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Thumbs up from the Minister

It has been another interesting week in the mountains as the lockdowns continue around the country.  Some accommodation operators are finding occupancy numbers to be down significantly and others are operating at figures not far off normal for this time of year.  Check out the village occupancy updates for the coming week.  

Flexibility in booking patterns is obviously important in this environment and allowing for changes as government restrictions change can give guests the confidence to keep their bookings in place . 

With some good news this week one Village accommodation operator had the NSW Minster for Health staying over the weekend and reported that the Minister gave Thredbo a big thumbs up for the efforts that the resort businesses in general are taking to manage the COVID restrictions and stay open for business..

Well done to KT for their efforts in getting the resort operating and managing these current restrictions along with all of the other challenges they are facing.  Congratulations should also go to all of our village operators who have stepped up to meet the restrictions and are still managing to provide a service to our guests. 

It is hard to believe we are halfway through August and still  trucking.    Keep up the good work and remember to watch for any symptoms within  your team.  Any one with symptoms, even mild ones should get tested and isolate.  See the latest  information below on testing clinics.  

Also in this update
Group insurance buying through Accommodation Australia for "hotel" insurance. 
Updates on Snowy 2.0 and planned road closures.
Updates on Sustainability initiatives in the Mountains.  

Have a good week.  


COVID Testing in Thredbo

Download Posters for the Free COVID testing clinics in Thredbo on Tuesdays and Thursday and the Drive Through Clinic in Jindabyne daily. 

For more information or questions on current restrictions and guidelines contact Jeff below
Jeff Standen
Public Health Liaison Officer | NSW Snowfields Region
Health Protection NSW and Southern LHD COVID-19 Response 
HealthOne Facility | 5 Thredbo Tce, Jindabyne 2627 | 0411 138 739


Snowy Mountains Sustainability

Sustainability action is ramping up in the mountains with several initiatives.  The Sustainable Snowies working group is up and running and if you would like to get involved they now have an email address to contact group co-ordinator Tim Scanlon:

A Team from Snowy Hydro is considering joining the Sustainable Snowies group and another group called Climate Action Monaro is also forming.  With the potential for funding and support through the Snowy Mountains SAP programs,  there is real potential for change in sustainability for  the Snowy Mountains.  

You can also read up on the latest  from Thredbo's own Sustainability Team here:

Business Australia also has a strategy to help small businesses improve energy efficiency and save in energy costs. Click here for more info. 

Snowy 2.0 Tunnel Borers are on the way

While you may not have heard anything recently the  Snowy 2.0 project is running full steam ahead with site preparations continuing at the Lobs Hole location.  If you have driven through Cooma recently you may have noticed road works on the roundabouts which is a direct result of Snowy 2.0  contractor Future Gen's,  upgrades to local roads to cope with the massive Tunnel Boring machinery that has now landed at Port Kembla and will be delivered on site over the coming weeks. 

Check out the details regarding possible road closures and traffic interruptions here:

Accommodation Association Insurance info. 

It seems insurance premiums are on the rise across the board with the Accommodation Association reporting that many hotel operators are seeing large increases.  The latest association newsletter had advised that they have an Insurance Buying group set up to secure reduced cost coverage for their hotel members.   For any Guest Lodge and Hotel operators in the Chamber it may be worth checking with your current broker on the forecasted increase on your premiums at the next renewal.  

If you join the Accommodation Association you may be able to benefit from their buying group for your next renewal.  

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