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An update from Steve.

What a 2020 we have had. The country is in the grip of 2 linked crisis level events – the Covid-19 Virus and the ensuing economic disruption.
At the time of writing, the village remains open however this situation is fluid and  updates will be coming regularly from the Federal Government.  For Vital local updates keep an eye on the Thredbo website on the  The COVID-19 webpage   This page is being updated daily, even 3 times a day when necessary and is the best place to track local changes and a valuable link for guest enquiries.
Village Residents should be aware that  property owners  and some visitors may still  come to Thredbo in an effort to escape their usual residence  either for self isolation or to remove themselves from greater exposure.  Unless there is a greater lockdown we should expect some owners will take advantage of their Thredbo property. These are  the same people that we welcome with open arms into our businesses in normal times and the same people  who came to stay and offer their support after the bushfire closures so while we need to keep our social distance we should still be our usual hospitable selves. 

As a community we should  remind each other of the social distance rules that the Government has put in place for the past weeks particularly our younger community members.  These personal hygiene and social distancing requirements are an essential part of the control measures for inhibiting the spread of this disease.  If anyone is aware of people who are not taking these measures seriously we should take the time to remind them just as you would if someone forgot to use their seat belt.  
Don’t forget that there are several F & B outlets open for Take Away and bottle service during this directive. They are Alfresco Pizza, Burger Bar, Central Road, House of Ullr. The Thredbo Bakery is open from 7am to 8pm and offers Bottle service as well with a phone call to the Duty Manager on 0264594200. Avalanche Café is open every day from 7.30am.   More information can be found at  the new look dining guide (Print Ready) also on the Thredbo Website.  
Many of you have enquired about lease/rent fees etc. however, at this stage whilst the village remains open there will be no change to all of our commitments.  There will be further announcements from the Government in the days to come but until things change everything remains the same. If this situation changes you will be notified asap.
Members may wish to review all information associated with how we need to deal with the current Covid-19 issue by following this link  -   Business Australia Guide to Coronavirus
Please also find the government website which has been updated and features a clear tile design. Official Government Website
Thanks for your perseverance during these trying times. Be kind and look after each other and  Don’t forget to email if you need more info. We will try to assist wherever possible.

Economic Stimulus Measures Round 2

 The Federal government has released a 2nd round of Economic Stimulus including support payments to employers who continue to employ staff during the current crisis. These payments will come after you submit your BAS statement for this quarter and next quarter provided you are paying some wages.  

Also included is a doubling of the New Start allowance for employees without work that is immediately available for anyone with a fortnightly income less than $1080.For a summary of the package click here: 

Temporary Changes to the Hospitality Award

The Accommodation Association has sent out this notice regarding  some useful temporary changes to the Hospitality Award to help businesses over the coming months..

The Fair Work Commission has announcement a temporary variation to the Hospitality Industry (General) Award in a bid to salvage jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Before implementing the changes, employers are required to consult with the affected employee/s in accordance with clause 8A—Consultation about changes to rosters or hours of work and provide as much notice as practicable.
The changes apply from 24 March 2020 until 30 June 2020.
Hours of Work—Full-time and part-time employees:
  • full-time employees’ average hours may be reduced to between 22.8 and 38 ordinary hours per week.
  • part-time employees’ hours may be an average of between 60% and 100% of their guaranteed hours per week.
 Classifications and duties:
Where necessary, employers may direct employees to perform any duties that are within their skill and competency, regardless of their classification, provided that the duties are safe and the employee is licensed and qualified to perform them.

Annual leave:

An employer may, subject to considering an employee’s personal circumstances, direct the employee to take annual leave with 24 hours’ notice.

 The Accommodation Association applauds the Fair Work Commission for introducing these temporary provisions that hopefully will help some businesses and employees.

 For more information, please contact the Accommodation Association on 1300 304 397 or

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