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The Summer Season Boom is on.

Thredbo is booming for the summer season like never before. On the back of the heightened demand for domestic tourism and an explosion in mountain biking,  the visitor numbers since Mid-November have been extraordinary.

KT is reporting a 90% (Yep...Ninety percent!)  increase in lift pass sales both for mountain bike passes and pedestrian rides.  And that increase is compared to this time last year, which was also a record.  Forward bookings for summer season stays are strong and it looks as though this trend will continue.

Here are some interesting stats from last week’s Marketing Presentation.
  • In recent survey results it seems that the Thredbo Mountain Biking market is strongest in the 30 to 50 age range with a high disposable income.
  • 70% of lift passes sold are to people staying in the village.  
  • The Thredbo Alpine Hotel’s  F & B figures for November were as strong as they would normally see in January.
  • Pedestrian Chairlift rides for November were up by 90%  on last year. 
  • Destination NSW is pouring all of it’s resources into the domestic market and Thredbo is set to benefit from this throughout the coming Summer and Autumn season. 
It is clear from these amazing early results that our forecasts for a busy summer season were conservative.  We now have an opportunity we could not have dreamed of one year ago.  A captive and motivated market ready to travel and spend.  With relaxed COVID safe operating requirements it is getting easier to serve guests and make a buck. 

In spite of the cancellation of our largest summer season events,  visitor numbers will be strong and even the quieter months of the summer season will see huge increases in visitor numbers, both on bikes and off. Today (Wednesday, early December) lift pass sales are up by 130%!

As a village we can seize this opportunity, open our doors and deliver a great holiday experience for all those visitors whether they are here over the New Year or on a mid-week stay in February.  If all the people that come to Thredbo this summer season see the village at it’s best, they will be back and they will bring friends. 

After a year of disruption and uncertainty, things are finally starting to look good.  Get on board for this sensational summer season. 
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Skate Park Maintenance 

Please be advised that the Thredbo skate park will be CLOSED for three days this week (9th - 11th of December) to allow for some significant repair and maintenance works to be undertaken.  With the skate park entering its fifth year of operation this coming January, it is time to give the park a facelift !

As the works involve repairs to the concrete surfaces, re-painting of the features and a re-seal of the entire concrete surface, the park will be completely closed for the three days.  The park will have construction fencing installed around the perimeter preventing access to the park so please respect the closure to ensure the repairs go smoothly and we have a great outcome.  While the timing is not great, we had to balance the availability of contractors, weather and anticipated visitation. 


It would be of great assistance if we could spread the word to all those likely to be affected by the closure.

Euan Diver 

Euan Diver | Environmental Services Manager

Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd

PO Box 92 Thredbo NSW 2625

P: 02 6459 4103




Candlelight Lodge - Live Music on the Deck 

Candlelight lodge will have live music featuring Jock and food and drink specials on Thursday and Sunday nights. 

Click here for more information


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