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Dear Lovely people

Looks a big shift in to the way how Tantra Movement School is going. Now we are go deeper in to longer retreats, intensive weekends... but still we are giving short workshops on some Tantra Full Moons Festivals... etc. Also do not forget that you may book us for private sessions, life, love, relationship and tantra couching and of course massages when we are around you.  Get some friends together and organize event - it's possible :)

And I will repeat from the last one: Lovely Roxana Rainbow Cioaza is sharing life with me and assisting workshops so is getting even more interesting :)

Like always with the newsletter I'm sending you a lot of unconditional - I love you all <3

Michal Marek Griks

My prayer :
¨... Thank you, beautiful energy of unconditional Love for flowing through me and guiding me. Thank you unconditional Love from the source to allow me to be a channel of this amazing energy. Thank you that you´re. Thank that I´m... ¨
7.6.15 Michal Marek Griks
1.Tantra Movement inspiring pictures
2.Proper Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement
.Neo Tantric Massage intensive weekend [NL]
4. Recommended tantra books. Compulsory to read during Tantra Movement Year Training [repeat]
5.Tantra Movement TV today: [repeat]

in Tantra and Sexuality:
Before Tantric Workshop.Michal Marek Griks at Rainbow Gathering Lithuania 2015
Natalia Rose and Margot Anand - Tantric Arts
In love songs:
DUNE hand in hand
New play list of unconditional love. Send me tips of your fever songs plz. Lets make it together :)
Enjoy :)
AD 1:

At the beginning traditionally some inspiring pictures from Tantra Movement facebook pages ( like us! :) When you are reading it probably we just passed 1000 Yoooppieee Congratulations for all of us - recommend, share, - join the movement a

AD 2:

Schedule. School Of Tantra Movement
Last update : 6.10.2015
We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly
14.10.15 introduction evening Kaunas (donation)
15.10.15 introduction evening Vilnius (donation)
17-18. 10.15 Two days retreat 1/3 first level in nature. - roll down for some English translation for rest use google (or other) translator

11.11.15 introduction evening Kaunas (donation)
12.11.15 introduction evening Vilnius (donation)
14-15. 11.15 Two days retreat 2/3 first level in nature.

3.12.15 introduction evening Kaunas (donation)
4.12.15 introduction evening Vilnius (donation)
5-6. 12.15 Two days retreat 3/3 first level in nature.

22.10.15 introduction evening Lasi (donation)
23-25. 10.15 Three days retreat 1/3 first level in nature.

check - for now use the google translation
Every wednesday - Now Holiday break. 18.00- 21.30 Tipografiei nr. 21 ap. 2 Cluj Napoca weekly meetings of Tantra Movement Romania group. I´m, Michal Marek Griks there always in wensdays around the events when I´m in Romania, so recently pretty often :)

All courses in Romania are in English translated in to Romanian.
Some more fresh updates you may find at fb Tantra Movement Romania group:
Use google translator if needed

Tantra Movement Year Training:
more details about year training you may find here:


then every first weekend of the month

Tantra Movement School again on Tantra Festival in Rotterdam
31 october Djoj, Antony Duyklaan 5-7, 3051 HA Rotterdam.

Tantra Full Moon Festival in Amsterdam
28 november
Broedplaats HW10
Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, 1065 AS Amsterdam, Netherlands

12-14 february

AD 3:

Neo Tantric Massage intensive weekend


[Nederlandse vertaling beneden]

This Tantric Massage Intensive weekend workshop is for couples and all people who are willing to work together

~ from Friday 06.11.2015 11.00 till Sunday 08.11.2015 19.00

Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
Price and booking:
150 E per person, 290 E per couple. Amount of the free places at that moment is up to 4, so to make sure better to book quickly. Booking before november give you 10 E discount.
You could transfer the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank

Neo Tantric Massage was the first massage introduced to the West with inherent tantric principles. It was in the 1960s that Kenneth Ray Stubbs first started to add massage of intimate parts of the body in his massage practice.

My other great inspirations have been Margo Anand and Marjanne Hurks.

Other important principles included in Neo Tantric Massage are:
- no goal
- awareness; being here and now
- using sexual energy and moving it upwards, transforming it instead of releasing it (and losing it, as would be the goal in erotic massage)
- the presence of love

The Neo Tantric Massage workshop is conducted in two parts, where the second part is differs according to gender.

1.Intro - full body massage when we prepare the energy for the things to come...
2. a) Yoni massage
    b) Lingam massage

Yoni and lingam massages are used in different ways in other types of tantric massage.
There many important reasons for massaging the genitals.
Thankful yoni and lingam massage you may explore much higher types of orgasms and ecstasy than typical peak orgasm.  You may compare it as kindergarten to university :)

Beside being a great source of pleasure, yoni massage can be a great source of healing for woman. There are many points where past memories are stored, along with emotional pain, conditioning, prejudices, anxieties, fears, angers, etc. Most of them are highly connected to our sexuality.

Lingam massage, especially when done in the neo tantric way, gives men a great opportunity to learn, exercise and experience the receiving part of his being. This, together with bringing upward energy and ecstasy, can open his heart – something very much needed in today's world not only by men but by women (as well as for more beautiful lovemaking).

It's not commonly known that the yoni and lingam are the most reflexologically active zones in the human body. By stimulating its different parts we are bringing health to all
parts of the body.

This is why for me, one of the most important aspects of Neo Tantric Massage is to do it from the heart.

