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A Quiet Easter in Thredbo

 This Easter Break in Thredbo looks like being the quietest one in years.  In fact for some village operators it could be their first Easter off in decades! 
The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives significantly and placed enormous stress upon us all. Easter this year will be very much a local affair. With severe travel restrictions in place we should all embrace this period by staying home with family and enjoying time together.

Stay safe, wash your hands,  keep your distance and be kind.
Happy Easter to all!     

Track Closures for the Easter

The National parks services has decided to close some tracks for the Easter period including the Kosciuszko Walk and the Thredbo Valley Track.  For full details of the closures go here:

Business Australia JobKeeper Webinar and Update

 Business Australia (Formerly the NSW Business Chamber) has some updates on the JobKeeper program legislation which was voted in yesterday.  Federal Government changed the Fair Work Act for employers and employees who have accessed the JobKeeper wage subsidiary. The new laws override any modern award, enterprise agreement or employment contract. To learn more click here.

In this update, you can access their free business stimulus advice line, find out what business hibernation means for you and register to join their live JobKeeper Q&A. webinar next Wednesday April 15th. Hopefully by then most of the grey areas of this
legislation wil be cleared up.

You can also read the Summary of the JobKeeper Scheme provided by Australian Business Lawyers here.  and the fact sheet from the Treasury here.

Road Closures Next Week  in Thredbo

Dear All,
Please be advised that Diggings Terrace will be closed at a point adjacent to Sastrugi / Ski Club of Australia next Wednesday 15th April, from 7am to approximately 8:30am.  The closure is to allow for a crane to be set up for a few lifts into the Sastrgui property.
The crane will then re-locate to Belas Corner and set up for a lift into The Bellevarde, however it will not result in actual closure of the road, traffic will be able to get past to access Bobuck Lane.

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