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Principal's News

Dress Code modification
There are genuinely pockets in the building where the temperature varies a couple of degrees. Cold and flu season has begun. Teachers and students have varying levels of tolerance to the cold. Therefore, beginning on Monday, Oct. 22, I am going to permit students to wear an SJS sweatshirt over their appropriate dress code top. 

This policy has not been discussed by the School Improvement Advisory Committee, nor has it been approved by the School Board, so you will not find this modification in our handbook, and it may be modified or denied. I will meet with both groups (SIAC & SB) next month. If you have any comments that you would like me to pass along, please send me an email at


Girls Basketball
We are proud to announce that our first grade teacher, Mrs. Ownby, has agreed to coach our girls' basketball team this year. Practice begins in two weeks. A sign-up sheet is in the office. We are scheduled to play 9 games this year, however, so far only three girls have signed up for the team.  

Once Upon a Crime (time change)
Will justice be served in this hilarious fairy-tale courtroom play packed with characters we all know and love?  It’s up to you, the audience, which serves as the jury!  Goldilocks is the defendant, on trial for breaking and entering.  The plaintiffs are — you guessed it — the three bears.  As their lawyers Henny, Penny, and Tom Thumb go toe-to-toe hoping to prove their respective clients’ cases, other fairy tale characters are called to testify as witnesses, including Hansel and Gretel, Jack and Cow, and Granny.  Even the Big Bad Wolf takes the stand, but can any of these witnesses be trusted themselves?  Is Goldilocks guilty or innocent?
Join our 5th grade class Monday, November 5th in the upper gym at St. John school. Shows are at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.  and discover the fate of Goldilocks!

Walmart Reload
Now you can instantly reload your Walmart physical gift card and continue earning the same great 2.5% rebate for the St. John School Scrip program. Plus, you can use the new and improved ShopWithScrip mobile website,, to easily reload your your card on the go.
Amazon Smile
Did you know that if you shop on that Amazon will make a donation to St. John School based on the amount of your purchase? Simply go to and register an account. There are a lot of St. John Schools, so I recommend that you type in our Tax ID# (42-0736175) when it asks you for the charity of your choice. This is a free service and helps out SJS tremendously. 

Additionally, they have announced an upcoming AmazonSmile promotion. From Oct 29 - Nov 2, AmazonSmile will increase the donation rate on all eligible purchases. This will be their largest bonus donation promotion to date, and is a great opportunity for St. John Catholic School to benefit from AmazonSmile donations. 

Meet with Chidi (date change)
Chidi facilitated two very successful meetings with parents last year. His first meeting this year is now Sunday, November 11, @ 3pm. Topic is How to help kids manage anxiety, stress and anger. Please think about attending these insightful and helpful informal meetings. All are welcome.




Interpretive Nature Center
Interpretive Nature Cen

Upcoming Events Calendar

Sunday, Oct. 21 
Gospel Reading:


MK 10:35-45



Monday, Oct. 22

Preschool (4-yr-olds) Family Night - 6 - 7pm

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Thursday, Oct. 25
Student Mass @ 8:30
- hosted by grades 5 & 6

Book Fair begins

Friday, Oct. 26
Bake Sale
- hosted by grade 8
- proceeds go to Shoes for Africa

Saturday, Oct. 27
Notre Dame vs. Navy
Iowa vs. Penn State
Iowa State vs. Texas Tech

Upcoming Dates 

Oct. 28: Trunk or Treat
Oct. 28: Pancake Breakfast
Oct 30: Book Fair Family Nite
- 5:30 - 6:30pm
Oct. 31: Costume parade
- 2:30 - 3 in MPR
Nov. 5: Once upon a Crime
- hosted by grade 5
- 9:30am & 6:30pm 
Nov. 11: Meet with Chidi
- in the library @ 3pm
Nov. 12: No School
Nov. 17: Christmas Bazaar
- 9am - 1pm, MPR
Nov. 30: No School

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