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Thredbo Saturday 11th January 2020

Hi Everyone,

Steve Owen has been researching and sent in this update on business assistance and income assistance for your staff in light of the evacuation. .  Things will develop over time but this is the current status.
  1. NSW Rural Assistance Authority – At this stage (10 Jan 2020) there is no grant assistance immediately available to us in Thredbo. We are aware that they recognise the economic impact that the bushfires have had upon our tourism economy, however understandably at this stage the focus is upon those regions directly impacted by the fires that have experienced burnt property resulting in displaced communities. The people that I spoke to suggested to continue to monitor the NSW Rural Assistance Authority website for updates and announcements regarding new assistance packages for businesses.
  2. The Federal Government have initiated a Discovery Recovery Allowance for those individuals affected by NSW Bushfires. This fund is available to individuals who find themselves without income as a result of the impact of bushfires. Through the Department of Human Services, an agency has been established in Jindabyne via the Raine & Horne office where individuals can apply for financial assistance from the commencement of the road closure (31 December 2019) until such time as they are able to return to earning an income. Employers can advise staff to visit to understand the opportunities available to them. Employers will have to provide staff with a letter confirming past income rates and any adjustments being made if any. Claimants will be required to provide 8 weeks of payslips and bank statements supporting same, ID via driver’s license and Medicare card or passport etc. The agent has online facilities available at the office for the retrieval of bank statements etc. if required. The agent is in the Raine & Horne Real Estate Jindabyne office between the hours of 1:30pm – 3:00pm Mon – Friday.

Regarding Thredbo Blues Festival

As you are aware, we are waiting on advice from  KT and the NPWS  on the possibility of re-opening the resort in time for the Blues Festival on Friday.  We hope to have word on this on Sunday or Monday.  If we are given the greenlight by Monday the current plan is to crack on and get the Festival up and running.  It may be worth making some plans for how you can prepare if we are able to launch.  If there are perceived issues with staffing there may be many staff in Jindabyne looking for extra shifts in the short term who could be contacted through sites like facebook. 

Stay Tuned.  


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