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Hi All! I think that we were all a little bit disappointed with the outcome of the Lockdown announcement but It’s important that we all continue to look forward and stick together as a community.

If anyone would like to include any updates,  information or advertising in the newsletter please send an email or get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce today! 

Please see below information regarding the ACT lockdown. Please do the right thing for our ski season and stay at home if you have been in the ACT from the 5th of August.

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NSW Health Advice
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Takeaway in the mountains  

T- Bar Restaurant 
Open for take home lunch Daily.
Open for Dinner takeaway Daily. 
5-9pm daily 

Alfresco Pizzeria
Open on Friday nights from 5-8pm 

Candlelight Lodge
Takeaway every night. 
Pick up from 6-7pm 
*Friday Feast Nights*
$50pp (Feast is Designed for two people) 
2 x soups 
1x Pork knuckle with sides of broccolini spaetzle and sauerkraut 
2x Dunkel beers

Cheap German Beer Deal.
$60 Collect or Deliver
20 x 500ml mix your way. 

7am to 2pm for Takeaway. 
(May close a little earlier at times)

Pub / Bistro & Bottle Shop
3 to 8pm for takeaway. (Thredbo Cellars Closed)
$12 Takeaway Cocktails

The Black Bear Inn 

The Black Bear Inn has some meat specials on offer from 10am-6pm

Please phone 02 6457 6216 to organise payment and pickup. 

Short Term Rental Accommodation 

You may already be aware that the NSW government has moved to regulate short term rental accommodation by way of a planning policy and a  mandatory code of conduct.
The Code applies to hosted and non hosted rental of residential premises in NSW for any period less than 3 months.
The Code does not apply to hotels, motels and bed and breakfast establishments.
A copy of the Code is attached for your information.
It requires all properties to be registered and to comply with numerous requirements which I will not detail for the following reason.
The Code does NOT apply to properties in the Kosciusko National Park.
After discussing the matter with a local holiday letting provider , an enquiry was made of Planning NSW.
The written advice received from Planning  NSW  was:-
“In short this policy  (STRS SEPP) will not apply to the Alpine region, as the regions primary use is tourist accommodation and residential dwellings are not a permissible use. As such there no requirement to register with NSW Fair Trading as a STRA premises. 
Should any of your lessees be contacted by NSW Fair Trading to register their buildings, I would be happy to discuss it with them further.  

Code of Conduct

Recycling of soft plastics  

Did you know that soft plastic such as GLAD wrap, bubble wrap, snack wrappers and cereal box liners cannot be placed in Thredbo's regular yellow recycling bags. Soft plastics need to be disposed of separately. 

Plastic cannot biodegrade – it breaks down into smaller pieces and accumulates in the environment. Wildlife including fish and birds are threatened by ingesting and becoming entangled in plastics that drift into their habitat. Plastic particles also accumulate in landfill where toxic chemicals may seep into groundwater and downstream water sources. It is estimated that around eight million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year!

As consumers, we need to acknowledge the problem and rethink our consumption of plastics. There are many plastic waste hierarchy’s on the web, but they all have the 4 R's in common.

Refuse single use plastics wherever possible – when grocery shopping purchase loose items not packaged in plastic, bring your own reusable bags and containers for takeaway food.

Reduce your plastic footprint – choose products that contain less plastic packaging and fewer plastic parts – what happens to those products at their end-of-life?

Reuse existing products where possible – glass and stainless steel are long-lasting, durable, healthier alternatives to plastic. If you do end up with plastic containers, you may be able to re-purpose them (storing seeds for the garden, nuts and bolts in the shed)

Recycling programs are struggling to keep up with the massive amounts of plastics they receive. Recycling is a band-aid solution rather than a prevention – and should be considered only if you cannot refuse or reuse. There are REDcycle programs across Australia for soft plastics, and most hard plastics can be recycled. 

The good news is that you can collect your soft plastics and drop them off to the collection point at Woolworths in Jindabyne or Cooma. 

Help keep our beautiful mountain environment plastic free! 

What to RedCycle
Visit RedCycle website

Your Guide to COVID-19 Government Support  

With information changing rapidly we’ve put together a page to help you navigate the support available. Below you’ll find links to government websites so you can quickly and efficiently source the information relevant to you and your business.  


Find Out More

COVID -19 Vaccine  

For information on getting your COVID-19 Vaccine please phone 6457 1221 for the Jindabyne Medical Practice or 6456 2545 for the Snowy Mountains Medical Centre
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