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about the consent workshop

During the Zoukdreams Holland Weekend we will host a workshop/course with the name: Consent, Connection and Spirituality.

Of course there are many things to say about this particular activity: the workshops leaders, Roger, Lilu and Jasper, are facilitators of the much-talked-about Tantra into Zouk weekends. The latter title raises eyebrows, especially with some of the audience who are mostly interested into technical Zouk skills. In some cases people sent me messages, mostly not based on inside information.

For now, everybody should know the workshop/course at Zoukdreams only offers 'soft skills' for the dancing with a focus on consent.

Consent is: "to agree to do or allow something - to give permission for something to happen or be done".

Are you still there?... Basically it means to agree, doesn't it? How I see consent applies to dancing:
  • initiation of a dance;
  • distance between two people;
  • choice of specific movements;
  • amount of force in the leading;
  • circumstances for other touch;
  • energy;
  • eye contact;
  • and probably a dozen other things.
But it goes even a step further, somebody being refused for a dance wil also need to accept the rejection. This means ideally there should be consent on not to dance as well. Which explains how a rude "no" feels not good. Well, i won't bother you about any more pitfalls... It's time to move on.

This whole consent topic is of course becoming critical in case of intentions, feelings or anything which goes against the Zoukdreams code of conduct (or in Dutch: gedragsregels).

However, i want to focus on the positive side. I am a dancer who likes both fast and slow, both strong and soft. I love music, this is what takes me into the dance. It also creates a sort of trance. That's why I decided to use the name zoukDREAMS for these events. I think this trance/dream experience is one of the most beautiful and powerful elements of Brazilian Zouk. And I am sure many people experience it.

Some (big) parties have this amazing vibe, which cause being pulled in a dream immediately. To reach the real trance experience though, it creates connection. Connection is the next step after consent; real connection is trust. It is both trust from the follower to be safe, and the trust from the leader not to be misunderstood.

The result at best is an experience which can go beyond trance or dreaming. I would call it spiritual. That's why this workshop is about: "Consent, Connection and Spirituality".

Especially if you don't know anything about it, please come and participate. Consent is the most important soft skill in dancing. Knowledge can help to understand past experiences, or unleash potential and new possibilities. Maybe it will pave your way for better dancing!

Presale prices now: a full pass for only €85 or a party pass for only €29.
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