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Principal's News

FAST testing
FAST testing begins this week. This reading fluency test is mandated by the Iowa Department of Education. For more information click HERE. All of our students (grades K - 8) will be assessed. The results should be available during parent-teacher conferences in October.


Where to pray?

Prayer can happen anytime, anywhere. Jesus knew this better than anyone else. He said, “Father, thank you for hearing me. I know you always hear me” (John: 11:42). So wherever you are—whether it’s the grocery store, your room, at school, or your job—God always hears you. 

PTO Meeting
Please join us for the first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 5, at 7pm.  One of the most important lessons we try to teach our students, everyday, is how to use their God-given talents to help those around them. The selfless, herculean fundraising efforts of our volunteers, under the direction of our PTO members, have been an immeasurable gift to the entire school community. Thanks to their efforts, just last year alone, we have refinished the gym floor, replaced the aging asbestos flooring in the cafeteria hallway and cafeteria. We have updated technology in every single classroom and purchased robots for our STEM program. We have contacted Hawkeye Alarm to improve (more cameras) and update our security system, of which the PTO is paying for. Additionally, the PTO tithes a portion of their income to the church and donates a portion to the school to assist with keeping our tuition rates low (There are only a few schools in the archdiocese that have rates lower than SJS). Please consider coming to the PTO meetings. It makes a HUGE impact on our school community

Thank You!
I have enjoyed your overwhelming response to my request for paper towel cardboard cylinders. I have received all that I need. So, THANK YOU very much for your donations. I will be sure to send pictures of their roller coasters when the students finish.    -  Jim Gieryng

Order Online
Here is the link for the new SJ apparel. Online ordering ends September 9th.

Volunteer announcement
Dear St. John School Parents, 

My name is Melissa Frye and I am once again the Volunteer Coordinator for St. John School this year.  My job is to fill the schools' volunteer opportunities and track how many hours each parent volunteers.  Every family is required to volunteer for at least 10 hours a year or you can make a lofty donation to the school.  But honestly, this school cannot run without volunteers, so please know how much we value your time. You will receive emails throughout the year from this email address.

Below is a link for a google drive document that holds almost all of our volunteer positions.  This will work best from your home computer, rather than your smart phone.  When you are opening the google document you will see a spreadsheet with TABS on the bottom if you are using a PC or Android Device.  If you are using an IPhone or a MacBook, the TABS will be on the Top.  You will probably have to scroll to the right to see all of them.  The TABS currently on the spreadsheet include the following: Room Parents, Misc Positions, Fall Bazaar, Spring Fling, Volleyball, Basketball, Scrip Volunteers, Field Day and Archery Tournaments. Simply click on the different tabs and look at the available options.  When you find things you would like to volunteer for, click next to the number and type your name.  Google will Auto save your name once it is typed in. This document will then always be in your google drive and auto updated throughout the year.

If you are struggling in anyway please email me! I will gladly help you.  Please do not contact Wendy in the office; we do not want to add to her workload.

Thanks so much in advance!  
Melissa Frye

Volunteers and drivers... We are obligated to comply with a new Archdiocesan policy. If you plan to either serve as a volunteer or an event/trip driver during the upcoming school year, you must complete the following trainings - Safe Environments and Be Smart Drive Safe. These trainings can be found at We are part of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. If you have already completed the Driver course, you will not be required to take it again, but all volunteers that work with or around our students must complete the Safe Environments course (It is a 75 minute video).  





Interpretive Nature Center
Interpretive Nature Cen

Upcoming Events Calendar

Sunday, Sept.2 
Gospel Reading:


MK 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23



Monday, Sept. 3

No School
- Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept. 4

Wednesday, Sept. 5
Summer Reading Breakfast
- 8:30

PTO Meeting 7pm

Thursday, Sept. 6
Student Mass @ 8:30
- hosted by grades 3 & 4

School Board Meeting

Friday, Sept. 7
Student Body photo. Please wear a St. John t-shirt

Saturday, Sept. 8
Notre Dame vs. Ball State
Iowa vs. Iowa State 

Upcoming Dates 

Sept. 17: No School - Teacher In-service
Sept. 23: Fall Festival 
Sept. 26: Chess club begins
Sept. 28: Bake Sale
- hosted by grade 7
Sept. 28:   Homecoming
- First Dress Down day

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