Submission Supporting the SM SAP Master Plan and PoM Amendments.

Dear Chamber Member, 
As you may already know, The Snowy Mountains Special Activations Precinct (SAP) Draft Master Plan was recently released by the NSW Government. The Plan represents a forty-year vision for the Snowy Mountains region, including Thredbo Resort.
The Thredbo Chamber of Commerce believe this plan presents a critical opportunity to revitalise the Snowy Mountains Region, and to secure the success of the Alpine Resorts for the next forty years.
We urge you, as a stakeholder in the Alpine Resorts, to submit your support of the Snowy Mountains SAP and related Plan of Management consultation. Submissions close at midnight, 23 August 2021.
The Plan, which can be viewed here, supports increased visitation to the Alpine Resorts, whilst implementing a new carrying capacity model that will ensure that the region’s unique climate and natural beauty can be shared in an environmentally sustainable way. Amendments to the National Park Plan of Management are required to enable the SAP.  The Plan seeks to:
  • Ensure that the Snowy Mountains region remains the premier Alpine Tourism destination in Australia by addressing critical issues with planning and governance arrangements applying to NSW Alpine Resorts to allow sustainable development of the Resorts, that will improve guest access and experience.
  • Increase beds within the Resort, which will allow guests to stay where they want to while relieving transport and seasonal pressure on Jindabyne. 
  • Improve transport to and from the Alpine Resorts through the provision of public transport, and increased car parking within the Resort.
  • Promote community and elite sport, ranging from better catering to snowplay and growing summer audiences to addressing shortfalls in community facilities within the Resorts and Jindabyne. 
  • Securing the role of Alpine Resorts as a key contributor to the regional economy and generator of employment.
  • Review and amend the National Park Plan of Management to enable the above.
We have prepared a submission we encourage you to send below. In addition to this, we encourage you to write to your local member to emphasise your support for the Snowy Mountains Special Activations Precinct, and the importance of the Alpine Resorts to yourself and the state of New South Wales. 

Below is the prepared submission we encourage you to send. A submission can be made through the link below. Click on make a submission at the bottom of the web page. 

Subject: Submission Supporting the SM SAP Master Plan and PoM Amendments.
To: Manager, NPWS Planning Evaluation and Assessment; Executive Director, DPIE Key Sites and Regional Assessments
CC: Hon. Deputy Premier John Barilaro, Hon. Matthew Kean, Minister for Energy and Environment
Dear Ms Sargeant
We appreciate your work to date releasing the Snowy Mountains Special Activations Precinct Plan and related Plan of Management Amendments for exhibition.
As a Business Owner/Sublessee at Thredbo Resort, I was excited to see the SAP’s plans to improve access to the Alpine Resorts, which will ensure that they remain premier destinations for Alpine Tourism over the life of the SAP. Alpine Resorts were created within the National Park to ensure that activities are concentrated in appropriate places and managed in an environmentally sustainable way that is compatible with the goals of the Park.
I believe that the draft SAP and PoM amendments reinforce these objectives. The only way that we can protect our park and environment is to share its attributes with Australian and international visitors, and the plan will ensure that this can happen in a sustainable way with acceptable impacts on the community of Jindabyne and the National Park. Ensuring that these areas, which form less than 1% of the National Park are well supported to meet demand will improve the experience of visitors, boost the reputation of the region, and ensure that the broader park can continue to be protected.
As an Alpine Stakeholder, I want to draw attention to the significance of the payments made by Alpine Resorts and their visitors, including myself, to the NPWS estate, which funds environmental conservation and research works across the entire State of NSW. The Plan appropriately proposes that some of these funds are spent to improve the experience and sustainability of the Alpine Resorts, which form a part of the NSW Crown Estate.
Implementing the SAP Master Plan and engaging with the Alpine Resorts will ensure that they can sustainably meet the demands of visitors by putting accommodation where people want to stay, addressing road congestion, and investing in climate-change adaptation. All these actions will support the future of the Snowy Mountains Region throughout the life of the SAP and assist in the recovery of a region that has been challenged by bushfire and two-years of COVID-19 related closures.
For the reasons above, I urge you to continue to develop the SAP Master Plan and support the Snowy Mountains through its implementation.
Yours Sincerely, 
[Insert name]

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