Thredbo Chamber Update 

Thank you to all who donated and turned up to the community BBQ on Saturday. It was a fun day for all and we are pleased to say that we raised $323 that will go to the Cancer council. It is important that we get together as a community and even better when it is for a good cause so thank you to all! 

A special Thank you to; 
* Melray Meats Cooma 
* Thredbo Foodworks 
* The Bakery and Thredbo Alpine Hotel 
* The Black Bear Inn 


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  • RedCycle recycling 
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  • Flu shots 



Thredbo Update

 Skiing and snowboarding...LET'S GO! We can't wait to kick off the winter season next week from 12 June.
Join us for the Opening Weekend celebrations and enjoy a huge line-up of events, live music, light projections, ice sculpture carving and more. Click below to check out the celebrations.
We’ve also announced our new winter 2021 Thredbo Snow Ambassadors! This season Gold Medal Olympians to Local Ambassadors are calling Thredbo their training ground and playground. We're stoked to help these athletes achieve their dreams on snow. Click below to find out more about this year’s ambassadors.
See you on the slopes!


Opening Weekend Celebration
This Years Ambassadors

This week in Thredbo and the Snowy Mountains 

Thursday the 3rd of June  

* Raglan Art award exhibition 

Friday the 4th of June  

* Yulefest at Valhala Perisher 

Saturday the 5th of June 

* Yulefest at Valhala Perisher 

* Jindabyne hall markets

* CWA Markets on the green 

* Winter Bites festival Tumbarumba 

Sunday the 6th of June 

* Yulefest at Valhala Perisher 

* Tumut River Brewery Tours

* Beer, Wine, Tapas and all that Jazz 

Coming up next week; 

* Tumut River Brewery
* Yulefest at Valhalla Perisher 
* Winter Opening weekend 
* Cooma railway fresh produce markets 

Thredbo Events
Snowy Mountains Events

Recycling of soft plastics  

Did you know that soft plastic such as GLAD wrap, bubble wrap, snack wrappers and cereal box liners cannot be placed in Thredbo's regular yellow recycling bags. Soft plastics need to be disposed of separately. 

Plastic cannot biodegrade – it breaks down into smaller pieces and accumulates in the environment. Wildlife including fish and birds are threatened by ingesting and becoming entangled in plastics that drift into their habitat. Plastic particles also accumulate in landfill where toxic chemicals may seep into groundwater and downstream water sources. It is estimated that around eight million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year!

As consumers, we need to acknowledge the problem and rethink our consumption of plastics. There are many plastic waste hierarchy’s on the web, but they all have the 4 R's in common.

Refuse single use plastics wherever possible – when grocery shopping purchase loose items not packaged in plastic, bring your own reusable bags and containers for takeaway food.

Reduce your plastic footprint – choose products that contain less plastic packaging and fewer plastic parts – what happens to those products at their end-of-life?

Reuse existing products where possible – glass and stainless steel are long-lasting, durable, healthier alternatives to plastic. If you do end up with plastic containers, you may be able to re-purpose them (storing seeds for the garden, nuts and bolts in the shed)

Recycling programs are struggling to keep up with the massive amounts of plastics they receive. Recycling is a band-aid solution rather than a prevention – and should be considered only if you cannot refuse or reuse. There are REDcycle programs across Australia for soft plastics, and most hard plastics can be recycled. 

The good news is that you can collect your soft plastics and drop them off to the collection point at Woolworths in Jindabyne or Cooma. 

Help keep our beautiful mountain environment plastic free! 

What to RedCycle
Visit RedCycle website

Melray Meats   

Melray Meat is a local Cooma business servicing restaurants, bars and Cafes in the Snowy Mountains area. Melray has great fresh meat that could be a real asset to your business this winter. Find a product list below or for more information;

ph: 02 6452 5260

Product List

Free Webinars for small business   


Yes, it's JUNE already and with another COVID outbreak occurring in Victoria as we speak, we decided to devote this month to taking care of both yourself and your business.  Whether that be by helping you in your personal development or simply keeping you, your customers and your business safe in these challenging times.

For example, this month, we explore topics such as procrastination and practical steps on how to avoid procrastination as well as how to remain positive and successful in your business and personal life, during these very trying times.

Also, given that cyber criminals are taking advantage of the uncertainties and the rapid changes that are being caused by the pandemic, particularly as we try to pivot our businesses online, we have some practical tips (and NEW webinars, see below),  that can help you keep these undesirables at bay.

Finally, as always, we are here and equipped to help if you need our assistance. 

Click here for more information

Develop your e-commerce strategy 


Free assistance to develop your e-commerce strategy, if you are a NSW
small or medium size business, that is looking to export.

Calling all small to medium enterprises looking to grow your international/export operations online or expand your existing online business into new markets, exporting products or services.

Starting 3 June, a transformative capability development program for NSW businesses will assist you develop or refine your e-commerce strategy. The free program includes:
  • Workshop series: online webinars providing capability and knowledge in eight sequential chunks of one hour each
  • Business e-commerce readiness assessment: conduct a rapid self-assessment. The results will allow participants to plot actions.
  • Mentoring: access to a business mentor to help develop a tailored e-commerce strategy, leveraging all components of the program.
  • Incentive and credentialing: participants to get access to the trust mark Safe.Shop 

Click here for more information

Flu Shot 

The Flu shot is now available.
Thredbo Medical Centre Tuesday's 
9am to 10.30am
Snowy Mountains Medical Centre, Nuggets Crossing 
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 
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