How to use Google Forms to Collect Team Apparel Orders 

Collecting and organizing apparel orders can be a complicated and time consuming task. Luckily, the days of printing paper order forms, tracking down missing information and deciphering illegible handwriting as you type each size, color and name into a single document are over.  

Having an easy and automated way to keep track of orders can greatly reduce the hassle involved in getting your team or club outfitted with custom apparel.

Most of us are familiar with Google Docs and Sheets, but we may not be as well versed in Google Forms - and even if you are, you may not be aware of all the possible features. 

Lets Learn How!

1. Create your form

When you open Google Forms, hit the “Create” button to generate a new form.

2. Fill in your details


Title 👉 Fill in the name and description of your order form. Aim for a clear and concise title - something that tells people what Sports Club or Event the Apparel is for.

Description 👉You can fill in the form description beneath with any other information your recipients might find helpful, including order due dates, product information or when the apparel will be handed out.

Add Questions👉 Clicking on the + sign to the right of your first question will add another question. You can change the question format by selecting from the drop down menu.

You can add an item with any of the following answer formats: short answer, paragraph, lists, multiple choice, scale or grid. In this Case for Email Address/ Name and Phone Number the short answer format was used. 

Add as many questions as you need to gather all the important information.

3. Add Multiple Choice Questions 


The questions you ask and the order you ask them in may differ, but for questions like size and color, multiple choice or checkbox questions are the easiest route.

The first question should automatically generate as “Untitled Question.” To fill in the blanks, just click the text and type. You can change the format to adjust the question to Multiple Choice or checkbox on the right hand dropdown menu. Google Forms will make automated suggestions that you can use if you’re going with a standard size range, or you can manually edit or add each size.

Remember to slide the button to “required” (on the bottom right hand corner) for any questions you need recipients to answer.

*note: customer will only be able to select 1 size and quantity per form. If multiple sizes are required then it will be best to add a question, asking 'if there are any multiple sizes/quantity required, please specify' or customer can fill out multiple forms as required. 

4. Add Images 

While you don’t have to include images, adding photos to your form can show people the design they are going to order, as well as give additional information like fit and colour options.

There are three different options for adding images.

Add Image 👉You can add a large image to the entire form by clicking the picture icon to the right of your form. This allows you to add a heading and place the photo anywhere within the order form. Once your image is uploaded, you can then select the dotted icon on the left hand side to either align, change or delete the photo. 

If you’d like to add a photo tied to a specific question, float your cursor over the top title bar of the question you want to add to. Click the photo icon and upload your image.

You can also use add images to each answer by floating your cursor over the answer and clicking the image icon. Adding questions to each answer will reconfigure the answers into a grid.


5. EXTRA CREDIT: Change your theme


Standard survey just not your style? Click on the painter’s palette in the top bar to change your theme. You can also create your own by uploading a header image, choosing new theme and background colors and changing your font.

6. Adjust your settings to collect email addresses (and more)


Before you send out your form, take a moment to look over your settings, which you can access from the gear at the top of the page.

For your spreadsheet to include who ordered what shirt, you’ll need to check the box to “Collect Email Addresses” If you don’t do this, your responses will come back anonymously.

A few other things you might want to consider:

- If you’re sending from within a company email account to outside addresses, you’ll want to change the settings to make it available to edit for everyone.

- Limit one response if you don’t want people ordering twice

- Allow people to edit their responses after submitting can keep you from having to edit responses in the google sheet if someone makes a mistake or changes their mind.

7. Send it off!

You can send your form via email, facebook or twitter, or get a shareable link for other platforms (like mailchimp!) or an embedded link for your website. How you distribute your form is up to you!

If you’re adding in email addresses directly, you have the option of including the form in your email, which will be most convenient for your recipients. 


8. Collect your answers

When your responses start rolling in, you can see them by going to your form and clicking from “questions” to “responses.” From here you can create a spreadsheet (that will update as responses come in or change) and also turn off responses when your deadline has passed.

Now you’ll have an easy to use spreadsheet that will allow you to tally up the quantities and keep track of everyone’s order!

Click here to see Example of Full Order Form!

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