COVID-19 and the Holiday period  

With the new Avalon COVID-19 cluster it is important that as a community we are up to date with all coronavirus restrictions and information and that we reinforce guests to check in, to keep a safe distance and sanitise.  Some important and helpful information can be obtained from the following Apps;
* COVIDSafe App
* Coronavirus Australia App
* The Australian government WhatsApp channel

Some types of gatherings, activities and businesses have been restricted in Australia to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Find out what you can and can't do in your state or territory by clicking here 

To find out information about COVID in NSW click here 


Jindabyne Covid Testing Clinic

To book your free test call Southern NSW helpline on 1800 999 880 (option 1). 

If you’re feeling unwell with any symptoms like fever, sore/scratchy throat, head ache, fatigue, aches and pains, runny nose, loss of smell, loss of taste, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite cough or breathing issues – is urged to call Southern NSW helpline 1800 999 880 (option 1) to book a free COVID-19 test and self isolate. 
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Also in this newsletter: 

  • Upcoming Events 
  • Candlelight Live Music, Events and opening hours
  • House of Ullr live music 
  • Snowies Iconic walk project 
  • Snowy Mountains Magazine Update 
  • Dining Guide 

Upcoming Events 

14th of Jan

  • Candlelight Live music on the Deck-

Live music featuring Jock every Thursday and Sunday from 3-6pm


15th Of Jan

  • Cascades Deck Sessions-

Kick off the weekend with Cascades Deck Sessions! Every Friday from 3PM – 6PM soak up the mountain vibes on the deck with your favourite cocktail.

  • Twilight Tunes at the Alpine bar and Local Pub. Mark Travers -

Mark Travers is a Thredbo favourite thanks to his energetic acoustic sessions and popular covers. Travers has been entertaining crowds in Thredbo since 91’ and will be bringing the good vibes to the Alpine Bar on Friday 15 January from 4PM – 7:30PM.


16th Of Jan

  • Twilight Tunes at the Alpine bar and Local Pub. H-Cee Family -

H-Cee Family are local favourites from Canberra. With influences from reggae, roots, country and RnB the H-Cee Family are known for their smooth blend of harmonies, their creative mixes and catchy original tunes. Check them out on the Local Pub deck on Saturday 16 January from 4PM – 7:30PM.

  • Azlan Live at the House of Ullr from 4pm -

The little master is back at Ullr with 5 gigs through January starting on Saturday Jan 9th & 10th Fun for all the family. Mad Mexican Restaurant + very cool Cocktail & drinks bar.



17th Of Jan

  • Gravity Series 2: Ricochet Rumble. Race time 1.30pm

Presented by FOX & Kosciuszko Pale AleLet’s get ready to Rumble!With the first round in the books, racers will know who to look out for at the start line before throwing in the pedal strokes to get more points in the bank. Ricochet Rumble is your chance to turn up the speed dial and push the limits on Ricochet and Home Run.

  • Gravity Series 3: Pump Track from 5pm

Presented by FOX & Kosciuszko Pale AleIt’s time to get your pump on!Momentum is key as racers generate as much speed as possible without a single pedal stroke. From the start mound you will be unweighting through a series of perfectly placed rollers, tables and doubles. The fastest lap time will see you take the honours at the crowd-pleasing Pump Track Party.

  • Mark Travers and DJ Caleb at the Alpine bar

To celebrate the Gravity Series Mark Travers and DJ Caleb are bringing the tunes to Thredbo.Head to the Alpine Bar on Sunday 17 January from 3pm – 6:30pm for live music by Mark Travers and from 6:30pm for the Gravity Series round 2 and 3 presentations plus beats from DJ Caleb. DJ Caleb will also be spinning tunes at the Pump Track Party from 4:30pm – 6pm!

  • Azlan Live at the House of Ullr from 4pm -

The little master is back at Ullr with 5 gigs through January starting on Saturday Jan 9th & 10th Fun for all the family. Mad Mexican Restaurant + very cool Cocktail & drinks bar.


Coming up next week:


- Yoga and Wellness Retreat

- Kids MTB camps

- Twilight Tunes

- Australian Wine Dinner

- Live Music at candlelight lodge

- Azlan Live at the House of Ullr



Candlelight Lodge - Live Music on the Deck 

Candlelight lodge will have live music featuring Jock and food and drink specials on Thursday and Sunday nights. 

Click here for more information


House of Ullr Live Music 

The little master is back at the House of Ullr with 5 gigs throughout January 
Fun for all the family. Mad Mexican Restaurant + very cool Cocktail & drinks bar. 
This Saturday the 16th From 4pm & Sunday the 17th from 2pm. 





