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Fingers crossed for a big snow weekend

The 2020 season is a classic roller coaster ride of Big Snowfalls, warm wet and worrying weather and then back to more snow.  We have had some good cold conditions over the past few days and the current forecast for the weekend is for heavy snowfalls down to village level.  This is an easterly system so that could change to the wetter side if the temperatures climb.  

The increasingly strict Queensland Border closures have had some impact on bookings with a more cancellations from our beloved  guests from the far north who don't like the idea of  a 14 day quarantine on top of their holiday.  New bookings  continue to come  in from NSW and if the weekend does bring snow that should continue.

As things tighten on the COVID front it is more important than ever to be vigilant with your team.  Any one with symptoms, even mild ones should get tested and isolate.  See information below from Jeff Standen on how to manage this.  

Also in this update links to the Business Australia's latest newsletter with free signage kits and the Southern Region BEC latest free online workshops

Here's hoping the snow shovels get a workout.

Have a good week.  


COVID Testing in Thredbo

Jeff Standen the Snowfields Public Health liaison has  advised that testing will ramp up in the mountains with clinics opening in Perisher and Thredbo. The Thredbo clinic is behind the Village Info Centre and is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 2pm.  Testing is free.  

Many of you may have heard of positive tests for COVID19 traces in the Perisher Sewerage Treatment system.  It is important to recognise that this is not the same  as having active cases as the traces could have come from someone who had the virus weeks ago.  Read the press release on this testing here: At the time of writing the Thredbo treatment system had a negative test result.  Read Jeff's letter regarding this style of testing here:

The mountains are not  "a hotspot" and at the time of writing have no active cases.  Jeff advises the best defence we have is to maintain safe distancing, personal hygiene and get tested even when you have the mildest symptoms.

Tests will usually come back within 24  to 72 hours.  In the meantime as a suspected case,  the person being tested must self isolate.  There are instructions on the isolation process and requirements here:

Also be sure to stick to your COVID Safe plans and check with your staff every day to make sure they are well.  If they have mild symptoms ask them to get tested.  It is better to be short a staff member for a couple of days awaiting  testing than shutting your whole business down for deep cleaning and national news coverage as the centre of the latest cluster!  

Jeff is ready to help with any enquiries or questions you have about the latest restrictions, testing or any other questions relating to the COVID crisis and your business.  

Jeff's contact details are below:
Jeff Standen
Public Health Liaison Officer | NSW Snowfields Region
Health Protection NSW and Southern LHD COVID-19 Response 
HealthOne Facility | 5 Thredbo Tce, Jindabyne 2627 | 0411 138 739


Business Australia's Latest Email

Free Business COVID Signage kit and Job Keep 2.0 Webinar links.  Check out the latest from Business Australia here. 

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The Southern Region BEC is running free workshops to help you promote, market or better manage your business.  Check out the upcoming online workshops here. 

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The new Thredbo Village Dining Guide is  available now to accommodation operators and for guest information and to Restaurants to promote opening hours, menus and even direct bookings.  The dining guide can be printed but it is also mobile friendly.  Stickers with QR codes are now around the village making it easy to access the guide on smart phones. 

Get on board now and promote your business through the Village Dining Guide. 

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