Thredbo Fire Warnings Updatee.

Thredbo Thursday 9th January  2.30pm

Hi Everyone,

This is the latest update from Euan Diver regarding village access over the weekend.

Due to the expected weather and fire conditions for Friday, KT has made the decision that all our non-essential staff and contractors will not be required at work in Thredbo for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our staff with accommodation in Thredbo and residents are allowed to stay in their accommodation. 
The resort remains closed to guests but we are working with NPWS and RFS on a plan for getting the resort open as soon as it is safe to do so.
So, in short, it is up to the individual groups to make the call regarding their team members.  We are saying Sat & Sun as well, not because of the fire risk as it will be low, but more that as there is nothing happening and the team members that we’d normally have working have limited work anyway.



Hi Everyone,

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