Thredbo Blues Festival Updatee.
Thredbo Blues Update

Hi Everyone.
I hope you are getting settled back in and cleaning up  after last weeks excitement.    We are waiting with some anticipation on news regarding the fires and the potential to re-open the village in time to hold the Thredbo Blues Festival which is due to start in just over a weeks time.  

The venues in the village are all keen to get the event running if the green light comes through to open the village.  I am just sending this message to check that accommodation operators are also able to respond and be ready to go. Along with KT and the NPWS we hope to make a decision to either run or cancel the event by the end of the week.  Please send a quick email to advise on your readiness to open if the approval comes through.  

In regards to the many cancellation enquiries you may be receiving for the Blues Festival, it is your call as to how you respond.  In our business we  have been advising people that we are still hopeful of being able to run the event and ask for their patience over the next few days while a final determination is made.   In relation to future cancellation requests for the Australia Day period and beyond, we have been taking the same approach.  

Good luck and please let me know if you are ready go if  Thredbo Blues is on.  


Ian Foster

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