This intensive weekend is part of Tantra Movement Year Training. More about whole course you may find out here:

Don't hesitate to ask the questions ,

You may check updates share and invite your friends here:

Basic time schedule of the weekend
19.00 - 22.30 Intro open evening about the subject of the weekend . Theory and Practise
Saturday and Sunday:
11.00 - 12.00 Morning class ( Kunadalini Yoga, Chakra breathing by Roxana Rainbow Cioaza, Osho Meditation or Tantra Kriya Yoga )
12.30 - 16.00 I workshop
16.00 - 17.00 Lunch break
17.00 - 20.30 II workshopAfter weekend you may be honored with School of Tantra Movement Neo Tantric Massage Certificate.
Bring organic cocos oil and towel if you can.
Don't hesitate to ask the questions ,
Sending email means confirming your reservation.


[ Nederlandse vertaling ]
Deze workshop is voor koppels en / of mensen die bereid zijn om samen te werken, dus als je single bent je nog steeds meedoen.
Van Vrijdag 06.11.2015 19.00 tot Zondag 08.11.2015 20.30

Il Cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam

150 Euro per persoon, 290 per koppel. Hoeveelheid vrije plaatsen op het moment is tot 5, dus zorg ervoor snel te boeken. Boeken voor 11.2015 geeft je 10 Euro korting.
Je kunt het bedrag overmaken naar Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethische bank
Neo Tantrische Massage was de eerste massage die geïntroduceerd werd in het westen met tantrische principes erin. Het was in de jaren 60 dat Kenneth Ray Stubbs voor het eerst massage van intieme delen van het lichaam aan zijn massage praktijk toevoegde.

Mijn andere grote inspiraties zijn Margo Anand en Marjanne Hurks.
Andere belangrijke principes van Neo Tantrische Massage zijn:
- geen doel
- bewustzijn; hier en nu zijn
- seksuele energie gebruiken en het naar boven bewegen, het transformeren in plaats van het los te laten en kwijt te raken (zoals het doel zou zijn bij erotische massage)
 - de aanwezigheid van liefde
De Neo Tantrische Massage workshop is verdeeld in twee delen, waarbij het tweede deel verschilt per geslacht.
1. Intro - volledige lichaamsmassage wanneer we de energie voorbereiden voor de dingen die komen…
2. a) Yoni massage
    b) Lingam massage
Yoni en lingam massages worden op andere manieren gebruikt bij andere soorten tantrische massage. Er zijn veel belangrijke redenen voor het masseren van de genitaliën.
Dankzij yoni en lingam massage kun je hogere soorten orgasme en extase onderzoeken dan het typische piekorgasme, wat je zou kunnen vergelijken als een crèche ten opzichte van een universiteit :)
Naast een grote bron van plezier, kan yoni massage de grootste bron van heling zijn voor vrouwen. Er zijn daar veel punten waar vroegere herinneringen opgeslagen liggen, tezamen met emotionele pijn, conditioneringen, vooroordelen, zorgen, angsten, boosheden, etc. De meeste daarvan zijn enorm verbonden met onze seksualiteit.
Lingam massage, vooral wanneer het op neo tantrische wijze gedaan wordt, geeft mannen een prachtige kans om te leren, te oefenen en het ontvangende deel van hun wezen te ervaren. Dit, tezamen met het naar boven brengen van energie en extase, kan het hart van de man openen – iets wat in de hedendaagse wereld heel erg nodig is, niet alleen voor mannen maar ook voor vrouwen en om mooi de liefde te bedrijven.
Het is niet algemeen bekend dat de yoni en lingam de meest reflexologische zones in het menselijk lichaam zijn. Door de verschillende delen ervan te stimuleren brengen we gezondheid naar alle delen van het lichaam.
Voor mij is een van de belangrijkste aspecten van Neo Tantrische Massage om het vanuit het hart te doen.
Deze weekend is onderdeel van Tantra Movement Year Training. Lees hier meer over de hele cursus:
Hier kun je kijken voor updates, delen en je vrienden uitnodigen:

Breng organische kokosolie en een handdoek als je kan.
Basis tijdschema van het weekend
19.00 -22.30 Intro open avond over het onderwerp van het weekend.
Zaterdag en Zondag:
11.00 – 12.00 Ochtendklas (Kundalini Yoga, Chakra ademhaling door Roxana Rainbow Cioaza, Osho Meditatie of Tantra Kriya Yoga)
12.30 – 16.00 I workshop
16.00 – 17.00 Lunchpauze
17.00 – 20.30 II workshop
Voor vragen schroom niet te mailen naar

AD 4:

Recommended tantra books. Compulsory to read during Tantra Movement Year Training

Here is the full list:
Don't forget that tantric books are not only to read but to study, exercise and live through them ! Enjoy !
Very often our students are asking us what books we recommend. This are the most important and most inspiring for me. As well those are compulsory books to study for Tantra Movement School Year Training1.The Art of Sexual Extasy. - tantra bible
Till now this is the first choice. Great manual to study and to practise. For me is like bible ;)

AD 5:
Tantra Movement TV today:

in Tantra and Sexuality:

Before Tantric Workshop.Michal Marek Griks at Rainbow Gathering Lithuania 2015

Natalia Rose and Margot Anand - Tantric Arts

In love songs:

DUNE hand in hand

New play list of unconditional love. Send me tips of your fever songs plz. Lets make it together :)

Enjoy :)
School Of Tantra introduces You to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. Its expanding You to the deepest and the highest levels of love and ecstasy through working on all dimensions possible to You...
Love and light
Michal Marek Griks