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A Summer Season like no other!

Welcome to the Special COVID19 Edition of the Tourism Thredbo News.   I am sure you wish you weren't reading this and I am definitley would prefer not to be writing this however here we are!

The first thing that we need to discuss is the impact of watching too  many news reports.  It is bad so don't!   A little information is helpful to keep you in touch with what is a serious situation.  12 hours a day of non stop breaking news reports is definitely not helpful. 

The main messages are simple and those are the ones to hang on to.  The pandemic is here and there are simple steps that must be taken and it will run its course and it will end. How long it will take is a guess even for the experts but it will end.  So it is one day at a time for all of us and don't get trapped into scripting out the end of days scenarios.  Just get on with now and tell those city slickers to put the toilet paper back.

You may have seen the latest message from KT. While they have understandably cancelled this weekends MTB interschools events and the events over Easter the holidays,  the village is still open. We are still trading and occupancy for the village this coming weekend is good.  Most people have chosen to come and ride the mountain even without the event. Plans roll on for Easter and Winter as normal and we will have to start making plans for other scenarios too.   See the release here

Government Stimulus.
Click this link for a summary of the Latest round of Government stimulus for business. 

Cash for Comment.  
The good news is that in the last newsletter we referenced some Bush Fire Assistance funding that has been broadened in its scope to include any business in regions impacted by fire even if they suffered no property damage.  The main criteria is that the business has seen at least a 40% drop in turnover for the 3 months January to March, compared to last year.

 Applicants should visit and follow the prompts. The process is very simple and is designed to get funds back into the affected businesses with a minimal amount of fuss and paperwork. Applicants must be able to prove a downturn in business turnovers of at least 40% to be eligible to apply. There is no requirement for applicants to prove this at the time of application however applicants must be able to produce proof if audited in the future. Funds will be deposited into applicants nominated bank accounts within 5 business days of application.

Businesses in Thredbo have successfully applied for this and it is not hard to do so check your sums to see if you fit the bill. 

Corona Virus Links and Information specific to Hospitality

There is a bewildering amount of information available on the COVID19  Pandemic.  The best advice is to only look to reliable sources for information.  Do not rely on facebook or other reactive platforms.   
  • Keep an eye out for updates from reliable sources such as the NSW Government website
  • If you, your family or employees have symptoms then self isolation and contacting your or  GP, Healthdirect on 1800 022 222 is the first step 
  • Protect yourself and others: clean your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Face masks aren’t recommended for people without symptoms. Importantly – stay at home if you’re feeling unwell. 
  • For your business:  Establish plans involving your team to manage the requirements  and communicate these clearly, both in writing and verbally with everyone.  Click on the following links for Advice on your plans.
  • At minimum your plan should consider how to meet the social distancing requirement of 1.5m,   not exceed the ever changing "maximum number of people in a gathering" (Currently 100 internally) and the provision of hygiene resources like handwashing and sanitising.  
If you want to get into the nitty gritty here are some useful links

Update From KT on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thredbo Q and A

Dear Thredbo businesses,
Please find attached a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q and A prepared by Kosciuszko Thredbo (KT) for your information and for assisting you with enquiries from your patrons/guests. 
The following link is from the Dept of Health and contains some sound information about what COVID-19 is, some history and prevention measures amongst a range of other info that is very useful.
We understand there is lots of misinformation in the community – locally and at a  state and national level. 
KT and the EVENT group of companies is working closely with government and health officials to ensure that we provide accurate information,  that our facilities are as prepared as they can be and our staff and guests are safe and still able to enjoy the many attractions that KT and EVENT manages. 
As you would appreciate the warnings, advice and requirements around self-isolating are evolving and we will update our Q and A as and when things may change. 
Andrew Harrigan



Nick McLaughlin is Back at the TAH

You may have heard that Nick McLaughlin is back as the General Manager for the Thredbo Alpine Hotel. After some time in Rydges properties in Port Macquarie and in  Norwest near Castle Hill in Sydney,  Nick has come back to take his former role as GM,   If you see  Nick in town make him feel welcome, Steve Owen met with Nick on the weekend to discuss the current situation and it looks like he is hitting the ground running. Talk about getting in at the deep end. 

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