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From the Senior Pastor

Dear Beloveds,


Last week I shared some of the outdoor activities of the ArtSmart Summer camp ministry — and described our introductory tour around the various gardens that surround Luther Place.


This week I invite you to consider one type of insect that we are studying and observing in the gardens - bees!


The beginnings of our pollinator garden, which is one of the spaces children are co-creating this month,  already hosts a large plant called “Joe Pye Weed.”  Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium purpureum) is a perennial, a plant that comes up every year, and it grows in a big upright clump that is several feet tall.  It has thick stems and the dark green leaves can grow up to a foot long! The flowers bloom in large clusters and they have a sweet vanilla scent that attracts pollinators.


The flowers on this plant are large and have a rosy purplish color that made it into the "favorite color" category this week!


The Joe Pye Weed plant stands almost 6 feet tall and when you move close, it seems to buzz… As we watched the plant, there were between 10-20 bees flying around the plant landing and taking off from flower after flower as they were collecting pollen.


It was challenging to come up with a bee count for all the movement!


What the children observed is the different types of bees, from the sleeker honey bee to the big rounded bumble bee, and there may have been others. The bumblebee bees were so attractive to the children that one child wondered aloud if they could pet the bumblebee. 


This week’s facts about bees is that there are 25,000 different types of bees around the world with 4,000 types in the United States. Those numbers got our attention!


The slow practice of observing nature move fast was a gift we shared outside in community this past week.



The Magnolia tree teaches this week about sharing space in creation.


The tree we keep coming back to seems to invite us humans to spend time in creation observing movement, stillness, color, sound beauty and more…


A wondering question that we use in spiritual direction is, "where is God in all of this?" And when we take this question to creation, it can lead us to receive that it makes humanity caretakers of creation, and more — we humans are part of creation.


We are members of an earth community, and we can experience this in small ways with one large magnolia tree and its garden companions in downtown DC.


Thank you to all of you who are supporting the ArtSmart Camp and the Sacred Commons gardening efforts. Thank you to the children who are helping some of us adults slow down and notice God in creation.  


Thank you, God.  May your grace continue to lead and guide us.

in Christ,
Pastor Karen Brau

Coming up...
Outdoor Holy Communion, July 18, 1:30 PM

If rainy weather is still in the forecast Sunday morning, we will shift the service to the basement (masks required and available) and let people in through the N St. door.

LP 2.0 Wednesday, July 21, 7PM EDT
This meeting will be facilitated by Council President, Ben Brown, as we continue to prepare for reopening and implement shared building use guidelines. Please
contact Ben if you would like to attend this meeting for the first time, in order to receive the Zoom link.
Saturday Night Compline

Join us for Saturday Night Compline OUTSIDE with Pastor Karen TOMORROW, July 17th at 9PM by the Martin Luther statue.

Adult Spiritual Formation
Join Pastor Karen and Justin Fitch for Bible Study as we continue to pay attention to how God's image is constructed. During the month of July, Adult Spiritual Formation will begin at 9:15 am on Zoom to root deeper in this topic.
Contact Justin if you would like the Zoom link
Faith Formation Calendar
The attached Pentecost calendar contains resources to support your household's faith formation with recordings, scheduled offerings, and additional activity instructions. Look here to listen to upcoming Bedtime stories, Liturgy at Home, Saturday School, and Compline.

Saturday School
Saturday School will be offered LIVE with Amanda Saturday morning at 10am on Facebook live. Check out last weekend’s recording here
Teen Meetups
For more information on biweekly teen gatherings, please email

Pentecost Faith Formation Bags
If you haven't received your home faith formation bag to support your households spiritual education during the season of Pentecost, please email Amanda or Pastor Karen to discuss an alternate pickup or delivery time.
Liturgy at Home
Join Pastor Karen Friday afternoons on Facebook Live for Liturgy at Home
Ward 2 Mutual Aid
Email to get involved! You can also view packing and delivery shifts here. 

Ward 2 Mutual Aid provides outreach to nearby encampments of unhoused folks. Help them secure much needed supplies through their Amazon Wish List


Immigration advocacy groups including Faith in Action are urging all to call on their Congressional representatives to create a pathway to citizenship for millions of essential workers and their families, Dreamers, and TPS holders in the upcoming jobs and infrastructure reconciliation bill. Senator Sanders has tentatively agreed to add these important immigrant citizenship provisions to the Senate bill his committee is drafting. Further information and talking points can be found at this link. Contact Gary Maring for any questions.
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Pastor Karen Brau
We offer our prayers
Prayers of gratitude for all who have served so faithfully in congregation council leadership. 

We ask for God's help in addressing the collective grief that exits for over 607,000 people dead in this nation and 4 million around the world from COVID-19.  Christ have mercy...

We celebrate all graduates!

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