Making Waves for our Returning Heroes
 Issue #8 September, 2015

Wave Academy's
Veteran's Spotlight
Brian Lay
Brian Lay served in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Infantry from 2007 to 2011 and was deployed to Iraq from 2008 to 2009. Having faced combat, his experience of war and violent loss lead to Post Traumatic Stress and the onset of survivor’s guilt.
After leaving the Army, the challenge of integrating back into civilian life was a never-ending spiral. His marriage ended, his faith in the U.S. government turned to seething hatred, he struggled to accept the Arab community, and the violent nightmares that continued night after night perpetuated a darkness that brought on alcohol and drug abuse accompanied by thoughts of suicide.  
“My life was so unmanageable from not being able to trust anyone… When under the influence I found that I could escape the nightmare of my life and find a horrid relief from the nightmare I was forcing myself to live in. I wanted to die.”
After hitting bottom his friend and fellow combat veteran recommended Aquatic Bodywork Therapy and introduced him to the Wave Academy at the Veterans Village of San Diego.  Since starting his water therapy sessions life has turned around.
“Through this type of therapy I have been able to reconnect with my true inner self and have discovered an inner peace I have never known. Theri, Spike, and my main therapist, Alex, have all been able to help me reach this newfound strength in peace rather than holding on to a hatred that was only leading to my destruction. Now I can see quality of life in a clearer sense and a calm balance without turning to self-medications,” said Brian.
Brian’s close network of friends and family also help him maintain a sober mind and body. “They allow me to acknowledge and feel the painful feelings so that I may process through my pain rather than hide from it… I can find more empathy, understanding, and actual concern for others without being bombarded and distracted by my past. This allows for better and clearer communication with those I love and care dearly for,” shared Brian.
Wave Academy’s executive director, Dave Towe, said, “The work we do is profound and humbling. To see such transformation in Brian and others who have experienced similar PTS, is what keeps us doing what we do and love most.”
Brian’s life has really been changed by our deeply personal and therapeutic work, “I just wish to thank your team so much for granting me the opportunity to be a part of this unique and truly effective pure therapy.  There really is something special going on here. This therapy allows a full reset of mind, body and spirit. Thank you so much.”


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