home and positive healthcare by HOPE. Other children whom HOPE works with are those rescued from trafficking environments, it is now estimated that India is home to the highest number of trafficked people in the world.

A lucrative industry, trafficking sees on average, 30 thousand children trafficked into Kolkata on an annual basis for work in the sex trade, as domestic servants and for organ harvesting. HOPE works 24/7 to rescue children from these shadows.

Orphaned children in Kolkata- children whose parents have passed away, find their long term homes with HOPE. Whilst every effort is made by HOPE to reunite a child with extended family, this is not always possible. At present HOPE runs 10 protection homes for children who are orphaned or rescued. There are over 800 children to care for on a daily basis.

Thank you again for helping us make a positive change in the lives of these children.


Retail Bricks and Mortar Stockists

Since we last were in touch, we are very happy that a number of stockists have joined us to spread the love.  Heres our list of offline stockists:

Power Living Yoga Studio Neutral Bay

Power Living Yoga Studio Manly

Power Living Yoga Studio Bondi Beach

Illie Home and Gift

Epoch Design Co

You can find the details for each of these stores on our website

If you want to see our Moelocos in a store near you let us know and we would be happy to talk to these retailers.

Until we meet again, I will leave you with this little inspiration.

Dream crazy,

Kathy Wong
Chief Energy Officer and Founder




The Children of Hope

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