Making Waves for our Returning Heroes
 Issue #3 April, 2015
2015 Wave Academy Scholarship Recipiants (Left to Right) Andrew Hockenbery, civilian, Spike Bywater, veteran scholarship graduate - Scholarship Committee Chair, veterans George Blue, Carlos Villegas, and Anjani Siegrist.

Demand for certified Aquatic Bodywork therapists continues to grow as Wave Academy expands our practice for treating Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. 
To meet this demand, each year Wave Academy provides four scholarships to individuals interested in pursuing Aquatic Bodywork Therapy (ABT). Three of the four awards are given to qualified veterans and one to a qualified civilian.  The program requires 150 hours of Aquatic Bodywork training that must be completed over a 12-month period.
Recipient qualifications include but are not limited to: having completed a minimum of 100 hours of massage therapy training; or completion of 500 hours of certified massage therapy school; previous exposure to ABT by a certified Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association practitioner; and identifying the specific needs population they intend to treat once completing the program. 
After her first Aquatic Bodywork treatment, scholarship recipient and veteran, Anjani Siegrist, 36, knew this work would help in her journey as a healing artist. “I am really drawn to the healing element of water. It is magical on its own,” said Siegrist. “Being submerged and floating another body through the water brings another level of ‘amazing’ to bodywork.”
Fellow scholarship recipient and veteran, Carlos Villegas, 33, experienced the healing power of ABT that “opened something beautiful” within him.  When asked what he most looks forward to gaining from the program, he said, “The ability to help someone who needs healing and more light in their life. With this education I plan on using it any way possible.”
Upon completion of ABT training, the scholarship recipients are given a paid internship with Wave Academy where they’ll continue to use their knowledge as a powerful tool in the healing and advancement of individuals, communities and the human condition.
Wave Academy awards scholarships once a year with an application deadline of late February.  For those interested in pursuing a career in Aquatic Bodywork Therapy, please visit our website, .
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Thank you for your interest in Wave Academy.  We look forward to working together to stem the escalating problems of dysfunction and suicide among our returning service men and women and to building a brighter future for individuals, families and communities in need.
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