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Dear readers,

Summer is finally here!
The beer gardens and restaurants have opened again and offer the opportunity for meetings and carefree communication. 
Communication is also a very important topic in industry. Modern technologies such as AI and real-time applications make high demands in terms of data volume and transmission speed. Why you now need to think about 4G or 5G for industrial communication is just one of the points in today's Newsletter.

Enjoy reading!
Industrial measurement and testing technology made easy →
Scalable embedded PC with extensive I/O equipment 
3G-Shutdown! Does that affect me? →
Connect machines and plants correctly via cellular communication! 
Focused on the future →
3.5" embedded board with 15 years availability

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Scalable embedded PC with extensive I/O equipment

In measurement and testing technology, a large amount of measurement data is generated that is processed on a central embedded PC. For this purpose, the PC must have the necessary computing power as well as the necessary interfaces for connecting peripheral devices.

The fanless Embedded PC NEU-X302 is the ideal choice for this type of application. The easy-to-assemble CPU socket allows you to use the appropriate processor with the right performance for your requirements. You can choose your suitable processor from a wide range of 8th and 9th generation Intel® processors.

The extensive I/O equipment allows you to connect all important peripheral devices. This saves you the cost of additional expansion cards. ...

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Who would have thought that holding and attending a trade fair could trigger such a wide range of questions? "Am I sufficiently protected there?", "Are there any visitors at all?" or "Is the trade fair really taking place?" are just a few examples.

We have come to the conclusion that it is time to cultivate more personal contacts again. For this reason, we will start "our" autumn with a few smaller trade fairs.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of the following fairs:

08.-09. Sept. 2021 | all about automation | Wetzlar | Booth EO-125 | More Informations →
22.-23. Sept. 2021 | all about automation | Chemnitz | Booth 1-250 | More Informations →
05.-07. Oct. 2021 | VISION | Stuttgart | Hall 8/Booth 8D18 | More Informations →
19.-21. Oct. 2021 | SMART | Linz | Booth 417 | More Informations →
27.-28. Oct. 2021 | all about automation | Essen |Booth 1-425 | More Informations →



Connect machines and plants correctly via cellular communication!  

The 3G mobile network will be switched off on 30.06.2021, even though the actual date may be somewhat earlier or even later depending on the provider (Telekom, Vodafone, O2) and depending on the region. So for all users of 3G technology, one thing is certain: the end is here - now!

While we hardly notice this in the private sector because our smart phones are all fairly new and have long since supported 4G (LTE), things are quite different in the industrial sector. Here, machines and systems designed for 20-30 years of operation have been communicating with each other automatically for years or even decades, with or without human intervention via mobile radio, or they connect to control centres or service centres via long-established technologies. No one updates to the next generation without necessity. And because this has run so smoothly for so long, it is easy to forget which basic technology and infrastructure the operation is based on.  ....

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3.5" Embedded board with 15 years availability

The development of customised embedded systems, e.g. for automation, AI or image processing, costs time and money. For amortisation reasons, these solutions are usually used for several years and therefore long-term availability of the central component - the embedded board - is very important.

For particularly compact embedded solutions, we recommend the 3.5" board series IB953, which is available for a period of 15 years. There is a choice of 4 processor variants (Core™ i7/i5/i3/ Celeron®) of the current Tiger Lake generation. All boards in the series have two DDR4-3200 SO-DIMMs for up to 64 GB of RAM.

If you choose the Core™ i7 processor, you have the new Iris® Xe (Xe-LP) graphics architecture, which supports 96 EUs (Execution Units) and offers a 250 MHz increase over the previous 11-gen graphics. ...

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