Snowies Iconic Walk Project 

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is delivering the largest investment in visitor infrastructure in its history. In total, the NSW Government has committed over $238 million to implement more than 175 visitor infrastructure projects across NSW. The Snowies Iconic Walk is the working title for a $17 million Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund project to build an exceptional multi-day trek across the alpine roof of Australia in Kosciuszko National Park. We hope you enjoy this update.


Mount Lee Walkway


The Mount Lee steel mesh walkway was finished on time and on budget last year and is open to walkers. The purpose of these works was to realign 1.7 kilometres of the Main Range walk to protect one of the rarest plant communities in the world, the windswept feldmark, which is a critically endangered ecological community. The first stage of rehabilitation of the old track has now been completed using organic coir matting for moisture retention, erosion control and to encourage natural regeneration.



New Walkway from Guthega to Charlottes Pass


Now that the snow has melted, construction is again underway on stage 2 of the Snowies Iconic Walk project between Illawong (near Guthega) and Charlotte Pass. The new section of track is approximately 5.6 kilometres long and will offer a well-graded walk of steel mesh, rock paving and gravel. The new walk will showcase expansive views of the Snowy River and Main Range. Construction of the track by Steelworks Engineering is well-advanced and the installation of the bridge over Spencers Creek will commence in early 2021. The track remains closed and visitors are requested to avoid the area whilst works are undertaken. The track is expected to be opened to walkers in late April 2021. The Illawong walk is currently open, but walkers may encounter delays over summer with helicopter operations in the area and some minor track upgrades.


Charlottes Pass to Perisher vis Porcupine Rocks


Work has now commenced on this new section of track to link Charlotte Pass and Perisher Valley villages (via Porcupine walk). The new track will commence near the Charlotte Pass Resort and will set out towards the Ramshead Range where it will continue across the top of the escarpment through to Porcupine Rocks. The track will then continue onto Porcupine walk through to Perisher Village. This section of track is planned to be completed before mid-2022.

Porcupine walk is a 2.8km (one-way) grade 3 track that takes walkers from Perisher to Porcupine Rocks for breathtaking views of the Thredbo Valley and Main Range. The track follows Rock Creek before steadily climbing through open woodland to around 1900m - the beginning of the alpine zone. As it climbs higher, wet heath and alpine mint bush give way to hardy snowgrass, snow gums and rock boulders.

The new track will generally be constructed of rock paving (as shown on left) which is extremely durable, will not erode, blends with the local natural surroundings and will not shift due to forces of moving snow‐loads.Elevated steel mesh boardwalks will be constructed where required to avoid impacts on sensitive habitats that support threatened species and ecological communities such as alpine reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and bog communities.A hardened gravel surface will be used in flat dry areas for improved comfort, durability and walkability.The Porcupine walk will remain open during this time, but some minor delays may be experienced during upgrade works planned for late 2021 and early 2022.

Perisher to bullocks Flat


Stage four of the project envisions a new track starting at Perisher Valley then heading south across the plateau before traversing downslope to meet the existing Bullocks track near Lake Crackenback Resort. Totalling 11.5 kilometres, this section is currently being planned and costed. A detailed analysis of several route options, including field investigations to identify threatened species and Aboriginal heritage, has been completed. The final alignment will maximise the visitor experience, minimise environmental and heritage impacts and reduce construction costs. The track will mainly have a natural surface with rock paving at the higher elevations and as steps on steeper sections. Construction dates are yet to be announced.


Seamans Hut Toilet


Seamans Hut is a scenic spot to stop and refuel along the Mount Kosciuszko Summit walk. The new toilet at Seamans Hut will cater for the increasing numbers of Summit trail walkers from early 2021 and will also cater for back country adventures during the winter period.



New Year - New Website


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021

While everyone might have been on holidays, we have been busy launching our brand new website.

The website is designed to be the one stop for all tourist information and travel ideas, plus regular news in between printed editions and of course you can read our digital edition online as well.


In addition we will publish key local council and government news.

Stage 1 is nearly complete hosting pages for all regular advertisers.

Stage 2 will be complete by end of March with more travel idea content.

Stage 3 we have some exciting news leading into winter.

Take a peek and we hope you like it......


Advertiser Bonus

All regular advertisers receive a complimentary page on the website.

So not only will we reach more people via print, we will now be in touch with those who live in the digital world.

The end result is we can promote your business to more people than any other tourist publication in the region through multiple channels.


Next Edition Autumn 2021


Booking Deadline Wednesday January 13.

We are now working on our next edition and have all our regular advertisers booked in.

There are still places available, so if you would like to promote your business for the busy Autumn, Easter, School Holiday period, reply to the email or call Steve Cuff now on 0418 620 651.

Ad Material is due Monday 18 January for all advertisers.

We have packages to suit all advertisers and happy to discuss yearly packages that include the website.

Autumn edition is on stands February 18.






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