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Principal's News

Welcome Back!
The faculty, staff and I are very excited to begin the 2018 - 19 school year. We are especially excited to welcome all of our new families. We have made many facility improvements this summer, and as excited as we are to show them off, we ask that you refrain from walking on the gym floor, as it is still being refinished.


You are invited
You are invited to join us for:
1) Ice Cream Social. To be held on the church parking lot on Saturday, August 18, right after Mass until 6:30pm
2) Open House. The school's doors open right after Mass until noon on Sunday, August 19
3) First Day of School. We will gather in the Multipurpose Room at 8:30am. Fr. Beckman will lead us in a short prayer service. At the end of the service, parents will be asked to create a tunnel in the hallway through which the students will pass under on their way to the their classroom. The entire event will conclude around 9am. 

Please read (Dress Code)
I have had several questions about the dress code this summer. Thank you to all that have contacted me to clarify your questions. To be clear, t-shirts and sweatshirts are not permitted to be worn during the school day, Monday through Thursday, and may only be worn on Friday if it includes a St. John School reference.

Clarification >  Blouse tops are ok, but they must look like a blouse, not a t-shirt. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. If I can't tell the difference then I will consider it a t-shirt and the student will have to change her top.  

Volunteers and drivers... We are obligated to comply with a new Archdiocesan policy. If you plan to either serve as a volunteer or an event/trip driver during the upcoming school year, you must complete the following trainings - Safe Environments and Be Smart Drive Safe. These trainings can be found at We are part of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. If you have already completed the Driver course, you will not be required to take it again, but all volunteers that work with or around our students must complete the Safe Environments course (It is a 75 minute video).  

8th Graders

The kick off assembly for next summer’s Washington DC trip will be Wednesday 9/5 at 2-3:25pm in the high school auditorium. The parent meeting will be Sunday 9/16 in the auditorium at 4pm.

Why pray?

Prayer is integral to living our faith. What is prayer? How do we pray? Why do we pray? When? What's the point? Our primary goal this year is address prayer with our students that is meaningful to them, but we need your help. Please speak to your child(ren) regularly this year about prayer. If you would like suggestions or resources to assist you, please contact your child's teacher. 

From the kitchen

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!  It has gone by too fast for me. Remember, breakfast is available most days of school (not on late start days).  If you are running late or need a pick-me-up before school, we start at 7:30 until 8:10 in the lunchroom.  Make sure if you are having breakfast, the lunchroom is only for those eating breakfast.  We have a lot to choose from and for only $1.50.  It’s a nice way to start your day!  (Free and Reduced also get breakfast the same as lunch)

There was a new law(hF2467) added last year called the Anti-Shaming Law.  It states you should not be able to tell if a child doesn’t have enough money in their account from one that does.  Ex. Some schools would make a child only take a cheese sandwich, milk and fruit if they had a delinquent account.  We have always given a reimbursable meal to all the kids who come through the line.   This does however, bring some issues with extras to the table.   As a result of the new laws, I will need to discontinue 3rd-5th being offered an extra main item.  We will however, now offer a fresh fruit basket at the end of the line for grades 3-5 in addition to the fruit option in line, just like grades 6-8 get. Students in grades 6-8 are allowed to have extra main dish if they want to pay an additional $1 on their account.  However:
You must have money in your account.  If you are Free and Reduced, you must put money in your account before you ask for extras ($1). This also includes milk $.30 

For students in grades K-5, we have the alternate sunbutter sandwich w/string cheese.   We offer 2 alternate meals for Middle School.  1st the Sunbutter sandwich & string cheese, 2nd is Salad with a choice of 2 meat/meat alternate(ham, chicken, cheese or egg) cups.
Both of these items come with the rest of the fruits and veggies offered on the main line.  If you take the sandwich you do not get the bread on the main line.  If you take the salad, you will have a bread and butter or roll for your bread.  So on French toast, pancake or cheese breadstick day, you will not get them.  You will get the roll or bread.  Also, if I have lettuce, romaine, or mixed salad as a vegetable on the menu, there will be no salad alternate that day.
Again, we need to emphasize that you can access your Power School account and sign up for a reminder when your account is getting low.  Paper notices will not be sent out this year.  If you think you will have trouble paying your accounts, please take a moment to sign up for Free and Reduce Lunches.   It is all confidential.

Thank you and Have a Great 1st DAY!
Mrs. Zieser



Interpretive Nature Center
Interpretive Nature Cen

Upcoming Events Calendar

Sunday, Aug. 19
Gospel Reading:


JN 6:51-58


Open House 11am - noon


Monday, Aug. 20

Office Hours 
- 9:30am - 3:00pm

Tuesday, Aug. 21
Office Hours 
- 8:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday, Aug. 22
Office Hours 
- 8:00am - 3:00pm

Thursday, Aug. 23
First day of school 
- Doors open at 8am
- early dismissal @ 1pm

Friday, Aug. 24
Early dismissal
- @ 1pm

Saturday, Aug. 25


Upcoming Dates 

Sept. 3: No School - Labor Day
Sept. 5: Summer Reading breakfast @ 8:30am
Sept. 5: PTO meeting @ 7pm
Sept. 17: No School - Teacher In-service

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